Dance For Diabetes


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Dance for Diabetes is a social event to raise founds for diabetic education seminars for school teachers around Poland and to benefit Polish Juvenile Diabetes Foundation soon to become Polish Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, registered in Poland as Fundacja CUD Cukrzyca U Dzieci

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Dance For Diabetes

  1. 1. Dance for Diabetes
  2. 2. Dance for Diabetes World Diabetes Day Celebration
  3. 3. Diabetes in Children & Adolescents • Type 1 Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases to affect children. • It strikes at any age, even babies aren’t safe. • If not detected early enough, the disease can be fatal or result in serious brain damage. • It is an autoimmune disease and cannot be stopped or prevented. • Yet diabetes in a children is often completely overlooked: it can be misdiagnosed as a flu or not diagnosed at all, until the damage is done.
  4. 4. Life with Juvenile Diabetes • Diabetes strikes kids suddenly, but it lasts a lifetime. • Life with Diabetes is like a constant balancing act between hi and low blood sugar levels. • Diabetes dictates all the rules; 8 finger sticks a day, at least 180 insulin shots per month and over 2190 each year, just to survive. • There’s no vacation from Diabetes and right now there’s no CURE.
  5. 5. Juvenile Diabetes in Poland • Poland has an increase of new Juvenile Diabetes cases; This year alone we will have more than 3 500 newly diagnosed babies, children and teenagers. • Yet there is no National program in place, to provide them with a safe environment upon their return to school or nursery. • Each nanny, teacher, sports coach, or a school nurse should know all the risks, and learn how to care for a child with diabetes.
  6. 6. Diabetic Friendly School • Polish Juvenile Diabetes Foundation has put together a special learning program for teachers and coaches to introduce them to all aspects of Juvenile Diabetes at School, Camp or sports training center. • It will be FREE and short; just five hours of visual learning will provide the staff with knowledge and understanding of diabetes basics and give them skills to act in case of emergency.
  7. 7. • Certified Diabetic Educator will guide the attendees through the seminar. • All signs & symptoms and remedies of low and hi blood sugars, meal schedule and testing regiment that children are required to follow will be explained in detail. • Glucagon Emergency Kit, Blood Glucose Testing, Meters, Insulin Types and Delivery Options will be shown & explained. • All Emergency procedures will be taught. • An Online Final Test will have be passed to receive a certificate of “Diabetic Coordinator”.
  8. 8. • The goal of this program is to provide tools to the teachers that are needed for JUVENILE DIABETES MANAGEMENT in a School Environment. • The goal of this program is to teach the staff skills, compassion, patience and alertness thus making their schools safer & better place to learn. • The goal of this program is to make every education facility in Poland a “Diabetic Friendly School”.
  9. 9. Dance for Diabetes Polish Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Event “Diabetic Friendly School” WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN For information please email
  10. 10. Dance for Diabetes Polish Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Event “Diabetic Friendly School” WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN For information please email