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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products
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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products


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  • 1. The first shot is an establishing shot of a dark road withhouses either side. The Title of the film appears in this frame.It is the first frame the audience would see so establishing thefilm name here was a conventional approach to take. I feltthat it was only right to do so however in order to establishthe film straight away and give the audience an indication ofwhat they are about to view.The font used for the title is minian pro bold font . We chosethis font as it is easy to read to for the viewers and is veryplain, in contrast to the storyline of the film. We felt as if thetitle shouldn’t be too complex as our target audiencewouldn’t pay too much attention to it anyway. We chose thecolour white simply because against the darkness of the shotsit stands out and forces the audience to pay attention at thatpoint, it was very important to keep our target audienceengaged as they are quite young so having eye catchingfactors in our film is important.
  • 2. We chose a very conventional and cliché location for ourthriller storyline to be set, that is within an eeriemenacing looking dark house.We decided to have a shot of the house in order to getthe audience familiar with the location straight away.The shot is film using a first person camera angle this wasdone so the audience could feel like they were actually inthe film as a character. This style also gives the shot asense of enigma, keeping the audience observant andwanting to know more.All our shots are located in confined spaces this was tokeep the audience on edge at all times, keeping thesuspenseful quality of the thriller genre intact.Having the shot of the main road allows the viewersimagination to run wild as they try to reason as to whatwill happen next, the ordinary location of the road leavesthe viewer able to think as much as they want as there isno obvious qualities to hint at a storyline.
  • 3. the next shot establishes a character. He is called ‘tom’and is the main actor and protagonist. He is shown wearinga t-shirt and pyjamas regular clothing as we wanted him toappeal to our target audience of young adults, these arethe typical style of clothing they would wear.He is shown with a mug/glass this is very important as itour main prop and in accordance with the storyline is themotive for the character moving around. He is shownlooking in the mug, there is nothing inside therefore he hasa motive.The pyjamas represent what the character was doing andsuggest a time of day to the audience.Our film followed the conventions of a normal mediaproduct in a sense that we established a character withinthe first few shots. For the antagonist we used an all black costume, that hid his entire face. Because of the storyline his face wasn’t important. The black colour also reinforces the stereotypical colour that a antagonist in a thriller would wear. This is because of the negative associations the colour black carries. The antagonist seems much bigger that the protagonist when in fact its only because of the over shoulder shot that makes it seem this way. We did this to follow the idea that all films in thriller genre have. That is the antagonist having a sense of supremacy that allows them to commit the negative acts.
  • 4. Many high production value and highly funded flims can affordto have sophisticated equipment and trained technicians . Inorder to produce big complex special effects. Unfortunatelywe did not have a budget like most mainstream films. Thisforced us to rely on special effects coming from some of ourgroup acting off screen to produce a desired effect. We did notadd any effects in post-production.This shot establishes further enigma in the storyline with thecharacter looking in the fridge and as he opens the fridge doora light in the background turns on, indicating other presence inthe house that he is unaware.
  • 5. This shot shows our protagonist searching for asomething using a flashlight. We chose tried tofind more interesting ways for the viewer towitness the events. For this we chose to addsubtle differences in the shots we used. Such ashave low angle medium shots instead of theconventional medium shot, to make the shotmore interesting.In this shot we can see the outline of thecharacter, and the focal point of the shot is thebeam of light caused by the light. The shadowscreated in this shot make for an interesting nonconventional medium shot.
  • 6. In this shot are characters isestablished clearly using amedium close-up shot. Hismental state can be observed bythe audience just by them seeinghis facial expression
  • 7. In this shot the character has just left his room,we didn’t film the entire sequence of himleaving as it would take to long so we used ajump cut. In editing. Its not a conventionalmethod of film editing as it takes away fromthe continuity editing aspect that tries to givethe appearance of continuous time and spacein the story-world by de-emphasizing editing.
  • 8. ‘Scratched Car Paint‘ is the font used forthe production company we created. Thisproduction company is all about furtheringthe exposure and credibility of thrillerfilms. The typography represents thrillerwell, resembling “anger” and fear twomajor elements used in thriller genre.