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  1. 1. Era-CrossGroup ofCompanies Saint-Petersburg 2011 TRADITION OF EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS
  2. 2. ERA-CROSS nowadays The Russian Group of Companies which has united engineering, commissioning and manufacturing companies to develop and integrate complex solutions in the field of automated systems, utilities and safety systems for buildings and facilities of different industry: petrochemical, mining, metallurgic, power, pulp and paper, and civil construction. 60 years of experience in this field. The wide regional network of representative offices, branches and commissioning departments in the different regions of Russia and CIS. Number of personnel: more than 1150 persons. Quality management system complies with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2008. Membership in the different self-regulated organizations, availability of work permits corresponding to activity profile including at hazardous facilities.
  3. 3. Main servicesdesign, construction and general engineering;development and integration of automated process control systems,supervision and monitoring system of utilities, emergency shut downsystems at hazardous industrial facilities;design of utilities, power supply systems, communications, videomonitoring, fire alarm and automatic fire suppression systems;procurement of equipment, products and materials to constructionfacilities;manufacturing of electric products, installation ware and materials,switchgears and control panels of automated system;construction, installation, commissioning;testing, putting systems and construction facilities into operation;warranty service and maintenance.
  4. 4. Complex turnkey approach Warranty service Development and &maintenance design of automated systems, utilities Manufacturing ofPutting systems into Full range electric equipment operation of services Construction, installation, Procurement commissioning
  5. 5. Structure of Era-Cross Group of Companies •Engineering companies (design, construction and complex engineering) Era-Cross Engineering, JSC SZMA Company, JSC •Installation Монтажный companies блок (construction, installation, commissioning) Trust Sevzapmontazhavtomatika, JSC Yunitok, JSC Regional representative offices in Russia and the CIS countries •Electrotechnical Plants (manufacturing of electrical products) LOZ-SZMA, JSC TEZ, JSC, Tula
  6. 6. Engineering Companies • Era-Cross Engineering, JSC, is management of complex projects what includes all phases of work: • design, procurement of utilities equipment; • construction, installation, commissioning; • putting into operation, • logistics; • commercial matters and marketing. • SZMA Company, JSC: complex engineering in the field of construction for different industries including extremely hazardous. Complex engineering consists of designing and procurement of the following: • automated control systems and emergency shut down systems for industrial facilities; • power supply, power equipment, lighting (indoor and outdoor) for industrial and civil facilities; • F&G systems, fire alarms, automatic fire suppression system; • supervision and monitoring system, video control system, communications and public address. • utilities: HVAC systems, water supply; • management of construction, installation, commissioning, start-up, maintenance and warranty service of electric equipment, automated control systems, low voltage systems, and other utilities.
  7. 7. Installation companies • Trust SZMA, JSC, is a construction and installation company executing installation and commissioning of automated systems of electric equipment, power supply systems, fire safety systems, putting into operation and further service maintenance. • Yunitok, JSC is a commissioning organization executing commissioning of complex process control systems, electric units and power supply, fire alarms and automatic fire suppression systems. Mobility of installation and commissioning divisions is provided by regional divisions in the different regions of Russia and CIS.
  8. 8. Manufacturing companies LOZ-SZMA, JSC, is a plant manufacturing switchgear products, factory-assembled switchgears, transformer substations, installation ware, cable support structures, switchgears and control panels of automated systems. TEZ, JSC, is a plant manufacturing switchgear products including explosion-proof cabinets, installation ware, terminal boxes and junction boxes.
  9. 9. Business segments Power Pulp&Paper Industry 4% Chemical, Oil Refining, 1% Other Oil&Gas Industry 8% 39%Civil Construction 10% Mining and Metallurgic Industry 38%
  10. 10. Services Segments Commissioning, service warranty and maintenance Project 10% Management Construction, 14% installation 9% Designing 17% Manufacturing of Procurement electrical products 20% 30%
  11. 11. Procurement Turnkey procurement of equipment, materials and other parts involving the following: • Purchasing logistics is devoted to optimize production, construction, modernization and current repair with materials and equipment to achieve clients objectives with the maximum economic efficiency and quality in the shortest possible time. • Transport logistics is a system arranging movement of any materials and equipment from one point to another, supply chain, transportation including international carriage, involving container and packing production taking into account climatic conditions of destination. • Warehousing logistics is process of acceptance, processing, storage and shipment of the goods in warehouses according to the warehousing regulations and procedures concerning the goods, including receiving inspection of equipment and materials quality. • Customs agency service: selection of customs clearing point, collection and preparation of documents, preliminary declaring of the goods before their arrival at customs check-point, acting with customs bodies and customs brokers during customs clearing of the goods. • Insurance agency service: defining of optimum insurance premium, insurance coverage and risks, selection of the insurance agent, documents registration, insurance support of cargo during procurement.
  12. 12. Maintenance We offer the full range of services for maintenance of utilities including: : Electrical equipment ; Electric drive (variable speed drives and non-variable); Automated system, control system, supervision and monitoring system of instrumentation equipment ; Low-voltage systems: communications, fire alarm and security system, video control, etc. We are ready to perform: expert review; development and obtaining approval for preventive measures plan; provision of approved implementation procedures for maintenance; optimizing planning of the current repair and overhaul, increasing repair interval, etc.
  13. 13. Partners of Era-Cross
  14. 14. Key Clients
  15. 15. Our advantages High expertise specialists and sufficient experience on the market; Our own production base; Stable relations with engineering and construction companies, manufacturers of equipment and software, and state bodies; Cooperation with the foreign companies; Compliance of Management system with ISO 9001:2008 standard; Self-regulating organization (SRO) certificates about work permit, licenses and certificates. We provide the full complex of services including: - engineering, - manufacturing, - procurement, - construction, installation, commissioning, - putting into operation, - warranty service and maintenance.We perform functions of a general designer and a general contractor.
  16. 16. Contact ERA-CROSS Engineering, JSC, SZMA Company, JSC RUSSIA, 195030, Saint-Petersburg Shosse Revolutsii, 83B office, Phone: +7 (812) 313-79-19 Fax: +7(812) 449-91-72 Trust SZMA, JSC RUSSIA, 195030, Saint-Petersburg Shosse Revolutsii, 83B office, Phone: +7 (812) 313-79-31, Fax: +7 (812) 313-79-30 e-mail:
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