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Career Sage Brochure

  1. 1. Career Management &Outplacement Servicesfor the Public Sector Supporting staff leaving your organisation
  2. 2. Career Management & Outplacement Services Career Management and Outplacement are established HR practices for helping those who are being redeployed or made redundant, both during the process and beyond. It assists individuals to make sense of what is happening, take stock and with appropriate coaching, enables them to positively plan the next steps in their career and life. Any significant change in an individual’s work situation is often an unsettling experience. When the change is implemented without the individual’s consent it can create huge anxiety and uncertainty about their future working life and what will happen next. With the right support an organisation can make the changes as positive as possible, as well as providing reassurance to the staff affected that they are being treated fairly. Why use our services? “ Career Management The use of career management and outplacement in private sector companies around the world is a long established principle having started in the United States more than 30 years ago. and Outplacement • Many private sector employees will have experienced redundancy at least once in their career as traditional working lives altered – it has become an accepted fact can prevent a drop in that there is no longer a job for life. morale, motivation • Organisations which provide career management and outplacement show they ” are using the best HR practice and providing a duty of care to their employees. and productivity. • Providing career management and outplacement services as part of the redeployment and redundancy process is proven to help an individual better absorb the impact of their situation, and manage whatever transition they decide to • Reduces stress on managers during embark upon. difficult decisions and times. • Redundancy is an emotional and difficult time for all concerned – our services, • Provides a professional delivered by career management professionals, have a range of benefits that can ‘parachute’ for those leaving or fit with your organisation’s aims and objectives for employee care. actively considering it. • Professional career management and outplacement can substantially reduce the • Helps manage change using burden on those implementing the decisions as well as those it directly impacts. best practice. • As experts in HR services we know that employee engagement of those remaining • Reduces risk of tribunals is a key part of managing the impact of making redundancies – our services or unfair dismissal by helping contribute to improving their engagement and motivation. you follow the correct legal & HR procedures throughout the process. • Approach broadly supported in discussions with Unions. • Reassures your remaining employees of your good intentions and prevents a drop in morale, motivation and productivity. • Continues to promote you as an employer of choice.02 4me Ventures Ltd© visit <
  3. 3. Working in partnershipOur partnership approach blends traditional methods with newtechnology through three companies collaborating to providean integrated outplacement service. Each company has extensive experience working with the public sector, and we have established long-term partnerships as trusted advisors with the majority of our clients. Between us we advise over 30% of the UK’s local authorities and many other public sector bodies on strategic and tactical HR issues. We can help you to offer high-quality career management and outplacement advice which combines training methods and mediums, tools and subject matter to satisfy the varied learning styles and requirements of your employees.Features “ Between usand adviseother 30% ofsector bodies we over the UK’s localof our authorities many publicservices on strategic and tactical HR issues. ”Covers ‘at risk’ through to retirement Training for managers Online partnerships Our approach encapsulates the legal We work closely with your managers Through our career tools we provide:HR elements of redundancy from before and team leaders, embedding knowledge ‘at risk’ and consultation through and transferring skills to enable swifter • Jobhunt - a web spider that uses web redeployment to advice on early solutions for all. technology to gather every available retirement planning. live job in the UK Career toolsBlended service from 1-2-1 to online • Mandis - a business intelligence The online service enables users to service that allows a user to gain Our services are provided in a range of access a wide range of career tools detailed information on companies delivery methods from personal mentoring including psychometric tests, competency and organisations prior to interviewto online support with email, telephone tests for literacy and numeracy, career and career coaching from our experts. anchors and many more. • In addition we have a range of partners providing databases, content and Partnership approach career services Working mainly with the public sector, the organisations who have created Career Sage adopt a partnership approach to HR Services, working openly and collaboratively to achieve quick results.> visit 4me Ventures Ltd© 03
