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What are Facebook Interest Lists - by Supernova Media.

Very similar to Twitter Lists - Facebook has now made it a whole lot easier for users to bundle up all the content they're interested in.

Facebook announced a new feature that lets users compile so-called interest lists around topics where the top stories from each interest group appear in their news feed.

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Facebook Interest Lists

  1. 1. Supernova Media Presents: Interest Lists
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  4. 4. What are Interest Lists? Interest Lists allow users to organize updates into separate topics from a collection of fan pages and public figures who have the subscribe button enabled on their profile. For example, a user could create a "Recipes" Interest List, adding to it fan pages like Betty Crocker and the Food Network, as well as the profiles of their favorite food bloggers to which they subscribe. You can join existing lists like created by others or create your own by adding whichever people or Pages fit the topic. While content from Interest Lists to which you subscribe will automatically get pulled into your main news feed, individual Interest Lists can also be viewed in a separate news feed of their own, so users who follow an individual list can access a feed dedicated to updates just from pages or people included on that list.
  5. 5. How to Create Interest ListsIf Facebook has rolled out Interest Lists toyou, locate Interests in the left sidebarnavigation on your news feed (you mayneed to click "more" at the bottom to seeit). Click Interests --> Add Interest, andthen you can search for other InterestLists or create your own.When creating a list, a user can then addpages or people theyre alreadysubscribed to, as well as choose otherpopular pages/people in specificcategories (e.g. Art, Books, Business, etc.)that Facebook recommends, or search forpeople/pages to add on their own.
  6. 6. How to Create Interest Lists Once youve created your list, You will be prompted to give your list a name and select who the list will be available to -- just you, your friends, or the public.
  7. 7. Why Marketers Should CareFacebook has now made it a wholelot easier for users to bundle up allthe content theyre interested in. Sohow can marketers benefit?While it doesnt look like Facebookhas added functionality to enableyou to create Interest Lists as a brandpage, we still see several benefits formarketers that come with Facebooksnew feature.
  8. 8. 1) Create Lists in Your Industry You may not be able to create Interest Lists by your brand page, but that doesnt mean a prominent, public-facing employee from your company cant. Ask one of your executives to create a list for your industry, and help him/her find the best pages and people to put on it. For example, if your industry is business services, you could create a list curating educational resources in the business services industry. Just make sure you add your companys business page to it, and then promote it to the high heavens -- on your blog, in social media, etc. If youre successful in generating a lot of subscribers for it, the updates you post to your Facebook business page will get seen by the subscribers of that Interest List, exposing you to people who may not be following your Facebook page directly.
  9. 9. 2) Subscribe ButtonWhile youre at it, encourage the public-facingexecutives and thought leaders in yourbusiness to add the subscribe button to theirpersonal Facebook profiles and share yourbusiness content. Individual people can onlybe added to Interest Lists if theyveimplemented the subscribe button, so doing sowill enable users who are creating new InterestLists to add your business thought leaders totheir list, increasing the chances of exposingyour business content to people whosubscribe to those lists.
  10. 10. 3) Add to Interest Lists Feature Youre getting up to speed with the new Facebook page design, right? With the new design, visitors to your page can easily add your page to one of their Interest Lists using the drop-down menu at the top of your page. So first, update your business page to the new design (youll be forced to do it on March 30th anyway), and then encourage page visitors to add your page to their Interest Lists where appropriate. Using the new pin feature of the new Facebook page design, you could even anchor a message that encourages page visitors to do this at the top of your page.
  11. 11. 4) Fresh ContentWe cant help but see a connection between Interest Lists andthe power of leveraging fresh content about industry news. Thinkabout it: if something newsworthy happens in your industry andyoure the first to cover it on your blog and promote it on yourFacebook page, youll indirectly also be broadcasting that news(and your brand) to any Interest Lists youre a part of. And beingfirst means youll likely capture the majority of traffic interestedin that news to your blog. In todays online world, timelinesswins. Think about how you can do some newsjacking in yourindustry to get in front of your audience. As an SEO bonus, youllalso benefit from Google Pandas emphasis on fresh and timelycontent!
  12. 12. 5) Facebook PresenceFacebook users are never going to add yourbusiness page to one of their Interest Lists ifits not, well ... interesting. So if you want yourbusiness page to be on every Interest Listpertaining to your particular industry, youneed to be regularly updating it withfresh, relevant, and high-quality content.Thats right -- content is still king, so if contentcreation isnt already a central part of yourinbound marketing strategy, this just makesanother compelling case for why it should be.
  13. 13. Interests Users can expect to see the feature appear on the left side of their Facebook landing page within the next few weeks, but the functionality is already live at https://www.facebook.com/addlist.
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