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This slideshow provides a great overview of the EnergyOne Business Model.

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EnergyOne powerpoint

  1. 1. Delivering Energy Saving Solutions
  2. 2. The CompanyFounded in Canada in 2002, EnergyOne Solutions Inc. hasbeen sharply focused on helping industrial, residential,commercial and Institutional clients find practical andsustainable energy saving solutions.Together with it’s strategic partners, EnergyOne provides afull spectrum of energy services, we consult, design,engineer, install, finance, monitor and maintain energytechnology projects for our customers, helping them savemoney and reduce their environmental impact.
  3. 3. Energy Audits & AnalysisEnergyOne provides auditing services for single or multiplelocations, regionally or nationally ranging from total lighting andelectrical system analysis performed by a Certified Specialist to fullbuilding diagnosis performed by a professional engineers. Ouraudits provide custom designed solutions for every aspect of afacility’s energy consuming environmental systems.Energy audit reports provide a detailed description of thebuilding’s energy-related systems, a list of opportunities for energyreduction, estimated implementation costs of energy costreduction measures and the financial metrics to aid the buildingowner with decision-making.
  4. 4. Lighting Upgrade ServicesThere are many ways to implement a lighting improvementproject.The EnergyOne Approach is to provide the most efficientlighting system for the required functionality and quality at thelowest overall cost.The deliverable is a better lighting system with the fewest totalwatts and the fewest number of lamps and ballasts—acombination that naturally translates into the greatest possibleenergy savings year-after-year with the lowest possiblemaintenance costs.While at the same time;• Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions• Providing Predictable Maintenance Costs• Delivering Consistency in Lighting Performance• Effectively Administer Manufacturer’sWarranty ProgramsOur comprehensive lighting solutions take advantage of the latesttechnologies, including LED systems, Induction, fluorescent ,lighting controls and monitoring
  5. 5. Design & Project ManagementDesignAt EnergyOne we provide a complete lighting design service forcommercial and industrial clients. We specialize in both internal andexternal lighting and our in house experienced team of lighting designerscan design systems that will enhance your business environment whilstsaving you up to 50% per year on your lighting energy costs and reduceof carbon emissions associated with your lighting.Seamless Installation and On-Site Project ManagementFrom our initial project plan to final disposal and certified recycling, youcan be confident that your lighting retrofit project will be professionallyand efficiently managed whether it be a single building or a nationalrollout initiative. Our crews are fast, clean, efficient and responsive, weheavily enforce our safety policies and those of our clients and executeno surprise projects.
  6. 6. Exterior / Street LightingEnergyOne has extensive street lighting knowledge,experience and expertise that covers the full end to endstreet lighting capability. Our lighting design expertiseensures that new street lighting plans are designed tomodern standards whilst maximizing energy and carbonreductions and the Authorities’ requirements. EnergyOne provides turnkey street light solutionsincluding; project management, involving design,procurement, installation, commissioning andmaintenance and administrative / budget/ cost controlmanagement.Our philosophy and approach is to work in partnershipwith clients and stakeholders to develop and encourageinnovation and drive improvements.
  7. 7. LED SolutionsEnergyOne Solutions has strong supply chain relationships and usesinnovative solutions and the latest energy saving technology inconjunction with operational solutions to drive the effectiveness andefficiency of the street lighting services to help improve customersatisfaction and deliver best value.We provide high quality low energy ‘white light’ solutions in residentialstreets using the latest LED solutions, which are designed aroundsustainability and efficiency with improved lighting quality, visibility andproven contributions to reducing crime.We are actively working with key suppliers of LED technology from allover the world, (Germany, Japan, U.S., China) in order to maximize thebenefits of lower energy usage, significant carbon reductions and longlife with low maintenance.Through the use of more efficient street lighting solutions and newtechnology we can reduced CO2 emissions for our partners by up to40%.
