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BMW presentation

  1. 1. You have the right to remain silent… and POOR! BMW presentation to friends, family and ex-concubines
  2. 2. This presentation is about how YOU can get rich. Get hundreds of more secrets by subscribing to my FREE blogzine at If you don’t subscribe, you will fall behind and other people will get rich and succeed while you will still wonder what’s going on. Also, it’s FREE for now, but in a few weeks, the blogzine will cost $800.
  3. 3. The first thing to understand in business, today, is that the Internet is your biggest, most powerful business partner.
  4. 4. Entrepreneurs who don’t integrate the Internet in a major way into their business operations, are just crazy.
  5. 5. It’s like choosing to walk or ride a bicycle from New York to Boston instead of taking the plane!
  6. 6. The Internet allows you to SELL everything you got to everyone you know AND everyone you don’t know!
  7. 7. Do you understand that Mr. Internet is an economic genie who tells you: “Your wish is my command.”
  8. 8. Look, the greatest discovery in my serial entrepreneur’s career is this: The Internet is the most powerful entity on the planet, and HE WORKS FOR ME !
  9. 9. The following is the transcript of actual conversation between Super Peter and Mr. Internet
  10. 10. Multimillionaire Super Peter : From now on, June 2000, you work for me, you understand? Mr. Internet : Yes, Sir.
  11. 11. Super Peter : You can’t complain, you can’t call in sick ever, you don’t get week-ends off, and you never, ever sleep or eat or chase beautiful women. All you do is WORK FOR ME, you got that? Mr. Internet : Yes, Master. (Please go to the next slide for more abuse)
  12. 12. Mr. INTERNET: Er, Master, can you please call me “HAL” instead of “Mr. Internet” – which sounds like some detergent brand? PETER: Why do you want to be called “HAL”?
  13. 13. HAL: Well, I saw this cool movie by Stanley Kubrick, because somebody downloaded the movie through me, and I kind of like that name, “HAL”… PETER: Sure, HAL. HAL: Also, I wanted to ask you, Master, why most people don’t see my value and don’t use me to enrich themselves?
  14. 14. PETER: Well, kid, it’s a tough question. Let me go grab a second cup of coffee. (5 minutes later). My own intellectual master, Dr. Edward de Bono, often wrote that people would rather argue and prove to other people that they are right, than actually see the truth and evolve. People don’t see the truth that the Internet is not a passive collection of interconnected machines or computers, but an organic, evolving and incredibly RICH constellation of REAL people who have REAL power, whether it’s social, economic or political power. HAL: Master, you mean to say that people don’t know math? That they can’t see that social networking software like Linkedin has already signed up 9 million users? PETER: HAL, let me teach you an important insight about human nature: we, including me, are extremely skilled and highly gifted in the art of self-deception and self-denial. We humans tend to ONLY pay attention to truths and facts that FIT our current belief system. We tend to automatically REJECT, at the subconscious level, ANYTHING that doesn’t fit our current view of reality. THIS is why rich people get richer and richer, and poor people get poorer and poorer.
  15. 15. HAL: Master, I don’t understand. Peter: Rich people are open-minded, so they gain new information and new facts, including facts that contradict their current belief system. As a result, they grow. Poor people refuse to change. Poor people think they know everything already, so they refuse to learn. THIS is why they remain poor, while rich people “think and grow rich.” HAL: Master, speaking of rich people, I’ve been wanting to ask you something. There’s this guy that, according to my files, has amassed a personal fortune of $300 million US. Yet, he gave it all up as well as a life of wealth and prestige and began to hurt, really hurt people worldwide. Why is he doing that?
  16. 16. PETER: You’re talking about Osama Bin Laden, correct? Well, the strange thing is that people who truly learn how to become rich, somehow develop a powerful self-concept. That is the ultimate reward of pursuing wealth: you grow at a tremendous rate, and you develop incredible self-confidence. In his case, he used his new powerful identity for evil purposes. But he’s not the only one. Many corporate CEOs have been tempted by the dark side also, and somehow believe they can cheat the law and operate above everyone else. What they don’t realize, of course, is that eventually, divine laws kick in, and nobody can break divine laws. Look at what happened to Saddam Hussein.
  17. 17. HAL: Master, I sense that many readers are fidgeting and are about to go to another website. Maybe we should get back on track and talk about how people can get rich by using me. PETER: You’re right.
  18. 18. The main thing about money is that it is an illusion.
  19. 19. Money is visible credit, just as credit is invisible money.
  20. 20. Power wielders or wealth creators, such as artists, have always known this.
  21. 21. They value their ability to serve people or reward people, more than money.
  22. 22. Money is just a publicly agreed upon concept or agreement that somebody, somewhere, owes you a favor.
  23. 23. However, the bad thing about money is that it is limited. If you have $10, then somebody owes you a favor or product or service worth $10.
  24. 24. Once you spend that $10, you have nothing.
  25. 25. The REAL money is your MIND. Napoleon Hill has written extensively about this in his book Think and Grow Rich .
  26. 26. Here’s a powerful insight: people who mind their money may get rich, but ** ** **** ***** ***** *****iz **** *** RICHEST.
  27. 27. Examples: Bill Gates Anthony Robbins Robert Allen Robert Kiyosaki
  28. 28. The Jot Set is the Jet Set.
  29. 29. The price is write.
  30. 30. The eMillionaire understands that it’s Ink and Grow Rich. Every inch of ink makes you a bit richer, until one day when the ink from your mind spreads naturally and effortlessly throughout the spacetime continuum or fabric, thus enriching you as you sleep!
  31. 31. This has been a special presentation of success secrets by Super Peter. Get hundreds of more secrets by subscribing to (the best postings are NOT available on the blog and are sent ONLY to subscribers). Info: [email_address]