Pikachu love story....

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will rosa ever find love read this and find out will it be good or a bad ending find out.... …

will rosa ever find love read this and find out will it be good or a bad ending find out....


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  • 1. Pokemon (random stuff) This will be a random pokemon thing so ...... ENJOY! Pokemon rock btw
  • 2. Team or team Teams hmm well get about 4 pokemon on your team TRUST ME if you have 6 pokemon on your team its hard to level them up so be careful :P
  • 3. enjoy POKEMON ROCKS here is a story on a lonely pokemon enjoy :)
  • 4. Pikachu = rosa pikachu (boy) = thunder buneary girl One day a pikachu was lonely she went outside she saw a boy she smiled and wondered if he was cute he has a scar under his eye he was with a buneary he hugged her rosa had no luck! He saw her he looked at her!
  • 5. Part 2 The boy introduced himself he was called thunder and rosa introduced her self and buneary thunder made rosa laugh and rosa knew he was nice and loved him but kept it a secret ! :)
  • 6. Part 3 As days went on she still loved him and thunder invited her to a boat trip and buneary came to rosa said are you going out with buneary thunder said yes I am she gets on my nerves a bit though always hugging me *sigh
  • 7. Part 4 Rosa had tears coming down her eyes but wiped them quickly and rosa saw thunder and buneary kissing she cried even more and thunder saw ....
  • 8. Part 5 3 weeks later thunder dumped buneary and went up to rosa and was about to kiss her but rosa said lets wait till where older and then we can :)
  • 9. picture :)
  • 10. buneary was upset loads more
  • 11. awww
  • 12. 4 months later they never saw each other but it was to late he was dying .....
  • 13. Rosa cried but had to do what had to be done she kissed him !
  • 14. :( He had gone after that but she had a baby pichu with her to she called him thunder so she had memory foreva :(