  8. 8. Solar Power ProviderEnergyOne is extremely pleased to be partnering with someof the largest solar services provider in North America andEurope. Our collective goal is to deliver a simplified, efficientapproach that generates the most value possible to ourclients, united with outstanding customer service. Ourcustomers get the benefit of our combined expertise andindustry experience from the moment we meet. As a solar energy, turnkey Engineering, Procurement andConstruction company (EPC) , we manage every phase of thesolar power process:• Analysis of solar viability for your site(s)• Solar program design and management• Financing• System design and engineering• Installation, Commissioning, Quality Control and• Supervision• Promotional support• Continuous monitoring and verification• Ongoing power system operations and maintenance
  9. 9. Design and InstallationA smart solar installation design means:Sound Concept & Technology – We will develop a design conceptthat delivers the lowest lifetime cost of energy. This concept mustbe customized for your site and climate. The concept will includethe selection of technology, structural support, mechanicalelements, and electrical interconnection.Quality & Reliability – Every design we produce undergoes arigorous multi-step review process.Value Engineering – We take a holistic approach to solar design andkeep your entire construction project in mind to mitigateconstruction risks and save you money.Client Needs – We apply our expertise to adapt to your concerns-whether they’re aesthetics, economics or risk-and build your solarpower installation with your goals in mind.We provide on-site construction management and quality control.Our team is committed to excellence in every aspect of solarconstruction.Our project managers and site superintendents take a collaborativeapproach to solar and over communicate regarding yourconstruction needs, goals, and deadlines to avoid change ordersand surprises.
  10. 10. Solar Operations / MaintenanceEnergyOne Solutions actively monitors and maintains your system to ensureoptimal system performance and to maximize your return on investment.Performance MonitoringEnergyOne remotely monitors your system performance 24 hours a day, 7 daysa week to quickly detect performance degradation and promptly dispatchservice crews. System data is collected and analyzed to ensure ongoing peakperformance of your solar investment.System MaintenanceEnergyOne Solutions utilizes a combination of remote diagnostics with periodicinspections and maintenance to proactively identify and correct potentialproblems before they occur. Our technical staff quickly responds to inquiriesand issues to ensure maximum system performance.Our periodic preventive maintenance services include:• Panel cleaning and inspection• Inverter maintenance• Combiner box inspection• Onsite training of facility staff• Comprehensive documentation of maintenance procedures
  11. 11. Solar Thermal SolutionsEnergyOne Solutions is partnered with Green PowerSolutions Holding Ltd a global company focused onproviding simple and effective solutions for families andbusinesses concerned about the effects of climatechange and rising energy costs. Solar Thermal Systemsare widely used in both residential and commercialapplications to provide hot water, industrial hot waterand even air-conditioning.Green Power Solutions Holding Ltd operates in the Spain,Italy, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, Brazil,Philippines and Austria.
  12. 12. HVAC SystemsEnergyOne Solutions is proud to be partnering with MarnochFacilities Maintenance (MFM )to meet all of our client’sHVAC needs. MFM was founded in 1990 in Barrie. MarnochFacilities Maintenance is an established, full‐servicecontractor / supplier specializing in a wide‐range ofresidential and commercial HVAC services.MFM has a single focus on creating success for all thoseinvolved with cooling and heating decisions – from selection,design and purchase, to installation and maintenance.MFM’s industry experience spans industrial, institutional,commercial and residential projects of all sizes throughoutCanada.
  13. 13. Geo Thermal SystemsGeothermal heating and cooling systems transfer the warmth(or cold) from the ground below to the facility or buildingabove, providing a completely renewable, ecologicallyfriendly source of home climate control. Earth itself is anatural heat source, with year-round temperatures of fifty-five to seventy degrees Fahrenheit just below the surface.EnergyOne has partnered with Ontario’s largest collaborationof geothermal experts, with combined experience of over 30years and more than 1750 geothermal systems installed.
