Advantages and disadvantages of internet advertising


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Advantages and disadvantages of internet advertising

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Advantages and disadvantages of internet advertising

  1. 1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet AdvertisingThe Internet is still growing and is now to the point where it has become a part ofeveryones life; and not just in the Western world, it is starting to take holdglobally. Naturally a business will be curious about how important advertising onthe web is and what the advantages and disadvantages of internet advertisingare. To begin with, every business needs to have a presence on the web. This maybe a simple website or blog that may not even be used for selling directly topeople. It simply contains basic information an Internet user is looking for.Regardless of what you are selling, if someone is looking for information aboutyour business or the product or service you offer, it will be the Internet that isused to find this information. The Internet is used at home and on the move.Mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones are being used more each day.Regardless of how beneficial an Internet advertising campaign will or will not befor your company, having a website or blog is fundamental and necessary intodays economy.After getting a website or blog for your business, the approach to Internetmarketing is much like that of direct marketing, also known as direct responsemarketing. This has been strongly associated with mail order over the years. Theadvantage to this type of marketing, is in being able to take direct measurementsof an advertisements effectiveness. In the past, techniques could be used tounderstand how well a newspaper, magazine, radio, or television ad did. Howmany people responded and how many of those that responded made a purchasecould be recorded.Internet advertising is similar. Advertisements can be coded and tracked whenthe ads are clicked on. A business owner can get a very good idea of how well a
  2. 2. certain advertisement is doing relative to others. In time this information can bemodified to produce a maximum result for sales of a product. The disadvantage ofthis is that a product needs to be compatible with direct response marketing. Thisbasically means a product that is being sold directly over the Internet. A productthat a person can place an order for, in response to the advertising. In some casesa response to an ad may only be an email address, so that further information isprovided to the prospective customer.For a company selling a service or product that will be sold offline, this type ofadvertising may not work. The best type of advertising for this type of businesswill usually be radio and television, with television being at the top of the list. Youcan advertise your product on the Internet, but it is difficult to track your resultsbecause the ads will not be those that are clicked on.With television, there is an immediate impact and a business can usually see theincrease in foot traffic and sales very quickly. The secret to success is to use aprofessional marketing company like superior marketing group. The people atsuperior marketing group llc will not only help to find the best spot to air anadvertisement, but also help in creating the commercial to be aired.