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Final project

  1. 1. F e lix ’ sJ ourne yO n e c e lls jo u r n e yo f s e lf D is c o v e r y
  2. 2. There once was a cell named Felix. Felix was a? good little cell, but he was very confused. What was he? An animal cell or a plant cell? What was the difference? He decided he must figure it out.
  3. 3. Felix first asked his friends, Felix was so frustrated. “what kind of cell am I?” He stomped into his And he got no answer. house and said Then he asked his “Mom! What kind of brother, “what kind of cell cell am I?” am i?” And he got no answer. The he asked his sister, “what kind of cell am I?” And he got no answer.
  4. 4. “Well” said his mom. “Let me tell you about this from the very beginning.”
  5. 5. His mom told him to sit Well, said his mother that down and she began. A means that the cell has a plant cell she said is large layer of cellulose or and rectangular, and has protection around the cell to give it structure and a cell wall. “Well…said help protect it.” And then Felix, I know what she showed him a rectangular and large picture. means, but what does it mean to have a cell wall?”
  6. 6. “See the wall?” his mother takes up almost the entire asked. “Yes! Yes!” Felix cell!” screamed grinning. “Now, “Wow!” said Felix. “I am let me continue” said his learning so much.” Felix mother. “A plant cell also was feeling much better, has a storage area called and beginning to a vacuole. A plant cell understand. just has one vacuole that is in the central area of the cell. The vacuole
  7. 7. “Tell me more about a plant cell!” This helps the cell trap the said Felix. “Well…” his mother sun’s energy so that the began, “Plant cells are missing sun’s energy can be many organelles, or things, turned into food” his that animal cells have. But! mother explained. “Cool!” They do have one thing that Felix exclaimed, animal cells don’t have.” “Chloroplasts help makeWhat! What! Tell me!” Felix food just like you do with begged.” me!” “Here is a picture”“Plant cells have an organelle said his mother. called Chloroplast.
  8. 8. “Now I will tell you some special things about the animal cell” Felix’s mother said. “An animal cell is smaller than a plant cell and more circular. An animal cell also doesn’t have a cell wall” she explained.
  9. 9. “Now, remember those “Animal cells also have vacuoles we talked centrioles, about?” his mother centrosomes, and asked. “Yes! Yes!” lysosomes” replied Felix. “Well, “W H A T ?!?” Felix an animal cell has screamed. “Explain many of those, not these to me please!” just one!”
  10. 10. “A centriole, helps when “And centrosomes are only animal cells divide. They in animal cells, and help create things called to tell the cell when it spindles that pull the needs to divide and what chromosomes to different stage of its cell cycle it ends of the cell during should be in.” “OHH!” division” “OH!!!” Felix said Felix. “So its like its said. “Now I understand.” calendar?” “Exactly!” His mother exclaimed.
  11. 11. “And finally, lysosomes “Here is a picture of a are in animal cells lysosome” said his and are the clean up mother. crew. They are organelles that help to insure that there is no waste or trash in the cell.” “Gotcha” said Felix. “Now I understand.”
  12. 12. “Wait!” said Felix! “Yes?” His mother replied. “What about the organelles that BOTH a plant cell and an animal cell have?” “That’s an excellent question!” said his mother.
  13. 13. “We’ll start with the nucleus. Here Felix, is a picture of a Nucleus is the brain of nucleus and nucleolus. the cell. It tells all the other organelles what to do. Inside the nucleus is the nucleolus. Both animal cells and plant cells have a nucleus and nucleolus.
  14. 14. “The mitochondria is the and food to have energy, a next organelle that both cell needs the cells have.” “The mita mitochondria to produce whaaat?!?” Felix the energy that it needs exclaimed. to survive.”“The mitochondria”, his “OHH! I understand now.” mother explained, said Felix. “provides the energy for the cell that it needs. Like you, Felix, need sleep
  15. 15. “Now for the last two And the endoplasmic organelles that the reticulum helps two have in common. package things that Endoplasmic will move throughout reticulum and the the cell. It connects ribosome. A everything, like a ribosome is an telephone.” organelle that makes proteins for the cell to use.
  16. 16. “Now I understand the difference!” said Felix. But wait, so what am I ?!
  17. 17. You decide! If Felix has four sides and also has chloroplast, what kind of cell is he….?
  18. 18. THE END.
  19. 19. F elix’s Journey Copyrighted 2012 by Britt Cook