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LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site. Founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003, it is mainly used for professional networking. , LinkedIn had more than 75 million registered users, spanning more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

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LinkedIn 101 Guide

  1. 1. Supernova Media Presents: 101
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  4. 4. Why Does It Matter? LinkedInLinkedIn Stats: 116 million+ members 1 million new members every week 17.8 million belong to groups 1.2 million comments on posts to groups each week 2 billion people searches annually 1 million companies have a company page
  5. 5. 2012 LinkedIn Demographics 116 MILLION LINKEDIN MEMBERS WORLDWIDE 18-24 23% Female 25-34 35.2% Male 41.5% 58.5% 35-54 35% 54+ 6.8%
  6. 6. 2012 LinkedIn Demographics Africa 3.2% Middle East 2.6% 3.1 MIO Oceania 2.3% 3.9 MIO 2.8 MIO Latin America 9.8% 11.6 MIO Asia 13.9% 16.5 MIO North America 45.7% 54.3 MIO Europe 22.4% 26.6 MIO Members Distribution by Area
  7. 7. Key Facts LinkedIn Officially launched in May 2003 It Reached 1 million users in September 2004 Operates in over 200 countries Over 44% of LinkedIn members are located outside of North America 100% of Fortune 500 companies have executives using LinkedIn. 80% of all LinkedIn members live in the Top 10 countries. 23% of Canadians with a LinkedIn profile have received a job offer.
  8. 8. Creating an Account Individuals without LinkedIn profiles can easily create one by joining from the LinkedIn Home page. Complete the form or select “Join Today.” Both pages offer the same form fields to start.
  9. 9. Creating an Account You will then be invited to provide additional details about your profession, employment status and employer if applicable. If someone from your organization is already on LinkedIn, you may have the opportunity to select your company from a list as you type. Postal code information is kept private, but your region is made public (e.g. Halifax, Nova Scotia).
  10. 10. Creating an Account Based on the email address you provide, you may be invited to welcome contacts you already have through that email account. You can also enter contact email addresses by hand later in the process.
  11. 11. Finding and Making Connections There are four primary methods for finding connections on LinkedIn. Upload- When you create a LinkedIn account or associate your existing account with an email address supported by Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN (Hotmail) and others, LinkedIn allows you to upload your contacts from your email account. Professional LinkedIn accounts associated with the email addresses you have uploaded will receive an invitation to connect with you on LinkedIn. Search- LinkedIn offers a robust search mechanism to find contacts by name, company and/or profession. Simply use the “people” search available on every page of LinkedIn. Advanced search also allows you to find people based on search criteria beyond name including Company, Title, Location, Industry, etc.
  12. 12. Finding and Making Connections Get Suggestions- To encourage you to make connections with people you already know, LinkedIn will provide suggestions for people who may be in your network. These suggestions are based on associated connections (i.e. friends of friends). Suggestions are made throughout the LinkedIn website once you are logged into your account. You can also choose to “See more people you may know.” Join Groups- Many people join groups on LinkedIn to share in discussions and get introduced to others within their industry. Groups are a great way to stay in touch with those you may know and create new connections. Many professional organizations of which you may be a member are already represented on LinkedIn. You can create new groups and encourage LinkedIn members to join.
  13. 13. Basic Profile Attributes 1 Name 2 Headline 3 Location (Province & Country) 4 Industry 5 Photo 6 Current & Past Positions 7 Educational Background 8 Number of Connections 9 Websites (Corporate & Personal) 10 Vanity URL
  14. 14. Basic Profile Attributes11 Professional Summary12 Summarization of Specialties
  15. 15. Basic Profile Attributes13 Professional History Detail14 Education History Detail
  16. 16. Other Available Attributes• Recommendations- Your colleagues and clients can write recommendations for your work that appear on your LinkedIn profile.• Interests- Individuals can list personal interests (e.g. reading, hiking, volunteering, etc.) and professional interests (e.g. job opportunities, speaking assignments, freelance work).• Groups and Associations- The groups you join on LinkedIn are listed on your profile page. These are added to provide credibility and facilitate connections between group members.
  17. 17. Other Available Attributes • Applications- LinkedIn allows you to include several applications on your LinkedIn profile. Sample applications include a list of latest posts from your blog, a list of books recently read with links to, links to presentations posted to, polls and poll results, your personal Twitter feed, etc. • Events- Provide a list of events that you plan to attend on your LinkedIn profile.
  18. 18. 4 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Use Keywords In Your Headline Your headline is the first thing people see when they go to your LinkedIn profile. Unless you change it, your headline will appear as your current or last position held. Since this headline will appear in various places on LinkedIn, you want it to be more descriptive. The LinkedIn algorithm seems to put a lot of emphasis on the words used in the headline when ranking people, so make sure your headline includes your USP, benefits your company offers or your geographic location if you serve a specific area.
  19. 19. 4 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn ProfileHow to Edit Your Headline Select the “Edit Profile” tab Click “edit” beside your name Enter your keywords in the professional headline field. But remember to format it so that it still looks professional. In the example below I have optimized my profile for these keyword phrases: Nova Scotia & Web Media Consultant.
  20. 20. 4 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Include Keywords In Your Summary After the headline, your summary is the first place that people will learn about you. Your summary is your elevator pitch. Make sure it looks clean and professional, while including the top keywords that you want to target.  Under “Edit Profile” Tab, click the “edit” beside your summary  Place keywords in the content of the professional experience section or in specialties field
  21. 21. 4 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Customize The Web Sites Option So many people have this set to the default option (personal web site., company web site). LinkedIn allows you to make these more descriptive by using keywords as you can see below.  Under “Edit Profile” Tab, select edit beside each website URL  Select “Other” for the website drop down for each URL  Use your keywords to link to your websites (this changes the anchor text from personal website, company website, blog, etc to the keywords you are targeting which helps both the website you are linking to and your profile.
  22. 22. 4 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Use The Maximum Number of Characters Each text field in LinkedIn allows a different number of characters. It is important to use all available characters because search engines like high word counts and lots of relevant keywords. Some character limits to keep in mind are: Headline – 120 Characters Status Field – 140 Characters Summary – 2,000 Characters Specialties – 500 Characters Company Name – 100 Characters Position (Job) Title – 100 Characters Position Description – 2,000 Characters Interests – 1,000 Characters
  23. 23. Ready, Set, Go! Your LinkedIn profile is a significant part of your public image and credibility. With the pace of our lives changing rapidly, your on- line presence is taking a more significant role than your paper presence so be creative, know that it will take a while to get the profile you are very happy with (just like a solid resume) and have fun with it. Now, youre ready to get LinkedIn to work for you!
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  25. 25. About Nancy Bain Nancy is a business owner, educator, and business strategist with more than 20 years experience. When she is not advising and teaching people about social media, Nancy spends a lot of her own time using social media. Find Nancy online: Google+ : Nancy Bain Like Supernova Media on Follow Nancy on Twitter Facebook Visit her Website Find her on LinkedIn Follow her Blog And visit her YouTube Channel