What's New in .Net 4.5


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What's New in .Net 4.5

  1. 1. Intro into new Features
  2. 2. Improvements to • WeakReferences • ArraySegment • Streams • ReadOnlyDictionary • Compression • Bigger than 2GB Objects
  3. 3. Background Server GC • Shorter pauses when doing Gen2 Collections(Server GC) Scalable Marking for full blocking GCsLarge Object Heap Allocation Improvements • Better use of free space on LOH • Balancing the LOH allocations across processors (Server only) • Up to 2GB Large Array on 32bit and more then 2GB on 64bit Systems
  4. 4. public class SomeClass { public void DownloadStringAsync() { WebClient wc1 = new WebClient(); wc1.DownloadStringCompleted += (sender, e) => { string res = e.Result; }; wc1.DownloadStringAsync(new Uri("http://www.SomeWeb.../")); }}
  5. 5. public class SomeClass { public async void DownloadStringAsync() { WebClient web = new WebClient(); string res = await web.DownloadStringAsync("www.SomeWeb..."); }}
  6. 6. Two keywords for asynchronous programming:The method signature includes an Async or asyncmodifier.The name of an async method, by convention, endswith an "Async" suffix.The return type is one of the following types:  Task<TResult> if the method has a return statement in which the operand has type TResult.  Task if the method has no return statement or has a return statement with no operand.  Void (a Sub in Visual Basic) if its an async event handler.
  7. 7. The method usually includes at least one awaitexpression, which marks a point where themethod cant continue until the awaitedasynchronous operation is complete.In the meantime, the method is suspended, andcontrol returns to the methods caller.
  8. 8. • These features add a task-based model for performing asynchronous operations. To use this new model, use the asynchronous methods in the I/O classes.• Asynchronous operations enable you to perform resource-intensive I/O operations without blocking the main thread.• This performance consideration is particularly important in a Windows Metro style app or desktop app where a time-consuming stream operation can block the UI thread and make your app appear as if it is not working.
  9. 9. async void DisplayUserInfo(string userName) { var image = FetchUserPictureAsync(userName); var address = FetchUserAddressAsync(userName); var phone = FetchUserPhoneAsync(userName); await Task.WhenAll(image, address, phone); DisplayUser(image.Result, address.Result, phone.Result); } Client UI Code • Easy to write client UI code that doesn’t block Business logic • Easy to write code that fetches data from multiple sources in parallel Server code • Better scalability – no need to have a thread per request. New APIs in BCL, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, WCF, XML, WPF
  10. 10.  Combinators Task.WhenAll, Task.WhenAny Timer integration Task.Delay(TimeSpan), CancellationTokenSource.CancelAfter(TimeSpan) Task scheduling ConcurrentExclusiveSchedulerPair Fine-grained control DenyChildAttach, HideScheduler, LazyCancellation, EnumerablePartitionerOptions ThreadLocal<T>.Values PERFORMANCE (“it’s just faster”)
  11. 11. The Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)provides the following new features:  Support for generic types.  Convention-based programming model that enables to create parts based on naming conventions rather than attributes.  Multiple scopes.  A subset of MEF that you can use when you create Metro style apps. This subset is available as a downloadable package from the NuGet Gallery.
  12. 12.  All your objects are MEF now • Generics • POCO • Explicit Wiring (wire specific MEF parts the way YOU want) MEF problems are easy to diagnose • Break on First Chance Exceptions • Visualize the exception • Fix your problem!
  13. 13. Resource File Generator (Resgen.exe) - enables you to create a .resw file for use inWindows apps from a .resources file embedded in a.NET Framework assembly.Managed Profile Guided Optimization(Mpgo.exe) - enables you to improve application startup time,memory utilization (working set size), andthroughput by optimizing native image assemblies.The command-line tool generates profile data fornative image application assemblies.
