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Supernova Media presents Guide to Feedburner. RSS feeds contain all your blogs posts and links to each of them. Submitting them to a website that lists the feeds on its pages will rapidly increase your ranking in search engines and improve how fast your sites pages are picked up by the search engines robots.

Your RSS Feed is sometimes the only way your visitors experience what you have to offer on a regular basis.

Feedburner is the top RSS feed delivery service. It’s owned by Google, provides extensive traffic analysis and offers feed reader and email subscription options that you won’t find anywhere else for a cost of zero dollars.

Feedburner integrates several of the core functionalities you need for your RSS Feed to be successful.

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RSS & Feedburner

  1. 1. Supernova Media Presents: Feedburner
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  4. 4. Your RSS FeedYour RSS Feed is sometimes the only way your visitorsexperience what you have to offer on a regular basis.It serves to inform and entertain, but is also an essential tool fordriving traffic back to your website and improving your overallsearch-engine ranking.Feedburner is the top RSS feed delivery service. It’s owned byGoogle, provides extensive traffic analysis and offers feedreader and email subscription options that you won’t findanywhere else for a cost of zero dollars.Feedburner integrates several of the core functionalities youneed for your RSS Feed to be successful.
  5. 5. Setting Up Your Account1. Go to Feedburner and sign in to Feedburner with your Google Account (create a GoogleAccount first if you don’t have one!).2. Add your Blog URL to the Burn a Feed Right This Instant and click Next.(On WordPress sites, the URL of thefeed for the blog is usually: or the URL in a browser beforeentering it in Feedburner. This is yoursite’s raw feed URL)3. Leave RSS 2.0 source selected and click Next.
  6. 6. Setting Up Your Account4. On “Welcome” page, make sure you are happy with the title and FeedBurner address (URI) of your new feed and then click Next.5. On the Congrats! page click Next6. On the stats configuration page selectClickthroughs and I want more! and thenclick Next.
  7. 7. Analyze Your Feed You will be presented with a page that has several tabs across the top. Since your feed is new, you will not have any data in the Analyze tab. But check back in a few days, or a few weeks, and you’ll see activity, depending on how many subscribers you gain. To access a feed that is already burned, simply click its blue title after you log in.
  8. 8. Optimize Your FeedClick on the Optimize tab.Then click on the SmartFeedlink in the left column, asshown below.Click the Activate button. Thiswill optimize your feed for thedevice on which it is beingread, like a mobile device or alaptop.
  9. 9. Publicize Your Feed Click the Publicize tab at the top. Click BuzzBoost in the left column and Activate it. This will republish your feed in an HTML version for any devices that can accept it that way. In other words, it will look more like your actual blog post. Next, click Ping Shot in the left column and Activate it. This will notify all participating services, including search engines like Google, that you have a new post available. Click Email Subscriptions next. This is where you get the code to make your feed available via email. For more info on the rest of these features check out this informative blog post I found.
  10. 10. Using Your Feed LinksNow you have three feed URLs.• The first is the raw feed from your site.• The second is the feed URL you received when you burned your feed.• The third is the URL for the email subscription.Each feed URL has a purpose. If you are offeringsubscriptions directly on your site, use the two fromFeedburner.If you want to send your feed to other apps andplatforms, such as Facebook, use the site’s raw feedURL.
  11. 11. Feedburner There are plenty of people out there hungry for the info you have on your site that will subscribe to your RSS feed. It’s a great way to stay on top of what’s happening in your industry so I suggest first, if you haven’t already, set your site up so people can subscribe to your RSS feed via Feedburner and second, get out there and subscribe to some of your own favorite sites.
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