Secret Question and Answer1. Click on the My Profile tab, and click on   the link:   Create/Change My Secret Question and ...
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Det portal login_student_guide


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Det portal login_student_guide

  1. 1. Secret Question and Answer1. Click on the My Profile tab, and click on the link: Create/Change My Secret Question and Answer.  Student’s need to change their temporary password to ensure confidentiality.You should choose a question only you willknow the answer to and that you will easily  Remember to log out correctly to ensureremember. account securitySome suggestions:- My dad’s favourite TV show The rugby team my dad supports My place of work For further assistance: The place where my family goes for holidays My sister’s middle name Students may seek assistance from Campus Support Services, Library Staff or theirNOTE: teacher.1. Don’t use the same word as your password. Your secret question and the answer must be something different. DET Portal Login – Students Guide2. Make sure you know how to spell the answer, and make sure that you type it in the same way each time. For example, if you choose the question “:My favourite sport” and you type your answer as “rugby” with no capitals, you cannot later on type it as “Rugby” with a capital “R”, as the system won’t recognise it as being the same word. Version 1 – January 2009 Institute Student Services Newcastle Campus
  2. 2. IMPORTANT Suggestions:- 3. The password change form will display asYour temporary password of DD/MM/YYYY shown below.  your family petshould be changed as soon as possible.  your favourite song  special friendExpiry Date of Current Password  any other word that has meaning to youThe date on which your current passwordwill expire is shown on the right hand side  You must NOT recycle previously usedof your My Portal page in the DET Portal. passwords. Although it may not be immediately obvious, your account may start misbehaving if you recycle passwords. 4. Enter your EXISTING password in the top  Changing just one (or more) box and your new password in the two character(s) in your existing password boxes below. Click the Submit button is sufficient to create a valid new when you have finished. password.You may change your password any time you  Remember that passwords ARE case- Notes:like to something different. sensitive (check Caps Lock on your keyboard). 1. Your portal password is valid for 180 days.To Change Your Password :  You must have at least 6 alphanumeric You should access the DET Portal1. Log into the DET Portal and click on the characters in your password with no periodically and check your password My Profile tab. blank spaces. expiry date and change your password as the expiry date approaches.  Your password should be:- You will receive no other warnings that  easy to remember your password is about to expire.  not be easy for others to guess  should use both words and numbers 2. It is recommended that you set up a Secret  must type exactly the same way Question and Answer. every time you log in eg “Britney” as Your secret question and answer can be your password, with a capital “B” at used to reset your own password, when the start, you must always type it in you have forgotten your portal password. the same way and you cannot type it as “britney” with a small “b”2. Click on the link - “Change My DET User ID Password”.