Struggle and survival 1
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  • 1. Struggle and Survival Pt. 1
    By Kyle Fluck
  • 2. Diego Vasicuio: Native Priest
    Known for being a quiet and cautious man, but was cunning in diverting the clergy’s anger and attention by identifying and inventing “bigger and better sinners.”
    By keeping the attention off of him he was able to pass down the gospel to future generations.
    Diego was almost punished for “teaching about a false God” but he and his followers escaped the Spaniards and his testimony survived.
  • 3. Martin Ocelote
    He was a priest during the Aztec Empire, He predicted the conquistadors would come and conquer the Aztec land. His prediction was not warmly welcomed and got him jailed, then released when it became true.
    He had a gift of converting people to Christianity.
    Because of his gift some indigenous priest continued to celebrate clandestine native services to a reduced following.
    This caused them to lash out at Martin and before his death he was publicly humiliated for being found as an “enemy” to Christianity.
  • 4. Antonio De Gouveia
    He was an Azorean priest who was ordained in the Chapel of St. Anna.
    He went on to further his education of theology in Italy and medicine in Rome. This led to him practicing medicine so he could get back to his home in Portugal.
    He was later arrested in Spain with the first encounter of the Inquisition and then later became a member of the new Society of Jesus.
  • 5. Opechancanough: Native Resistance Leader
    He was the leader in the bloody Indian uprising of 1622 and 1644.
    He was the strongest Indian chief of the Tsenacommacah.
    Opechancanough captured Captain John Smith, which led to Chief Powhatan to make peace with them after his daughter Pocahontas fell in love with Smith.
    In 1618 Opechancanough became ruler of the Tsenacommacah tribe.
  • 6. Isabel Moctezuma
    In 1520 an the Aztec emperor Moctezuma fell captive to a small force of Spaniards led by Fernando Cortes.
    One of Moctezumas request to Cortes was to take care of his daughters, one of them being Isabel.
    Isabel was later christened by Cortes thus making her one of the most prominent women in the colonial Mexican pioneer.
    In 1526 Cortes granted Isabel and her descendants the revenues and income of the important trade town of Tacuba and its surrounding small villages.