Fun With Ruby And Gosu Javier Ramirez
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Fun With Ruby And Gosu Javier Ramirez



Slides for javier ramirez's talk at EuRuKo 2009

Slides for javier ramirez's talk at EuRuKo 2009



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Fun With Ruby And Gosu Javier Ramirez Presentation Transcript

  • 1. EuRuKo presents Javier Ramírez ( * in * Fun with Ruby (and without r***s) Program your own games with Gosu
  • 2. the characters Ruby ................. as The Damsel Hardware ............ as The Villain Gosu ...................... as The Hero Chipmunk ........ as The Scientist Rubyscript2exe ........ as Himself
  • 3. why games work rest play sleep improve, have fun
  • 4. why ruby because i can! less code, less clutter easy to try out
  • 5. why me HTML PASCAL / BASIC C/C++ JAVA RUBY ASP DBase LOGO SQL PHP VBasic JavaScript Assembler
  • 6. Non-technical considerations concept ● game specs / core design ● gameplay/game mechanics ● balance ● look and feel ● More at “Game Architecture and Design: A New Edition” by Andrew Rollings & David Morris
  • 7. Part I what's in a game? (game development 101)
  • 8. Web Development Abstraction
  • 9. One ring to rule them all
  • 10. Game Development Abstraction 3D games are the same, just harder
  • 11. Game Development Components
  • 12. the living game
  • 13. Development Components main loop / event loop ● game logic: levels, collisions, AI ... ● stateless images (tiles / models) ● stateful images (sprites / models) ● sound FX and music ●
  • 14. Part II when Ruby met Gosu
  • 15. about by Julian Raschke and Jan Lücker Gosu ( 고수 ): High Hand - Leader C++ + Ruby Bindings (
  • 16. design rationale Bloatfree: Gosu aims to contain everything that is necessary to write a game in clean C++ or Ruby code, yet not much more. Reality-driven: Everything in Gosu exists for the same single reason: It was necessary for an existing project. Nothing was, and will ever be, added out of boredom.
  • 17. game demo
  • 18. source code (
  • 19. Gosu::Window
  • 20. Gosu::Image load individually or tiled drawing can be rotated / scaled supports z-index can use Rmagick objects
  • 21. Gosu::Sample & Gosu::Song full playback control volume, speed, pause, resume, stop, pan looping supported midi are better if converted to XM
  • 22. Gosu::Font can be a system font or a file easy to check the real width supports rotation and scaling
  • 23. code walkthrough
  • 24. about by Scott Lembcke A 2D rigid body physics library, designed with 2D video games in mind. (
  • 25. about
  • 26. about
  • 27. chipmunk basics Space Body Shape Vect Joint
  • 28. Part III your 15 minutes of fame
  • 29. doing it is just half the fun
  • 30. tar2rubyscript by Erik Veenstra RBA file: init.rb => tar + base64 + comments
  • 31. rubyscript2exe by Erik Veenstra packages ruby, the script and all dependencies together into an executable file. works on windows, linux, OSx
  • 32. rubyscript2exe First Step: it runs the application, checking for all the required gems and scripts, creating a list of dependencies to include in the executable
  • 33. rubyscript2exe The “Environment Embedding Executable” gzips all the dependencies and attaches the file to a copy of eee
  • 34. muhahahahaha! person/5987-javier-ramirez