Relieving stress with amino acids


Published on People are constantly on the lookout for the best possible solutions to manage stress.

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Relieving stress with amino acids

  1. 1. Relieving StressWith Amino Acids
  2. 2. / Relieving Stress With Amino Acids Stress is an issue we all have to deal with in different intensities in today’s competitive, fast paced world. People are constantly on the lookout for the best possible solutions to manage stress.
  3. 3. / Relieving Stress With Amino Acids If you have been researching on ways and means to reduce stress, you must have read about how amino acids such as L-tryptophan help reduce stress by improving sleep. It doesthis by acting as a precursor to neurochemicals and neurotransmitters such as melatonin and serotonin. Serotonin acts as a mood enhancer and aids with improved mental health while melatonin induces sleep.
  4. 4. / Relieving Stress With Amino Acids If you have ever been prescribed anti-depressants by your doctor, you should know that they all work by regulating serotonin uptake. Stress filled life today has led to reduced serotonin in many. It is essentialtherefore to take nutritional supplements thatcontain this amino acid as it is not found in the body.
  5. 5. / Relieving Stress With Amino Acids Many neurological functions in our bodiesdepend on tryptophan. This amino acid reduces jetlag and helps heal tissues damaged due to over exercising. This is one of the weight losstips (afvallen tips in Dutch) that trainers usually impart. Apart from this, this amino acid helps reduce symptoms of PMS or premenstrual aggravations in women and promotes good sleep. Apart from managing childhood growth, tryptophan also acts on weight loss and gain issues.
  6. 6. / Relieving Stress With Amino Acids Tryptophan helps control impulsive behaviour and reduces symptoms of anxiety, irritability and depression. In our bodies, tryptophan is converted to vitamin B3 knownas Niacin that is vital for variousfunctions like energy generation through carbohydrate burning and maintenance of blood sugar levels.
  7. 7. / Relieving Stress With Amino AcidsBlood cholesterol is hugely reduced and stressreducing hormones are generated by Niacin inconjunction with the adrenal gland apart from ensuring a healthy circulatory system. While choosing amino acid supplements (supplementen in Dutch), it is essential to choose the best one that offers maximum benefits.
  8. 8. / Relieving Stress With Amino Acids There are many supplementen in the market. Some of them like the “Fundapeptide” however offer better results than a normal amino acid supplement or protein shake. This hi-tech supplement offers a host of benefits.
  9. 9. / Relieving Stress With Amino AcidsFirstly, it gets completely absorbed into yourbloodstream leaving no residue whatsoever. “Fundapeptide” comes in an easy to take tablet form and requires you to add no milkor water. This supplement also has no extracalories and is 100% natural. No sweeteners or preservatives are added to “Fundapeptide” which makes it a preferred choice among the health conscious. Thissupplement is best taken with the right kind of protein diet.
  10. 10. Relieving Stress With Amino Acids Voor meer informative over sommigewaardevol afvallen tips en supplementen kunt u kijken op onze site: