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Class A Motorhomes Comparison
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Class A Motorhomes Comparison


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A comparison between Class A Motorhomes and Class C Motorhomes by NeXus RV President, Claude Donati. For more information, visit: or call toll-free: 1.855.786.3987

A comparison between Class A Motorhomes and Class C Motorhomes by NeXus RV President, Claude Donati. For more information, visit: or call toll-free: 1.855.786.3987

Published in: Automotive

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  • 1. NeXus RV Class A Motorhomes vs. Class C MotorhomesFive Points of Comparison by NeXus RV President, Claude Donati or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  • 2. NeXus RV Class A Motorhomes vs. Class C MotorhomesOne of the most frequent questions asked by new RVers is; what is the differencebetween a Class A and a Class C Motorhome? This answer is lengthy andcomprehensive. The differences are immense and important for each and everyperson to consider. The details of this comparison should help you determine whatbest suits your goals while enjoying the RV lifestyle.We will focus on the a traditional Class C and a Gas Class A as they both have enginesin the front of the vehicle and these products are competing for the same customers.In fact, many of these products use the same Ford V10 gas engine so for thiscomparison we will focus on the Ford V10 configuration on both the Class C motorhome and the Class A motor home. or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  • 3. NeXus RV Class A Motorhomes vs. Class C MotorhomesFive Points of Comparison:1.Safety2.Driveability3.Serviceability4.Sleepability5.Price or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  • 4. NeXus RV Class A Motorhomes vs. Class C MotorhomesDrivabilityThe first area of importance is DRIVABILITY. The Class C motorhome is built on a Van frontend chassis that is very similar to most automobile cockpits. This design makes the drivingexperience an easy transition from their day to day car or SUV. Contrarily, the Class Amotorhome is a completely different design and requires some practice and understandingas the driver is located on top of the front axle and higher from the ground. Many peopleget the feeling of being too close to the windshield and subsequently they feel lesscomfortable when they drive a Class A.In a Class C motorhome, the driver is behind the front axle exactly like a car or SUV and lowerto the ground. It is very common for many experienced RVers, to move into a Class Cmotorhome as driving the large Class A becomes more challenging with age and the physicalfactors we all face. It is clear Drivability favors the Class C product. Whether you are a newRVer, experienced RVer, an old RVer, young RVer, short or tall the Class C product will makeyour time driving your new RV easy and stress free. or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  • 5. NeXus RV Class A Motorhomes vs. Class C MotorhomesSafetyAnother very important factor in determining what type of RV you are going to buy isSAFETY. Obviously, the ease and comfort of driving a motorhome would assume a moresafe driving experience but there are a few other things that the Class C motorhome offersthat makes it even safer. Another big factor in making the Class C safer than the Class A isairbags. All Class C cockpits are equipped with airbags for the both the driver andpassenger. This feature clearly gives the safety advantage to the Class C. Every Class Cthat is built on the Ford Chassis is built by Ford in one factory adhering to strict FMVSSguidelines. The design has been tested in ambulances, shuttle buses and Class Cmotorhomes. The Ford Class A motorhome is built to many difference specifications bymany different companies. or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  • 6. NeXus RV Class A Motorhomes vs. Class C MotorhomesThe result of this design variation is some high quality units and some low quality units. Thisvariation in quality stems from large range of ergonomic differences in details like distance acustomer sits from the windshield, center of gravity of the entire of the Class A and frontend construction can create a unit that is inferior to the Class C motorhome. In addition tobeing less safe than the Class C motorhome, these products tend to have a much higherdefect ratio when measuring things like electrical performance, windshield wipers and Airconditioning in the Cockpit. When you research any government recall list, it is evident thatthe Class A motor home cockpit and front end design seemingly have numerous incidents.Considering all these variations in design and historically problematic quality issues in ClassA units, compounded with the fact Class A Motorhomes do not have airbags it becomesmore apparent that the Class C motorhome is a much safer RV.Another side note that may go to the safety issue but certainly goes to the convenienceissue is the fact that many Class A motorhomes do not have a driver or passenger doorwhere as all Class C motorhomes have driver and passenger doors. This feature makes itconvenient to get in and out of a Class C motorhome without any trouble, whereas, theClass A without a side door requires walking through the living room to get out on thepassenger side only. or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  • 7. NeXus RV Class A Motorhomes vs. Class C MotorhomesTo continue down the direct comparison between the Class A motorhome and the Class Cmotorhome, I recently drove 1300 miles on each of these products to give my readers a reallife evaluations of the differences. I drove a Nexus Phantom Class C 32’ on a Ford E-450Chassis with a V-10 Engine from Elkhart, Indiana to Tampa, Florida. Then 20 days later I drovean Allegro Open Road Class A built