Name of        Author        Date of      Page   Detailed notes on findings                  Library reference number     ...
BBFC film       British         N/A   N/A   Similar website to the one above, details in
usernamesMcDonalds         Meal                 m/us/en/home.htmlwebsite,information...
Disney       http://thewaltdisneycompacorporate      disney/company-overviewSnow Whiteweb page,Dis...
Disney “sets dates”    ticle/VR1118019322?refCat               Id=4026“Disney        http:...
Aardman      about-us/history/“The    balp...
“Toy Story 3”     AliceLillyHoar/toy-story-3-               marketing“Marketing”    ...
“JOHN           watch?v=Y5-M_fVpca0directorAndrewStantontalks Pixar,Marketing &Crit...
“ZacEfron Lorax    watch?v=dDS_SfIFPVAInterview”
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research log unfinished


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research log of childrens animations

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research log unfinished

  1. 1. Name of Author Date of Page Detailed notes on findings Library reference number Screenshotresource publicatio # or n Web addressMPAA film Motion N/A N/A Web page detailing the different age Picture ratings / film certificates and what features gs/what-each-rating-meanscertificates Association of films are considered too “mature” for a of America specific age range. This website details in American age ratings, such as G, PG, PG-13, R and NC-17, G being the lowest age and least restricted and NC-17 the highest. G is for “general audiences – all ages permitted”, PG is “Parental Guidance suggested. Some material may not be suitable for children”, PG-13 is “Parents strongly cautioned. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13”, and is the first rating to specify a particular age restriction. However, children younger than 13 are permitted into the screening if with a parent. R is “Restricted. Children under 17 require accompanying parent or guardian” and is the first rating to require such. The last rating, NC-17, is “no one under 17 permitted”, and is the only rating that cannot be waivered by an accompanying adult.
  2. 2. BBFC film British N/A N/A Similar website to the one above, details in Board of British film ratings, which are U, PG, 12, sification/guidelines/the-certificates Film 12A, 15, 18 and R18. Unlike in America, categories/ Classificatio ratings with a specific age in mind (12, 15, n 18, etc) cannot be waivered by accompanying adults. The only exception to this is the 12A rating. In all other regards they function the same, however the rules regarding who can be permitted are less vague. The last rating, R18, is specifically for films that can only be shown in special licensed cinemas and are otherwise sold in licensed sex, 1. Lorax, le/tt1482459/Up, Tangled, 2. in an le/tt1049413/adventure 3. le/tt0448694/Scientists!, 4. in le/tt0398286Boots 5. le/tt1430626/Tangled age various N/A N/A users, not /tt0398286/parentalguide#comments moderated certification by, individual additions not tagged by authors or
  3. 3. usernamesMcDonalds Meal m/us/en/home.htmlwebsite,information http://www.happymeal.coabout m/en_US/index.htmlpromotionaltoys such asrecommended agePixar panyinfo/about_us/overviewebsite w.htm
  4. 4. Disney http://thewaltdisneycompacorporate disney/company-overviewSnow Whiteweb page,Disney
  5. 5. Disney “sets dates” ticle/VR1118019322?refCat Id=4026“Disney http://www.comingsoon.nanimation et/news/movienews.php?ischedules” d=85436
  6. 6. Aardman about-us/history/“The balpreet21/pixar-up-of Pixar’s marketingUP”
  7. 7. “Toy Story 3” AliceLillyHoar/toy-story-3- marketing“Marketing” sophie_paul/marketing- 9581174“Harry and latymermedia/harry-the Deathly potter-and-the-deathly-Hallows: hallows-the-marketing-Marketing campaignCampaign”
  8. 8. “JOHN watch?v=Y5-M_fVpca0directorAndrewStantontalks Pixar,Marketing &Critics”“The Lorax – watch?v=xryJ_H78KooTaylor Swift”“The Lorax: watch?v=KJ1llMlLLO0Official SitDownInterview”
  9. 9. “ZacEfron Lorax watch?v=dDS_SfIFPVAInterview”