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Supercool Creative Agency specializes in advertising, online video production, social media marketing, content, PR and business consulting for some of the coolest brands, businesses and startups on the planet!

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Supercool Creative Agency | Advertising + Video Production + Social Media Marketing + PR + Business Consulting

  1. 1. ATTENTION AWARENESS ENGAGEMENT SHARING ACTION... All great marketing starts with great creative ideas. Then we do a bunch of other stuff like establishing goals, objectives, tactics,launching, measuring success and adjusting course to encourage...
  2. 2. ...for some of the coolest brands, businesses and startups on the planet
  3. 3. Supercool Creative started in 2005 with a single mission... to make funny videos for brands, business and startups. Soon, our clients started asking us to do other things for them, like digital strategy, social media, PR, branding, marketing consulting and even business consulting... so we did it. Supercool has grown up in the digital age, and we know what works and what doesnʼt work. Weʼve stuck to our edgy, offbeat, funny roots and at the same time have the agility to work with a wide range of industries and styles. ABOUT
  4. 4. DIGITAL CAMPAIGN STRATEGY Online Video Creative & Production Social Media Marketing PR Planning & Outreach Business Consulting Content Marketing BRANDING Graphic Design Advertising & Paid Influencers OUR WORK Thought Leadership Awards, Speaking, Interviews & Media CASE STUDIES WHAT WE DO
  5. 5. Goals Resources Research / Target Demographic Budget Channel Selection Content Call to Action Advertising & Paid Endorsements Content Calendar Sharing Strategy & Analytics Real Time Engagement Approach Digital Campaign Strategy Click to Read More
  6. 6. Creative concepts / ideas Script writing Storyboards Casting Locations Direction Post production / editing Special effects Music Millions of client views Online Video Creative & Production
  7. 7. Viral videos Game and app trailers Branded entertainment Promos Web series Explainer videos Animated Infographics Video ads & TV spots Online Video STYLES
  8. 8. Strategy & planning Establishing social media voice Writing and posting social updates Community management Paid social media advertising Social calendar management Live interaction, sparking conversation Social media channel skin design Analytics and dynamic adjustment Social Media MArketing
  9. 9. Concepts Development Design Management Rules Promotion Fulfillment Twitter giveaways YouTube giveaways Social Media Contest Management
  10. 10. Publication & Blog Outreach Top tier and niche blogs and publications Researching writers, outlets, opportunities Pitch development, writing, followups, press releases Ongoing outreach management Influencer Outreach Identifying opportunities for TV, YouTube and pop culture influencers Endorsements and content integration PR Planning & Outreach
  11. 11. BUSINESS Consulting Business Consulting Business Planning Employee Assessments / Testing CEO Mentoring Management Consulting Marketing Consulting
  12. 12. Content marketing strategy Campaign integration Creative content concepts Online video Vine, Instagram video Photos Memes Graphics Paid media buys and native advertising Content Marketing
  13. 13. Naming Logo design Packaging Brand identity Brand voice Positioning SWOT analysis Competition analysis Demographics Branding
  14. 14. Design /coding customYouTube Page iFrame website development and integration Custom drop down menus Video preview slider Graphic Design
  15. 15. Street Fighter X Tekken Campaign branding and design Global contest design and management Facebook tab 6-language dropdown menu Embedded video player Graphic Design
  16. 16. Graphic Design: Social Media Skins
  17. 17. Graphic Design: Contest Design
  18. 18. Digital media strategy and ad buys Social media, creative and traditional integration Paid influencer sourcing and campaign integration Online video seeding Content placements Social media ads on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter Advertising & Paid Influencers
  19. 19. Our Work
  20. 20. Thought Leadership in Digital Marketing Click the logos to read 250+ articles weʼve written on the topic for some of the most influential blogs and websites online! THOUGHT LEADERSHIP
  21. 21. Awards, Speaking, interviews & MEdia David interviewed on Food Digital: Social Media VS. Franchise Chains David interviewed by Grant Crowell for ReelSEO: What is Social Video Marketing? The Social Video Experts Weigh In David interviewed by Grant Crowell for ReelSEO: What Makes for Social Media Video and do Agencies Get It? David interviewed by Troy Dreier for OnlineVideo.Net: Online Video Advertising: What Works? 148 Apps: Tips for Effective Social Media App Marketing from Supercool Creative Creative Director David Murdico interviewed on radio show The Price of Business with Kevin Price David Murdico Interviewed by Douglas Karr on The Marketing Technology Blog s B2B Really Ready for Social Media Marketing? A Webinar David Murdico gave for BrightTalk David Murdico Spoke at the Viral Marketing Summit David Murdico Spoke at SMASH @ USC
  22. 22. STREET FIGHTER X TEKKENResponsibilities Digital marketing strategy (6 months) Social media community management Video series development and production Global contest development and management Contest, skins and custom tab design Results From 730k to over 1.2 million Facebook Likes 10k Twitter followers .5 million YouTube views 9k YouTube Subscribers 100k contest visits / 3k entries CASE STUDY: DIGITAL CAMPAIGN
  23. 23. CASE STUDY: BRANDING Branding Logo Design and packaging PR
  24. 24. Deliverables: :60 game trailer, :60 PR Trailer, 2:00 walkthrough, 10 webisodes, 1:48 user generated contest montage sizzle, :15 US TV spot, :30 UK TV spot Goal: Build buzz around the upcoming game release, increase Facebook fan base. Objective: Create engaging videos that can be used in a variety of ways by the Brand managers, Social Media Manager and PR Team. Creative: Show how entertainingly dangerous the game is with a web series starring a young, excited cast of friends playing the game. Create scripted and improvised scenarios and allow the actors to be natural and have fun. Production: Supercool combined scripted and improvised live action, graphics and in-game captures to represent a fun, fast-paced game experience. Results: videos used on Facebook, ToL website and YouTube. 68,000 likes on Facebook (from 500) and visitors are still actively engaging the brand. VIDEOS: :60 Trailer, :15 US spot, UGC Montage Video TRUTH OR LIES CASE STUDY: VIDEO SERIES
  25. 25. FATHERʼS DAY Deliverables: :75 Online Video WATCH THE VIDEO Goal: Reach current and potential T-Mobile customers to raise awareness of a free phone offer on Fatherʼs Day weekend. Objective: Create, produce and launch an online video ad designed to entertain, inform and spread virally. Creative: Show an adorable little girl, obsessed with giving her father ties. The father goes into a highly-relatable dream sequence in which he airs his frustration. Production: Shot commercial-style, the spot is live action, HD Results: The video was very popular on Facebook and played an integral part in one of T-Mobileʼs most successful phone campaigns ever. CASE STUDY: VIDEO PROMO
  26. 26. THE UNDERGARDEN Deliverables: :60 Online Video / Trailer Goal: Engage potential players, build awareness of The UnderGarden and encourage them to download the trial. Objective: Provide Atariʼs PR team with a video that draws a distinction between The UnderGarden and first person shooters like Call of Duty. Creative: Start off with two characters in a tense, heated FPS battle. They are each unexpectedly whisked away to The UnderGarden where they find their zen place and chill out for awhile. Production: Supercool combined choreographed FPS and UnderGarden in-game action with scripted character voice overs to achieve a fun, tongue-in-cheek feel. Results: Many positive comments, views and downloads of the game trial. An 8.6 trailer ranking on VIDEO: On On Youtube CASE STUDY: GAME TRAILER