on a Ford Class A rail Chassis with a Ford V-10 fromOcala, Florida to Elkhart, Indiana.Many of the items mention above applied to my experience. While in the Class Cmotorhome, I felt lower to the ground and the driving experience was similar to driving mySUV. The front end design of the Nexus Phantom cut through the wind with relative ease.Every once in a while a gust would get my attention but for the most part, my confidence indriving this unit was never affected. I drove through a snowstorm with high winds as I leftIndiana and the challenging conditions were much easier to handle than I anticipated. It isclear the all steel cage construction of the Phantom Class C, gave the unit “torsinal rigidity”eliminating most of the side to side sway caused by cross winds. or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  • 8. NeXus RV Class A Motorhomes vs. Class C MotorhomesOn my return from Florida, I was in a gas Class A motorhome the experience was muchdifferent. First, when driving out of the sunny state of Florida, the sun was bearingdown on me and I felt like I had nowhere to hide. Many dealers and manufacturersconsider the large windshield to be a benefit giving you a nice panoramic view. I mustsay, that is true, you have a huge view of the road and the surroundings. Later as Idrove, that feature created a sauna and began to make me tired. As I moved into thestate of Georgia, the weather changed and I entered some hefty cross winds. The ClassA Motorhomes design absorbed every blast of wind that I encountered and began tochallenge me forcing me to fight the steering wheel. The steering was much looser thanthat of the Class C causing me to continuously bounce my hands from left to right tokeep the unit between the lines. or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  • 9. NeXus RV Class A Motorhomes vs. Class C Motorhomes SleepabilityContinuing the comparison, SLEEPABILITY favors the Class C motorhome vs. the Class Amotorhome. Recently there has been a push from Class A manufacturers to add a bed thatdrops down from the ceiling, while this added feature adds the overall sleeping capacity ittruly limits the function ability of the Class A. In a Class C, there is a cabover bed, giving theRVer two extra sleeping positions while not protruding into the living room. Moreover, kidslove this area. What makes it nice is the family can enjoy the dinette or the sofa and kitchenwithout any problem and the people wanting sleep are not trying to do so in the middle ofthe living room. or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  • 10. NeXus RV Class A Motorhomes vs. Class C MotorhomesServiceabilityWhen purchasing a new motorhome you must consider the chance you may need service.This concern may be for when you are at home, in your hometown or it may be when youare traveling throughout North America. A clear advantage in SERVICEABILITY goes to theClass C motorhomes. More specifically, the Class C motorhome built on the Ford Chassis asa Class C built on the Dodge Sprinter Van Chassis does not share the excellence in parts andservice that Ford has achieved. or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  • 11. NeXus RV Class A Motorhomes vs. Class C MotorhomesComparing a Ford Class A gas motorhome to a Ford Class C gas motorhome is important. Asthe Class C is built on Van front, virtually every Ford Dealership will work and repair thatconfiguration. Many Ford Dealerships will not work on a Class A configuration thusavailability of service heavily favors the Class C. Also, when a Ford Class C is being work on, inmost cases, the service facility does not have to get in your unit. They can repair the unitfrom the cockpit under the hood, while the Class A design forces many technicians to tramplethrough your house to get to the engine.There are some advantages that the Class A design and Chassis can offer, for example, theClass A chassis has a larger GVWR. This feature usually gives you a large cargo carryingcapacity and or bigger tanks sizes. Historically, there has been an impression that the Class Amotorhome is built better than a Class C. At Nexus RV, we have worked hard to dispel thatimpression by building a better motorhome that anyone else. or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  • 12. NeXus RV Class A Motorhomes vs. Class C MotorhomesPriceAnother clear advantage when considering a Class C verses a Class A is PRICE. In fact, manymanufacturers will cheapen the build of a Class A in order to compete with a Class C buyer.This confusion makes the customer think they are buying up but in actuality they are buyingan inferior motorhome with fewer options just because they think it is a step up. This tacticevident as you will find Class A products with rubber roofs, aluminum cage construction andluan wood substrates in their construction. As we compare Class A motorhomes to the NexusRV Class C, we overwhelm our customers with high-end features that many Class Amanufacturers will not consider putting in their products as it disrupts their profit margins.The fact is Class C products are built the same way as Class A products but retails for less andthat does not make any sense as the raw chassis cost more in a Class C due the automotivefinish of the cockpit. or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  • 13. NeXus RV Class A Motorhomes vs. Class C MotorhomesIn summary, the Class C motorhome is the overwhelming winner in the head-to-headcomparison vs. the Class A motorhome. When you buy a Class C motorhome you willget, DRIVABILITY, SAFETY, SERVICEABILITY, SLEEPABILITY AND PRICE. The only thingbetter than that is buying your Class C factory direct and saves thousands while webuild your dream…… or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  • 14. NeXus RV Class A Motorhomes vs. Class C Motorhomes or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987