Marketing With Videos


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If you don't already use videos in your marketing, you should. Find out why and how in this infographic.

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Marketing With Videos

  1. 1. USING IXIDEDS MHFIKETING IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIII Are you making the most of this powerful tool? o video builds trust, which helps 0 It is useful not just for introducing or with conversions and authority. €dUC8Tln9 bUT ’c1'S0f0f Selllflg arid retaining customers. 0 Face—to-camera videos can make 0 Videos build emotion, which elicits a your profile more recognizable. response from people. WHERE TO GET VIDEO IDEAS ' YOU? helpdesk 0 Live chat transcripts What are people asking? Look for common topics. 6399 éj 0 Mastermind calls 0 Forums Address high level Identify hot thread topics questions. 2:’-7?? 0 Everyday life Get ideas from conversations, activities, or in the / /// / shower. Marketing Why Use video? — Video builds trust ~ R¢'tAIn5 customers Outline your idea. Develop and break jC, ’,‘j‘; fj (:3; ‘; f,", j°, ",: [“‘°"“"“"" it down into logical sections in a _ _ Where To Qet Video Ideas document, on a whiteboard, or in - Your kelpdesk Evernote —Live chat ‘tl"Ar5Cl"Ipt5 9 Record the video. This may be face to camera or a slide presentation with a voiceover. —Ma5taruiad calls —For‘uwi5 - Everyday life 9 Edit the raw footage. Add an intro and outro, remove unwanted sections, add music. A team can come in handy for this part. PUBLISHING AND SYNDICATION Embed The Vide0 0“ YOUF Share the video to networks website. This can be done like Facebook, Twitter, with a player like Wistia. Goog| e+ and Pinterest. —. >wisTiA QQ _ _ You can put the video on Serld the V'd9° "“k to YouTube, but note it may be Your ema" "St difficult to get people back to your own site from there. 5 You Try different styles of video to see what gets the best response. Some of the things you can test are: HELPFUL TIPS (1) 9 0 People are more likely to watch short videos up to the end. 0 Choose a video thumbnail that is intriguing or consistent with your message. 0 As you make more videos, the quality will improve, and you should delete your old stuff when it's no longer ' relevant. This will lift your entire brand value. ' A good format to use in sales videos is 6 SPIN selling. S - the customer's situation, P - their problem, I - the Q implication, or what could go wrong, N be - need or solution Need help with your marketing? Join SuperFastBusiness http: //www. superfastbusiness. com/ membership . Designed by (guperfastbusiness Sources: http: //www. superfastbusiness. com/ membership James Schramko Huthwaite Research