Marketing a children's animation unfinished
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Marketing a children's animation unfinished






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Marketing a children's animation unfinished Marketing a children's animation unfinished Presentation Transcript

  • Marketing a ChildrensAnimationJill Allden
  • For this brief, I chose to research 3Danimated films such as those createdwith stop-motion or with a computer.These films were The Lorax, Up, PussIn Boots, Tangled and Pirates in anAdventure with Scientists.I felt that these films were appropriatefor this brief because they allpremiered within the last three yearsand, as a result, they will havefollowed more contemporarymarketing strategies than, forexample, the original Wallace andGromit shorts would have done. Ofthese five films, I have only seen Upand Tangled, and it is because of thesesuccessful marketing schemes that Iknow of the other films.I have used my findings to puttogether a marketing strategy for myown Childrens Animated feature film.
  • Trailer There will be four trailers posted at separate times on the internet, in cinemas and on television. The trailers will each be thirty seconds long and focus on two different major characters, and the final trailer will mix them all together. Internet sites the trailers will be posted on are the production company’s website and the feature film’s own website. Internet users will spread them to sites such as and they will reach an even wider audience this way.
  • Trailer (2) The trailers will also be shown on TV channels such as CBBC, CBeebies and the other main childrens channels (such as Disney and Cartoon Network) at all times to directly attract the target audience. They will be shown on mainstream TV channels during early mornings and daytime to attract the parents or childminders who stay at home with smaller children.
  • Posters Posters will be displayed inside and outside cinemas Full-page magazine adverts will run in children’s magazines such as Beano, Official Jacqueline Wilson and Moshi Monster magazine