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  • 1. Chester Football Club Fans Working Together Campbell Smith Our City. Our Community. Our Club.
  • 2. Chester Football Club
    • Founded in 1885
    • Lost Sealand Road in 1990 followed by two years in exile
    • Administration under Mark Guterman
    • Bought by Terry Smith in 1999 after a visit to Chester Zoo
    • Bought by Stephen Vaughan in October 2001
    Our City. Our Community. Our Club.
  • 3. Supporters Groups
    • Chester City Exiles
      • 25 Year History
      • Strong Close-knit Group
    • Chester City ISA
      • ’ 90s campaign group
      • Helped prevent liquidation in 1998
      • Campaigned against Smith
    • Official Supporters
      • Organise Away Travel
    Our City. Our Community. Our Club.
  • 4. Supporters Groups
    • Chester City Supporters Society
      • Formed in 2000 during Smith era
      • Affiliated to Supporters Direct
      • Representatives from all the other existing groups.
    • Too many fans groups for a club this size.
    Our City. Our Community. Our Club.
  • 5. Vaughan Era
    • Success on the pitch in the early years
      • Playoffs in 2003
      • Champions in 2004
      • Warnings from Barrow forgotten
    • Conflict of Interest between supporter groups
      • ISA and Trust both buy shares from Vaughan
    • Groups begin to stagnate
    Our City. Our Community. Our Club.
  • 6. Divide and Conquer
    • Nepotism on and off the pitch
    • Funding mysteriously dries up
    • Fans become disillusioned
    • Vaughan wins the PR war – proceeds with CVA
    • Trust left with no option but to support CVA
    Our City. Our Community. Our Club.
  • 7. Summer 2009
    • FA licence delayed
    • Emergency meeting held
      • First was a disaster – still fighting amongst each other
    • Charlie Lambert invited to host second
      • Famous respected fan
    • Elephant in room finally addressed
    Our City. Our Community. Our Club.
  • 8. Late Summer 2009
    • Negotiations opened between ISA and Trust
    • Media kept updated – momentum gathered
    • Fans frustration at delay piles on the pressure
    • Old conflicts swept aside
    • Resign, merge and rebrand
    Our City. Our Community. Our Club.
  • 9. Launch of City Fans United
    • Merged on 22 nd October 2009 with 150 members
    • Officers elected early December
    • Membership continues to grow as the club continued its downward spiral
    • Legends night organised with former players invited
    • Extensive use of media – Chronicle backs us.
    Our City. Our Community. Our Club.
  • 10. Death of Chester City
    • Members surveyed to gage support for Phoenix club ahead of death
    • Fact Finding visits to Telford and FC United
    • We take a risk, and take control
    • Unexpected and unwanted Danish attention
    • Unstoppable momentum
    Our City. Our Community. Our Club.
  • 11. Rebirth of Chester FC
    • Extensively featured on Radio 5 live and Non-league show
    • Lease of Stadium granted on 6 th May
    • Formal re-launch on 20 th May
    • Manager appointed next day
    • Keys handed over almost a year to the day of creditors meeting
    Our City. Our Community. Our Club.
  • 12. The Future
    • Regular members meetings
    • Surveys approx twice per year
    • Increase CFU presence on matchdays
    • Merger with the Exiles
    • Monthly informal meet-ups
    • Working closely with schools, Chester Uni
    • Use local Media
    Our City. Our Community. Our Club.