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Facebook site has launched a new app that allows businesses to manage their Facebook pages while on the go. The new mobile app functions like the Facebook mobile application but with additional features for page management while allowing users to perform all the general Facebook interactions. Presented by Supernova Media.

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Facebook Page Manager for iPhone

  1. 1. Supernova Media Presents: Pages Manager for iPhone
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  4. 4. Pages Manager for iPhoneThe social networking site has launched a newapp that allows businesses to manage theirFacebook pages while on the go.Facebooks official iOS application does nothave the capability of managing pages so thecompany has launched a separate PagesManagers application.Page administrators can now download the appin order to manage their pages via Applemobile devices.
  5. 5. Pages Manager for iPhoneWith Facebook Page Manager, you can:•View multiple Pages you admin•View high-level Page Insights•View post-level Insights (Reach and Talking AboutThis)•View Page notifications and new fans•Filter Timeline views to Posts by Page or Posts byOthers•Manage Administrators•Turn on / off notification settings for each Page
  6. 6. Pages Manager for iPhone The new mobile app functions like the Facebook mobile application but with additional features for page management while allowing users to perform all the general Facebook interactions. Pages manager allows an administrator to interact with their audience and manage multiple pages from one mobile application.
  7. 7. Pages Manager for iPhoneFacebooks pages manager app alsogives push notification when anyinteractions happen on a page, allowingbusinesses to engage with fans quickly.But what if you admin multiple Pages andonly want to receive push notifications onyour iPhone for only a couple of thesePages?All you have to do is log into each Page’sadmin section and configure thisoption, which is found under “YourSettings” (as shown).
  8. 8. Pages Manager for iPhoneIn the app, once users click on the individual page they wish tomanage, the app will take them to the wall of that page, whereeach individual post is listed. From there, users can like,comment, and interact with content they’ve posted, as well asdetermine how many people it has reached and how manypeople are talking about it.Users can compose posts, and Pages Manager offers muchmore room to work with than the regular Facebook app did.Photos can also be shared, which were previously difficult to addtext to until Pages Manager. If users select the filter at the top-right-hand corner, they can toggle between everyone’s posts,only the page’s posts, and hidden posts — also an added bonuscontributing to the app’s improved functionality.
  9. 9. Pages Manager for iPhone Another useful feature on the Facebook Pages manager app is that it allows to page administrators to access their insights page anywhere. From the page insights dashboard, users receive a high-level look at how their pages are performing in terms of total likes, people talking about this, weekly total reach, and trends in the past 14 days, highlighted by a small line graph. Again, percentages appear on the right-hand side of each of these metrics, giving users a quick glance at their pages’ performance.
  10. 10. Pages Manager for iPhoneOne glaring omission from the app is the ability tocheck Page messages. Facebook will hopefullyfix bugs and add more functionality in the nextupdate.The mobile application is only available for theiPhone, iPod touch and iPad for now; it alsorequires iOS 4.2 or later.The pages manager is available for free on theiTunes App store.
  11. 11. Installing Pages Manager for iPhone You will need to follow these easy steps to download Facebook Messenger to your iPhone or iPod Touch: • Locate the App Store on your device. • Tap on the search bar (the field located at the top), and type in "Facebook Messenger.“ • Click on the Facebook Messenger app. • Tap the blue "Free" button to continue.
  12. 12. Installing Pages Manager for iPhoneNext, click the green “Install” button to download your own copyof the Facebook Pages Manager app to your iPhone or iPodTouch. You might be prompted to enter your Apple accountpassword if you have not installed an app recently. Theinstallation process will take a few minutes depending on yourInternet connection and/or speed.Once your Facebook Pages Manager app has beeninstalled, you are just a tap away from enjoying the excitingworld of instant messaging your social networking friends.Locate the Facebook Pages Manager icon & click to launch theapp software.
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