  4. 4. Our Career Management & Outplacement Services Our experience has taught us that while each organisation is “ We offer the full range of services different, the blend of skills offered to support those facing redeployment and redundancy remains constant. from executive What has changed in the past few years is the utilisation of web technology, combined with traditional methods of outplacement, to provide blended solutions. The web is proving coaching through a faster and more efficient way of getting an individual to assess their situation and start to online and ” making decisions that will help their future. We offer the full range of services from executive coaching through to online and group group support. support. More detailed information on each is available on our website. Online Outplacement Through our unique portal, Career Sage, an online service provided with a range of support options including email, phone and in person responses. Executive Outplacement This is the highest level of support we provide with personal consultancy given over a period of days to help a senior manager, executive or director find the right direction after redundancy – (typically from 2 to 6 days per employee). Individual Outplacement This is similar to the above with less time required - aimed at more junior managers and those who require Outplacement Tools & Modules quicker solutions and support but on a 1-2-1 basis – (often from 0.5 to 2 days per employee). The key to successful career management and outplacement is matching the right support tools to the right individual in order to achieve the best outcome. Group Outplacement Almost every scenario will be unique as each person will have a different set of Where it is more practical we provide circumstances that becomes apparent when they evaluate their own position. group exercises typically over a day or more – combining workshops, personal Our services allow total flexibility to ensure that the right support is provided for each support and a full range of job search individual. These are available through the adjacent delivery methods. tools from CV writing to job hunting and interview preparation. At Risk Consultation Redeployment Redundancy Train the Trainer Similar to group style activities but involving training of your in-house teams Personal Stocktaking Personal Assessment CV Writing and Review to deliver the outplacement services to those at risk and facing redundancy. Job Search Professional Networking Management Interview Preparation Job Clinic Similar to the group exercises involving the creation of a temporary career Setting up a Business Retirement Planning Financial Planning support office on the client site to provide a hands-on service over an agreed period that is attuned to the Voluntary Work/Support Semi-retirement Planning Relocation Planning local market. Career Break Career Change Retraining and Support04 4me Ventures Ltd© visit <
  5. 5. Online Career ManagementThe heart of our online service blends hundreds of contentpages, e-tools, personal assessment exercises & calculators,commercial partners and related content links to provide a richand personal online experience.With a substantial investment, Career Sage has been developed over the past 18 months by three organisations specialising in public sector HR & technology solutions.It has been designed specifically for the public sector following considerable consultation, market research and testing with our clients.We developed our online service in response to our clients’ demand for a more efficient and accessible career management and outplacement service. Our service starts earlier in the consultation process at the consultation & at risk stages, with employment law and legal compliance advice. It supports redeployment, voluntary departures, “at risk” as well as those made redundant.Our online service is provided through a secure, customisable website, and is supported by a range of service support options including email, phone and in person responses. Easy to use content management system.Benefits for your organisation There are many benefits to online career management and outplacement, particularly where resources may be scarce and the demand can be high. • Easily and swiftly deployed generic tool – “ Moreused our have than 22,000 user accounts are quickly activated by your staff. online services ” • Intuitive design and ease of navigation reduces communications and training requirements. to date. • Customisable/bespoke service – including your own policies and procedures as content. • Account Management from an experienced and expert HR Consultant/professional. • Localised content – easy to add and supports local job seeking and career management. • Logos/images/colours – all adaptable to your organisation’s requirements. • Simple, user-friendly content management system for your staff to have full control of content changes. • Management information – provides anonymous and aggregated usage reports.> visit 4me Ventures Ltd© 05
  6. 6. Career Sage Tools & Technology is a unique Jobsearch tool specifically developed by 4me Ventures. This remarkable piece of software aggregates job vacancies from across the web, compiling results from the main job boards as well as thousands of company websites. At any time there are more than 500,000 live jobs shown. “ From a technology perspective we have made Career Sage incredibly simple to roll-out, with minimal impact on your IT resources or ICT teams. Business Intelligence • No technical integration needed – ” access via a web link on your intranet. Mandis Business Intelligence provides annual sales, turnover, profits, cash, debtors, current assets and liabilities for 7 million Companies House registrations. • Hosted on Global Switch secure servers and accessible 24/7 via personal login It provides an invaluable, real-time resource for researching organisations and from home, office or public location. learning about new job announcements in every region of the UK. It is normally available as a subscription-based service costing several hundred • Fully scalable with no impact on your IT pounds but we provide this a fully integrated part of the Career Sage offering. resources or technology infrastructure. • Works on all major browser types including Internet Explorer, Firefox and many others. • Team of content editors, career coaching experts and account support constantly improving the service. • Appointed system administrators can quickly authorise new users and change existing user permissions.06 4me Ventures Ltd© visit <