  14. 14. Improved performance, increased control,improved support for asynchronousprogramming, a new dataflow library, andimproved support for parallel debugging andperformance analysis.The performance of TPL, such that just byupgrading to .NET 4, important workloads willjust get faster, with no code changes or evenrecompilation required.More queries in .NET 4.5 will now automaticallyrun in parallel. A prime example of this is a
  15. 15. ASP .NET 4.5 includes the following newfeatures: • Support for new HTML5 form types. • Support for model binders in Web Forms. These let you bind data controls directly to data-access methods, and automatically convert user input to and from .NET Framework data types. • Support for unobtrusive JavaScript in client-side validation scripts. • Improved handling of client script through bundling and minification for improved page performance. • Integrated encoding routines from the AntiXSS library
  16. 16. • Support for WebSockets protocol.• Support for reading and writing HTTP requests and responses asynchronously.• Support for asynchronous modules and handlers.• Support for content distribution network (CDN) fallback in the ScriptManager control.
  17. 17. The ASP.NET Web API takes the best features from WCF WebAPI and merges them with the best features from MVC.The integrated stack supports the followingfeatures:
  18. 18. From 353,5 KB + multiple call overhead+84% improvement To 59.83 KB + one call overhead
  19. 19.  Two ways to run ASP.NET • Start app, keep it running • Start when a request comes in (e.g. Hosters) 35% faster cold start • Multi-core JIT • Windows Server 8 pre-fetch option Working set improvements
  20. 20.  Even more support for SQL Server 2008 2012 • Null bit compression for sparse columns Support for new Denali features • Support for High Availability  Just set the correct keyword in the connection string  Fast Failover across multiple subnets • Support for new Spatial Types (GIS) More good stuff • Passwords encrypted in memory • Async support
  21. 21. • Spatial data support• Table valued functions• Stored procs with multiple result sets• Automatic compiled LINQ queries• Query optimization
  22. 22. • Runs on it’s own cadence – so more features & improvements more often• Enum support throughout• Support for localdb• Designer improvements! (Multiple diagrams per model)
  23. 23.  Improve Developer Productivity • Enums • Migrations • Batch Sproc Import • Designer highlighting and coloring Enable SQL Server and Azure Features • Spatial (Geometry and Geography) • Table-valued functions • Sprocs with multiple result sets Increase Enterprise Readiness • Multiple diagrams per model • TPT query optimizations • Automatic compiled LINQ queries
  24. 24. The .NET Framework 4.5 provides a new programminginterface for HTTP applications.New System.Net.Http and System.Net.Http.Headers namespaces.A new programming interface for accepting and interactingwith a WebSocket connection by using theexisting HttpListener and related classesThe .NET Framework 4.5 includes the following networkingimprovements:• RFC-compliant URI support. For more information, see Uri and related classes.• Support for Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) parsing.
  25. 25.  Simplified Generated Configuration Files • New Transport Default Values • XmlDictionaryReaderQuotas Contract-First Development WCF Configuration Validation • XML Editor Tooltips • Configuration Intellisense ASP.NET Compatibility Mode Default Changed Simplifying Exposing an Endpoint Over HTTPS with IIS Generating a Single WSDL Document Streaming Improvements • Async Streaming
  26. 26.  WebSocket Support ChannelFactory Caching Scalable modern communication stack • Interoperable UDP multi-cast channel • TCP support for high-density scenarios (partial trust) • Async • Improved streaming support Continued commitment to simplicity • Further config simplification, making WCF throttles/quotas smarter & work for you by default! • Better manageability via rich ETW & e2e tracing
  27. 27.  The New Ribbon Controls Validating data asynchronously and synchronously Data Binding Changes • Improved performance when displaying large sets of grouped data • Delay property binding • Accessing collections on non-UI Threads • Binding to static properties • And more! Markup extensions for events ItemsControl Improvements New features for the VirtualizingPanel Improved Weak Reference Mechanism
  28. 28. OOMat 7min 24.5s 2.3s
  29. 29.  .NET 4.5 is an in-place update that helps us make sure it is highly compatible. .NET 4.5 makes it easy and natural to write Metro style apps using C# and VB .NET 4.5 makes your apps run faster: Faster ASP.NET startup, fewer pauses due to Server GCs, and great support for Asynchronous programming .NET 4.5 gives you easy, modern access to your data, with support for Entity Framework Code First, and recent SQL Server features, and WebSockets .NET 4.5 addresses the top developer requests in WPF, Workflow, BCL, MEF, and ASP.NET