Introduction to Supernova 2008

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  • 1. Hous ekeeping • Welcome to the 7th annual S upernova conference! – Over 400 attendees from 15 countries. • Today at Mis s ion B ay C onference C enter • Opening G ala & S howcas e: 6:30pm-10pm – Shuttle bus running from here every 30 minutes • Tues day and Wednes day: Wharton Wes t 101 Howard Street, 5th Floor
  • 2. Online R es ources • Detailed in attendee handout • C onvers ation Hub: – Twitter feed: – IR C chat: irc:// – Pocket G uide: • S mile, you’re on s treaming video! • WiFi S S ID: CommunityCenter – Please be conscientious! • Us e tag " S upernova2008" on any conference-related pos ts , photos , or videos
  • 3. Thanks to Our S pons ors
  • 4. Thanks to Our S pons ors
  • 5. Supernova is What is People S upernova?
  • 6. Why S upernova? Maybe I was on to something!
  • 7. Why S upernova? • An (explos ive) end, but als o a beg inning – Impacts of increasingly pervasive networks • Decentralization is happening – Intelligence and control moving from centers to edges – An inexorable shift, but not necessarily smooth or uniform! • Decentralization matters – Redefines industries, firms, processes, careers, relationships, entertainment, and more. • Inters ection of tech, bus ines s , s ociety, and
  • 8. 2008 Theme: C halleng es for the Network Ag e
  • 9. The Network Ag e • Networks are everywhere – Communications, software, content, business process, social, etc. • Networks have distinct properties
  • 10. The C halleng es • Network dynamics aren’t obvious! – Power laws, small worlds, long tails, network effects, structural holes, etc. • Undermine existing business models and social expectations.
  • 11. The Next Three Days • Be challenged. • Be provocative. • Be productive. • Have fun!