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6 personality typing-shuntavis 6 personality typing-shuntavis Document Transcript

  • Activity Sheet: Personality Typing: The PAP Assessment © Robert M. Sherfield, Ph.D., 1999, 2002, 2005, 2008NAME: Shuntavis DixsonDirections: Read each statement carefully and thoroughly. After reading the statement, rateyour response using the scale below. There are no rights or wrong answers. This is not a timedsurvey. The PAP is based, in part, on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) by KatharineBriggs and Isabel Briggs-Myers.3 = Often Applies2 = Sometimes Applies1 = Never or Almost Never Applies____2___1a. I am a very talkative person.___3____1b. I am a more reflective person than a verbal person,___2____2a. I am a very factual and literal person.___3____2b. I look to the future and I can see possibilities.___3____3a. I value truth and justice over tact and emotion.____2___3b. I find it easy to empathize with other people.____2___4a. I am very ordered and efficient.___3____4b. I enjoy having freedom from control.___2____5a. I am a very friendly and social person.___2____5b. I enjoy listening to others more than talking.__3_____6a. I enjoy being around and working with people who have a great deal of common sense.___2____6b. I enjoy being around and working with people who are dreamers and have a great deal of imagination.___3____7a. One of my motivating forces is to do a job very well.__3_____7b. I like to be recognized for, and I am motivated by, my accomplishments and awards.___1____8a. I like to plan out my day before I go to bed.___1____8b. When I get up on a non-school or non-work day, I just like to let the day "plan itself."
  • ___1____9a. I like to express my feelings and thoughts.___2____9b. I enjoy a great deal of tranquility and quiet time to myself.___2____10a. I am a very pragmatic and realistic person.___3____10b. I like to create new ideas, methods, or ways of doing things.___3____11a. I make decisions with my brain.___1____11b. I make decisions with my heart.___2____12a. 1 am a very disciplined and orderly person.___2____12b. I dont make a lot of plans.___2____13a. I like to work with a group of people.___2____13b. I would rather work independently.___2____14a. I learn best if I can see it, touch it, smell it, taste it, or hear it.___2____14b. I learn best by relying on my gut feelings or intuition.___1____15a. I am quick to criticize others.__1_____15b. I compliment others very easily and quickly.___2____16a. My life is systematic and organized.__2_____16b. I dont really pay attention to deadlines.___3____17a. I can be myself when I am around others.___3____17b. [can be myself when I am alone.___1____18a. I live in the here and now, in the present.___2____18b. I live in the future, planning and dreaming.___1____19a. I think that if someone breaks the rules, the person should be punished.___2____19b. I think that if someone breaks the rules, we should look at the person who broke the rules, examine the rules, and look at the situation at hand before a decision is made.___2____20a. I do my work, then I play.___2____20b. I play, then do my work.
  • Refer to your score on each individual question. Place that score beside the appropriatequestion number below. Then, tally each line at the side. TOTAL SCORE ACROS CODE S1 a =2 5 a =2 9 a =1 13 a =2 17 a =3 10 E - Extrovert1 b =3 5 b =2 9 b =1 13 b =2 17 b =3 11 I - Introvert2 a=2 6 a =3 10 a =2 14 a =2 18 a =1 10 S - Sensing2 b =3 6 b =2 10 b =3 14 b =2 18 b =2 12 N - Intuition3 a =3 7 a =3 11 a =3 15 a =1 19 a =1 11 T - Thinking3 b =2 7 b =3 11 b =1 15 b =1 19 b =2 9 F - Feeling4 a =2 8 a =1 12 a =2 16 a =2 20 a =2 9 J - Judging4 b =3 8 b =1 12 b =2 16 b =2 20 b =2 10 P - PerceivingPAP SCORESPersonality Indicator (Type)Look at the scores on your PAP. Is your score higher in the E or I line? Is your scorehigher in the S or N line? Is your score higher in the T or F line? Is your score higher inthe J or P line? Write the code to the side of each section below.Is your higher score E or I Code______I_______Is your higher score S or N Code______N_______Is your higher score T or F Code______T_______Is your higher score J or P Code______P_______