  14. 14. Commodity Procurement SolutionsOur Gas and Electricity Procurement partner is Canada’s leadingindustrial commodity and energy cost and price specialists. Their Energy Managementstrategic market intelligence provides clients with the largest Electricity Natural Gassupply of gas and electricity pricing information in North Petroleum ManagementAmerica. Their cost control and management programs ensure you Heating / Marine /pay the least possible amount in the areas your business operates Aviation Fuels Road Fuelsin, adding to your bottom line and increasing your profits. Industrial Commodity Management Chemicals/Lubricants Welding Supplies Compressed Gases Disposal ServicesCustom-tailored pricing solutions to the transportation, industrial,hospitality, medical, institutional and commercial as well as manyother industry sectors in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.
  15. 15. EnergyOne Smart ControlWhat Online Energy Management delivers…EnergyOneprovides an energy management service thatdelivers reduced energy consumption. This service,known as Online Energy Management (OEM), enablesmonitoring and hands-on control of all energy used.OEM can be applied whatever the size or industry sectorof an organizationOEM puts energy under management control….Central to OEM is a web based control panel. Authorizedmanagement and control of what energy is being used,where and when.Features that come with OEM include:• Consumption readings of energy used monitored in real time;• Automatic alarms alerts sent by Short Message Service (SMS) or email for plant malfunctions• ‘Live Display Energy Certificate (DEC) displays building’s energy consumption in picture form;• Plant control via the web.
  16. 16. Sustainable TrainingTransition Plus Sustainability Solutions Trainingwas formed to provide top quality professionalsustainability coaching to a variety ofassociations, manufacturers, consumer productcompanies, not-for profits, retail, hotels, etc.Becoming more sustainable is good business. Byengaging in this process companies can lowertheir operating costs and business risks, makethemselves more attractive to their customersand employees and embrace innovation.Making a company more sustainable requires expertise in stakeholder engagement, strategy, changemanagement, and systems thinking. Many companies find that without outside help it is difficult tofind the right approach and focus for a successful transformation. This is where Transition PlusSustainability Solutions Training helps.Our unique coaching approach engages and empowers management and employees in the process;this results in advanced buy-in and organizational capability for long-lasting change. Everyorganization is different and every organization must decide on how it can best meet the challengesand more importantly the opportunities of sustainability. Transition Plus assists throughout theentire process from developing the business case to implementation. Partner
  17. 17. Rebates IncentivesCapitalize on Rebate IncentivesEnergyOne Solutions has a team of qualified RebateSpecialists to investigate all the financial opportunities foryour project, manage the process and paperwork andfinalize the rebate award to you. Our Specialists arefamiliar with every rebate option offered by the UtilityCompanies, the Federal Government and the ProvincialGovernments Other Rebate Incentives Lighting , HVAC, Solar Thermal, Solar P.V. Fit program
  18. 18. FinancingCustomized “Pay-as-You-Save Plan” FinancingEnergyOne Solutions can arrange through one of its financial partners acustomized financing plan that allows our customers to “pay” for theupgraded system over time using a portion of the positive cash flow fromenergy cost savings generated by the upgrade. EnergyOne offers thisadded value that require minimal or no capital investment and covers alllabor and materials, as well as soft costs.Customized “No Capital Required” FinancingEnergyOne Solutions can arrange another customized financing programwith no customer capital up front. For example, EnergyOne upgrades theCustomer’s lighting in their building(s). From the positive cash flow fromenergy cost savings generated by the upgrade the Finance companyretains 90% in the first year with 10% of the saving goes directly to thecustomer. In year 2 the Finance company retains 80% and the customerwould retain 20% and so on for 5 years. Year 3 it would be a 70% / 30%split, year 4 a 60%/40% and in year 5 a 50%/ 50% split. This also includesall of the maintenance costs relating to the lighting system for the fullfive year period. At the end of 5 years the customers owns the system.*Note this financing works best when a rebate program is in place.
  19. 19. At EnergyOne Solutions we value the business of every customer and are keenlyaware that reliability, trust and quality design and workmanship is the cornerstone ofour success and continues to be the foundation upon which we build to earn andmaintain long-term relationships. Thank You