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  • hi Mariana, sorry for late reply. The TAM report I used should be downloadable from their corporate website. everything else is my production as part of uni coursework. glad you enjoyed it!
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  • (see: Portuguese Tourism Board venture)


  • 1. TAP Portugal
    Brazil 2010/11
  • 2. Agenda
    TAP as market leader
    Current marketing plan
    Marketing objectives
    Target market
    Marketing strategy
    Marketing Programs
  • 3. TAP as market leader
    • strategic hub location
    for EU – Brazil connections
    • highest frequency in the market
    - 65 connections weekly
    • extensive network
    through partnerships
    • strong customer proposition
    • 4. bright outlook
    - growth market
  • 5. Current marketing plan
    • TAP as the leading airline on routes into Europe
    • 6. Portugal as tourist destination
    • 7. Differentiated & highly developed product
    “1 Flight. 5 ways to travel.” campaign: tap|discount tap|basic tap|classic tap|plus tap|executive
    • Strong joint alliance branding targeting the business traveller
    • 8. Business simplification
    • 9. Innovative IT strategy & significant presence online
    Chart: Ticket sales breakdown by region; TAM Annual Report 2008
  • 10. Marketing Objectives
    • To increase brand awareness in Brazil
    • 11. To promote TAM as the most convenient airline
    to Portugal & beyond
    • To increase the share of premium travellers
    • 12. To target the VFR Europe-bound traffic
    • 13. To target the Brazil-bound leisure traffic
    • 14. To increase the Brazil-Portugal O&D revenue
    • 15. To rip off the most of the “1 Flight. 5 ways to travel” product mix
    • 16. To further expand the market using social media campaigns
    • 17. To promote TAP as a fair company to deal with
    Chart: Online sales increase in EUR 000’s; TAM Annual Report 2008
  • 18. Target market
    Premium Traffic
    Focus on connections
    into / from Europe
    Chart: Growth by market 2000 - 2008; TAM Annual Report 2008
  • 19. Marketing strategy 2010 - 2011
    • To strengthen TAP’s niche position in South Atlantic
    • 20. To market on TAP’s connectivity
    • 21. To increase the brand recognition in Brazil
    • 22. To attract a higher share of premium passengers
    • 23. To become the carrier of choice for VFR & leisure traffic
    • 24. To support joint alliance campaigns
    ...by means of an effective mix of marketing programmes
    using both established and innovative communication channels
    Chart: Growth in Brazil 2000 - 2008; TAM Annual Report 2008
  • 25. Product
    • Pressure on marketing TAP’s strong product mix
    • 26. Further improvement within different product lines
    i.e. on-board internet,
    better specs,
    customer service upgrade
    • Simplification of the product across the board:
    i.e. online & mobile check-in,
    online flight tracking,
    mobile flight updates
    • Joint product development with Star Alliance
    i.e. shared airport lounges,
    schedules coordination,
    FFP incentives
  • 27. Place
    • VRF & Leisure
    Through traditional channels
    customer magazines
    sponsorship (i.e. football games, carnival)
    joint ventures with tourism agencies
    outdoor advertisement (i.e. taxis, buses)
    Through innovation
    social media (i.e. Facebook, Badoo, Twitter, YouTube)
    joint ventures with leading hospitality establishments
    gimmicks (i.e. beach-based marketing actions)
    • Business
    Through traditional channels
    trade exhibition presence
    business networking
    Through innovation
    social media (i.e. LinkedIn)
    location-based services
  • 28. Price
    • Competitive price offering in all bands of the “1 flight. 5 ways to fly”
    product mix
    tap|discount High price sensitivity tap|basic tap|classic tap|plus tap|executive Low price sensitivity
    • Direct price competition on the European routes with KLM-AF
    Wide array of fares targets all sectors of the market
    • Code-shares with Star Alliance airlines reduce costs
    & lessen the pressure of price competition
  • 29. Promotion
    • Increasing the market share in the South Atlantic will involve :
    Special deals for through routes into Europe
    Packages for holidays in the O&D BR/PT market (JVs)
    Social media-based package of fares & incentives
    Aggressive advertisement of the product mix
    • Increasing brand awareness through:
    Social media
    Traditional media
    Star Alliance
    Major sports/cultural events presence
    Trade shows presence
    Business networking
  • 30. Marketing plans schedule
    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    Twitter fares
    E-bay auctions
    All you can fly
    FB & Badoo
    Promo with
    Viral online
  • 31. Conclusion
    • TAP is the market leader but needs to remain active
    • 32. TAP needs to invest into brand awareness building
    • 33. marketing campaigns need to use more of social media
    • 34. product offering to be mastered in each band
    • 35. competition not only price-based
  • Thank you
    for attention