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  • 1. Best Practices in Staffing, Training and Retention Elya McCleave VP of Customer Care [email_address] Superb Internet Corp.
  • 2. Superb Internet Corp. Why should you listen to me?
  • 3. Superb Internet Corp.
    • Superior Customer Service & 24x7 Tech Support
    • Highly Competitive Reseller & Affiliate Programs
    • 3 World-class Data Centers
    • Coast-to-Coast Network Infrastructure
    • Extensive Peering Network Over 500 Peer Sessions
  • 4. Superb Internet Corp.
    • The power of four
    • 2. New landscape of Talent management
    • 3. Become an employer of choice
    • 4. The biggest mistakes managers make
  • 5. Superb Internet Corp. Think of the last time you heard comments like these … You might be right, but I’m the boss! Just do your job! I remember back in the day … The kid wants a promotion after six months on the job! No!
  • 6. Superb Internet Corp.
    • On Generations
    • four different generations working side-by-side in the workplace .
    • People communicate based on their generational backgrounds.
    • Each generation has distinct attitudes, behaviors, expectations, habits and motivational buttons.
  • 7. Superb Internet Corp. The Power of Four You will work with other bright & creative staff Do it your way Forget the rules You are valued You are needed Your experience is respected Messages that motivate Participative Entrepreneur Team Player Loves meetings Individual Interactive style Fulfillment Contract Exciting Adventure Obligation Work is…. Gen Y 1979-2002 Gen X 1965-1978 Boomers 1946-1964 Veterans 1922-1945
  • 8. Baby Boomers in the workforce Live to Work Superb Internet Corp.
    • Work is an exiting adventure
    • Mental stimulation and challenge
    • Seek collaborative, group decision making
    • Yearning for flexibility
    • Let’s have a meeting
  • 9. Gen Y in the workforce Work to Live Superb Internet Corp.
    • Work is a fulfillment
    • Learning and immediate responsibility
    • High expectations of employers
    • Change, change, change
    • Email or IM me
  • 10. Superb Internet Corp.
    • The big picture
    • We switched from “war for talent” to recessionary mode (for now)
    • Plan ahead and prepare to drive renewal and growth
    • Boomers & Gen Y are the groups redefining the rules of engagement
  • 11. Superb Internet Corp. The Best Way To Retain Boomers 1 . High-quality colleagues 2. An intellectually stimulating work 3. Autonomy regarding work tasks 4. Flexible work arrangements 5. Access to new experiences and challenges 6. Giving back to the world through work
  • 12. Superb Internet Corp. The Best Way To Retain Gen Y 1 . High-quality colleagues 2. Flexible work arrangements 3. Prospects for advancement 4. Recognition form the boss 5. Steady rate of advancement & promotion. 6. Access to new experiences and challenges
  • 13. Superb Internet Corp. Flexibility Progressive Policies Coaching Chance to give back Modularity Employer of Choice
  • 14. Superb Internet Corp. But one more thing………
  • 15. Superb Internet Corp. Five Biggest Mistakes you can make as a Manager 1. Lack of Communication. 2. Focus on the Negative. 3. Policy change due to one person . 4. Not understanding the needs and concerns of your team . 5. Never admitting you’re wrong or never taking responsibility
  • 16. Superb Internet Corp. References for this presentation include: Greg Hammill. Mixing and Managing Four generations of Employees Kersten, Denise. “Today’s Generations Face New Communications Gap,” USA Today Lancaster, Lynne C.; Stillman, David. When Generations Collide: Who They Are, Why They Clash, How to Solve the Generational Puzzle at Work . Sago, Brad. “Uncommon Threads: Mending the Generation Gap at Work,”
  • 17. Please Complete Survey! Elya McCleave Superb Internet Corp. Session Track: Business Development Session Title: Best Practices in Staffing, Training and Retention Email: emccleave@superb.net Superb Internet Corp.