Piplup saved the life


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watch this and you will cry ! This has loads of pictures and it is awsome


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Piplup saved the life

  1. 1. The life saver... Hope you enjoy it this is about pokemon!
  2. 2. Part 1 the sea Piplup always thought he was a wimp he had some friends he was on a beach looking at the sky piplup was a boy he was bored sitting on the sand and looking at the sea it was warm !
  3. 3. Part 2 the wave Suddenly he saw waves coming closer it was very odd he went in the water and swam to see what was going on the salty water went in his mouth he didn’t care he was curious what was going on it was a seadra but what was happening?
  4. 4. The save Piplup saw a torchic piplup used peck on the seadra then whirlpool piplup said to torchic “get on my back I will save you” torchic smiled! Lapras came past in the water and piplup torchic a pikachu a buizel and a chatot came along to!
  5. 5. I’m a hero! torchic fell in love with piplup but kept it a secret she hugged him he was shocked he started to feel like a hero he smiled!
  6. 6. What to do? Piplup got bored but he was with torchic so he didn’t care! With her he felt better more safe he really liked her!
  7. 7. Piplup and torchic! Piplup fell in love with torchic but kept it a secret one day it was bonfire night and torchic and piplup went on a hill looking at the fire works it was so pretty!
  8. 8. wow! torchic confessed her feelings she said “I love you” piplup said “me to” they kissed :)
  9. 9. The end hope you liked it ! This is them know :)
  10. 10. bye Look at my other slideshows
  11. 12. Pictures of what they are doing!
  12. 16. Piplups birthday!
  13. 21. Best friends Piplup and buizel where best friends and always will be!
  14. 24. Piplup and buizel started a job together
  15. 25. They played archery!
  16. 26. Always stayed side by side
  17. 27. While torchic was at home watching TV!
  18. 28. Torchic had a walk with her friends got in all sorts of trouble but soon got away!
  19. 29. But still piplup and torchic are together forever!
  20. 30. n`awww
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