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Facebook's new Ticker news feature organizes real-time news much better than the previous “Top-News” and “Most Recent” set up. This new Facebook ticker is live, everything that happens will pop up here, no matter how minute the activity.

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Facebook Ticker

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  4. 4. Introducing Facebook’Ticker s Amongst the recent new changes to appear on Facebook, there is a "ticker" (a rolling real time list of what your friends are doing). Ticker Within the last 12 hours, Facebook has been rolling out the new Live Ticker to an increasing number of users. Youll find it on the right hand side of your Facebook page, in the collapsible chat bar.
  5. 5. Ticker Privacy SettingsIts an excellent way of keeping you fully up-to-date with your friendsactivity, but there is a potential problem with it.The ticker makes it very simple for you to see when one of your Facebook friendssays something to someone youve never heard of - and even see what thestranger originally wrote too!
  6. 6. Ticker Privacy SettingsWhat happens is this:1. You have "friends of friends" or "public" as the privacy setting for your posts.2. One of your Facebook friends comments on your post, or clicks "Like".
  7. 7. Ticker Privacy Settings 3. As well as all the people commenting on the thread seeing what has been posted (this much is normal), Facebook also tells all *their* friends what was said. 4. Your friends settings *cannot* stop this from happening, *your* settings can protect your friends privacy, in this instance. The ticker has just made it much easier to eavesdrop on what we probably intended to be a private conversation.
  8. 8. Ticker Privacy Settings NOTE: It is not just your settings that control what goes in your Facebook newsfeed and appears on your friends tickers. Anyones posts which have privacy set to more than "Friends" will go to all the friends of all the people who comment on your post. Remember Private Messages is where you say things that you want kept private.
  9. 9. Ticker Privacy SettingsBasically if you want to stop strangers from seeingeverything you do, you and your friends need to changeyour privacy settings to "Friends“ or customlists. Simple, right? Well the hard part is getting yourfriends to do it.If you find your friends arent understanding theissue, forget about explaining the details and "copy andpaste" this to your status: "If you dont want your actions broadcast to everyone via the ticker/News Feed please set your privacy to "Friends" and ask your friends to do the same. Pass it on.“
  10. 10. Ticker Privacy SettingsThis appears to be the most commonlysuggested solution on Facebook, and itsrubbish!It still doesnt stop *your* posts beingbroadcast. Its an illusion. This option stopsyou seeing when other people have broadcasta message to a wide audience. It does *not*stop your actions being broadcast by yourfriends!You would have to do this for every single one of your friends. Very time consuming*and* it does not solve the problem - it just stops you from seeing it.Please dont spread this advice, as it is confusing people and stopping the realproblem from being fixed.
  11. 11. Post Privacy SettingsHow to tell if a post will broadcast to all your friends:Under each post (on the right) there is an icon which will tell you who it was sharedwith: Public - This globe icon means that the post is going to be public. That means, if you comment your friends will be shown the comment immediately and that everyone on Facebook (except those people you have specifically blocked) can see it. Friends - This icon showing two heads means that the post is shared with friends only. It should be safe to comment, with no threat of exposure to strangers via the ticker/news feed.
  12. 12. Post Privacy Settings Custom or Friends of Friends - The gear icon can actually mean one of two things - either Custom or Friends of Friends. You will have to hover your mouse over the icon to see which. Custom means that the post will be safe to comment on with no leakage to strangers via the ticker/news feed.Friends of Friends, however, can be considered unsafe - as all your friends and allof their friends will be shown the comment immediately via the ticker/news feed.You can check your own posts easily that way if you want to make sure that yoursettings are right.
  13. 13. Ticker SummaryThe new Ticker news featureorganizes real-time news muchbetter than the previous “Top-News” and “Most Recent” set up.This new Facebook ticker islive, everything that happens willpop up here, no matter howminute the activity. Theinformation that comes throughthe ticker is not differentinformation from whats in yourfeed. Rather, its all theinformation that could be shownin your feed.
  14. 14. Ticker Summary Theoretically, a Facebook user with a large collection of socially-active friends will turn that ticker into a blur, with game moves, songs, videos, movies, articles, and other activities all contributing to the frequent updates. We have to remember that when we post something on a social network, it’s out there. Although Facebook is still the world’s largest social networking site with 750 million users, it has been under pressure from Google and other media sites for a number of months, especially since the launch of Google+. Only time will tell if the ticker keeps on ticking!
  15. 15. Important Tips to Remember• Stop using the "Friends of friends" setting. If youuse the "Public" setting, explain that you are doingso. Then people can decide if they want *all* oftheir friends to be informed of their comments.• "Limit" all previous posts you have made via theprivacy settings (unless you had "friends only" orspecific lists already) - this will change everythingto "friends" only and will stop people you deletedbut did not block, people who sent you friendrequests that you ignored, and friends of friendsfrom seeing your activity (yes they can, if you arenot on "Friends" or lists).
  16. 16. Important Tips to Remember •Use lists to decide who you want to see things (selecting the privacy level of your posts). • Encourage your friends to restrict their setting to "friends" or custom lists too. This is the important bit. • Inform strangers or the connecting friend when strangers show up in your feed. It is their settings that made them show up. This will illustrate to them why they also need to change their settings.
  17. 17. Ticker It’s up to you to decide whether you like the ticker feature or not. Your desired level of privacy may determine this for you. Whether you like it or not, your going to be doing a lot more sharing. Who your sharing with is up to you.
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