  7. 7. Benefits for your employees The use of career management and outplacement services by organisations has been a key part of their strategy to reduce the burden on managers and others who are delivering the news to staff. Our services also have significant benefits External perspective – dramatic personal for employees: changes can often lead to resentment and frustration in what is likely to be a volatile Personal service – the effects of environment. By providing external support redundancy are unique to an individual. to affected individuals, they can vent their Career Sage can be tailored to feelings to an outplacement professional. accommodate every subsequent choice or scenario from early retirement to Ongoing support – our range of services finding a job, taking a career break or even provide support that continues until the job relocating in the UK or overseas. is done, whatever the desired outcome. An individual may have left your Expert advice – our career coaching and organisation but will still be drawing on outplacement advice is underpinned by our expertise for some months beyond – many years of helping staff to cope with this is all part of our service. redundancy and get back into work or take their next step. Our advice is tangible, professional and ultimately the best an individual can get.“ Our range of services provide support that continues until the job is done, whatever the desired outcome. ” Connects with Workforce Planning Workforce Planning is a clear analysis of current situations and future requirements – it should be an integrated approach and a key part of your organisation’s overall strategies and plans. It allows your organisation to consider future pressures and put effective solutions in place: for people development; financial and change management. Our expertise in Workforce Planning enables your organisation to: • Overcome resistance when Workforce Planning is seen solely as “cutting”. • Ensure workforce reductions do not have a disproportionate impact on capability (e.g. an over-emphasis on “pragmatism”). • Integrate political and executive leadership, and handle multiple internal and external stakeholders. • Improve availability and management of data: jobs, costs, talent and capability. • Identify and retain talent at all levels, addressing career paths and progressing, where appropriate, talent from professional to manager. • Manage its scale and complexity: tasks (definitions, assumptions, expectations) and improve HR systems. > visit 4me Ventures Ltd© 07
  8. 8. Our outplacementservice, Career Sage, At Ways HR Consulting we offer a full is the product of three range of HR services to our clients:organisations who are Rewardcommitted to supplying By drawing on our extensive reward expertise, strategic and tactical which includes the widely successful Job Family HR advice to the public Modelling approach (and our unique Job Family Here are some of the public sector Allocation Tool) you ensure best value for your clients that we have supplied strategicsector. Together we use people spend. and tactical HR advice to:web-enabled technologysolutions and trusted Development Bassetlaw District Council We provide pragmatic development solutions Blackpool Council consultancy services to organisations at every stage within the Cumbria County Councilto bring best practice employment lifecycle. Derbyshire County Counciland leading thinking to Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council Our approach, which uses competencies to our public sector client recognise the variety of ways in which a person Glasgow City Councilpartnerships. can contribute to organisational success, creates London Borough of Newham Council clear standards for employee development at Nottingham City Council every level. Pembrokeshire County Council Powys County Council Performance Scottish Borders Council We help organisations create a clear set Sheffield City Council of values, establish a positive culture, and South Gloucestershire Council ensure real employee engagement and buy-in throughout. City and County of Swansea West Midlands Pension Fund Our performance services help you to align Wolverhampton City Council people practices to drive customer satisfaction. JGP is one of the UK’s leading providers of talent management software and was established in 1999. We currently work with over 100 public and not-for-profit sector clients - our core This is the leading not-for-profit and public products include: sector job board in the UK, attracting over 715,000 unique visitors a month. Skills Portal A tailored product aimed at gathering robust, EmployeeChex up to the minute data on your employees’ This application will drive the redundancy Contact us skills and capacity. The skills portal process for organisations, taking the HR gives organisations the ability to shuffle users on a step by step journey into best workforces based on ability rather than practice, thereby limiting cases of unfairness perceived need, allowing talent to shine and and / or legal litigation in Employment E be recognised. Tribunal.T 0161 242 7163 Talent PoolsW Organisations need to be getting more than a one hire ROI from recruitment drives – the Career Sage JGP Talent Pool allows unsuccessful talent 1 Portland Street to be nurtured and if needed called on in the Manchester future. This reduces recruitment costs and M1 3BE the use of temporary staff. RecruitR 4me Ventures Ltd© This service addresses the challenges of attracting, selecting and hiring talent in the most effective and cost efficient way for organisations irrespective of size and sector. RecruitR brings together all stages of the recruitment process from job postings on the Jobsgopublic network.