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Guide to Facebook's New Timeline. Welcome to Facebook’s new Timeline. The new design turns your profile into a colorful, easily searchable (real time) timeline of your entire life.

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Facebook Timelime

  1. 1. Supernova Media Presents: New Timeline
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  4. 4. Introducing Timeline At Facebook’s f8 Developers Conference , Sept 22, 2011, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled an exciting and radically new design for our profile pages, called the Timeline. “It’s the heart of your Facebook experience, completely rethought from the ground up”. Mark Zuckerberg http://www.facebook.com/about/timeline
  5. 5. Welcome to Facebook’s new Timeline. The new design turns your profile into a colorful, easily searchable timeline of your entire life.
  6. 6. The Cover Pic “ A Marketer’ s Dream.” Lots of prime real estate to express yourself OR create your own marketing ad to brand your personal page for more than just sharing with friends and family (thanks to the new "subscribe" option) . View our tutorial on the subscribe button There is no specific size for those who upload a photo as long as its at least 850 pixels wide, but for anyone who wants to design something that fits the space exactly, the dimensions we used are 850px x 315px .
  7. 7. The area under your cover pic shows your friends information about Friends Photos Likes you at a glance.• To edit who can see your friend list on your profile, click "friends“• You can also Find Friends here.• Note the nice size thumbnail images of your friends!• To add photos, albums or videos, click "photos“.• Click "Likes" to view your favorite: Music, Books, Television shows, Pages• Share your interests by adding favorite: Movies, Games, Athletes, Teams, People you Admire.• Note - If you had checked in to places there would be a section for that here too!
  8. 8. Short Bio The Update Info Tab Edit your personal info: • Living • work • pages you admin This section replaces the short • education • Relationships bio section that was at the top of • history • basic info your old profile. • favorite quotes • contact info
  9. 9. Edit Privacy for Your Personal Info Via the Update Info Tab - Click the edit button then the pic arrow to the right to configure individual privacy settings for the following: • history • favorite quotes • living • pages you admin • relationships • basic info • contact info
  10. 10. Clicking “View Activity” will show you a chronologically view of all your posts.
  11. 11. Click View Activity to see your activity log TimelineActivity Log - This is a private log of your activity, Click on the timeline at the top to see yourpast activity. Click the pick arrow beside each entry to choose whether to: Feature on Timeline , Allow on Timeline or Hide from Timeline
  12. 12. Sort Your Activity Log Sort your activity log by clicking the All button on the right hand side. Note the apps at the bottom of the list.
  13. 13. Facebook BadgesShare anywhere on the web:https://www.facebook.com/badges/Share your profile, favorite pages, photos, orpages you admin.Profile Badge: https://www.facebook.com/badges/profile.phpShare your Personal Profile information on other websites.Like Badge: https://www.facebook.com/badges/like.phpShow off your favorite Business and community Pages (that youve liked on Facebook) onyour website or blog.Photo Badge: https://www.facebook.com/badges/photo.phpShare your Facebook photos on other websites.Page Badge: https://www.facebook.com/badges/page.phpShare your Facebook Page information on other websites.
  14. 14. See How Others View Your Profile To see how your friends view your profile click the view as button. To see the public view your profile click public. To check how a friend views your profile enter their name.
  15. 15. The New Status Bar • Whats on your mind (your text goes here) • Upload photo or video / Use webcam / Create photo album • Where you are •Work & Education updates - ie: add a job, graduated, military service • Life Event - ie: got married, add a child or pet, lost a loved one • Living - ie: moved, bought a home, add a roommate, add a vehicle • Health & Wellness - ie: broke a bone, had surgery, overcame an illness • Milestones & Experiences - ie: learned a language, got a license, traveled, achievements.
  16. 16. Your Timeline The three main parts of your timeline: • all your stories • all your apps • a new way to express who you are It goes all the way back to when you were born.Your profile is now divided into two columns with a timeline down the middle and it’s nowpossible to go back and add status updates, photos, and videos to the timeline all the wayback to the day we were born
  17. 17. Navigating Your Facebook Timeline Note: the Timeline to the right of your cover picture, below sponsored stories. Click by the last 3 months or year to view your history on Facebook.
  18. 18. Add Events to Your TimelineYou can add any event to your timeline.Along the center line you will see small dots referencing your posts.By rolling your curser over the line you get a “+” symbol.
  19. 19. Add Events to Your Timeline Once you click the “+” symbol, add an event via the status bar. Here, you can: • Select a date • Tag friends Privacy • Add a place • Add photos • Adjust privacy settingsChoose who see your posts by adjusting your privacy settings per event by clicking the picarrow highlighted in red above. See our tutorial on Facebook’s Smart Lists.
  20. 20. Feature or Hide Events on Your Timeline You can choose to: • Feature a post • Edit a post • Delete a post Simply click the post and the highlighted options will appear.
  21. 21. How to See Who Unfriended You1. Click on a year from the left-hand side of your Timeline.2. Locate your “Friends” box . Scroll through the timeline until you see a box marked “Friends.”3. Here, you’ll see a link that says “Made x New Friends.” Click the link and scroll down.4. Under “Added Friends,” you’ll see all the people you made friends with that year. If you’re still friends on Facebook, you’ll see a little check next to the word “Friends.” If you’re not, you’ll see the “+1 Add Friend” button. If you don’t remember unfriending the person, it means that the person unfriended you.
  22. 22. Get Your Timeline Now For the moment the new Timeline view is only available to developers but everyone will have access in the next few weeks.Enable Timeline now: http://mashable.com/2011/09/22/how-to-facebook-timeline/
  23. 23. Consider your Privacy Facebook is making sharing even easier by automatically sharing what you’re doing on Facebook-connected apps. Instead of having to “Like” something to share it, you’ll just need to click “Add to Timeline” on any website or app, and that app will have permission to share your activity with your Facebook friends.
  24. 24. Consider your Privacy • What activity, you ask? It could be: • the news articles you read online • the videos you watch • the photos you view • the music you listen to, or any other action within the site or app. Facebook calls this auto-sharing “Gestures.”
  25. 25. Consider your Privacy So what can you do to avoid an embarrassing situation? Be aware that whenever you click a “Add to Timeline” button on a website or app from now on, you’re giving that app permission to post your activity to Facebook.
  26. 26. Consider your Privacy When you add an app to your Timeline, you get the option to share your activity with “Public,” “Friends” or “Custom.” By clicking “Custom,” you get the option to hide your activity from everyone but yourself.
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