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E4u Screening Service

  1. 1. Technical Assessment Services Excellence4u Worldwidewww.excellence4u.in © 2012 EXCELLENCE4u
  2. 2. At a glance  Evaluation of candidates by a team of technology specialists constituted as per your needs and definitions  Customized process to suit your needs or capability to mirror your tried and tested frameworks  Capability to cover scenario based, functional, and core technology based needs across domains and verticals  Contextualization of not just stated job descriptions. Assessment sheet covers role expectations, right fitment and any specific filter callouts specified by youwww.excellence4u.in © 2012 EXCELLENCE4u 2
  3. 3. Benefits Consistent Process Same team used to screen candidates leading to uniformity in the assessment process Normalizing cost of assessment across locations and job families Uniform Cost by the virtue of using a single vendor partner Relevance in Not just JDs are assessed, but parameters for right fitment are Quality also considered and factored in the overall grading criteria Reduction in the overall time to recruit quality resources Time to Assess without compromises in quality and time to hirewww.excellence4u.in © 2012 EXCELLENCE4u 3
  4. 4. Service Offerings Screening of resumes - Articulation of hiring managers needs very early in the recruiting life-cycle and translating the same as filter/ selection checkpoints - Experienced team with core experience of having managed technology mandates themselves - Strong QC points to ensure adequate representation given to all filter parameters - Controlled metrics driven delivery environment Scheduling Services - Comprises of highly experienced team adept at explaining role, organization pitch/ branding to candidates offered in conjunction with screening or telephonic assessment services - Used as the first input to assess candidate’s interest, kind of questions asked about the role and interest levels. Data shared with the screening and telephonic interviewing team Telephonic interview of short-listed candidates - Assessment sheets based on specific client led inputs. Emphasis on having the candidate demonstrate scenarios and situations than as what has been stated in the resume - Grading of the assessment sheet linked to client needs with equal focus on hard and soft aspects of the candidate’s background - Strong QC and callout process to ensure cases of mis-representation and/or aided answers are weeded out www.excellence4u.in © 2012 EXCELLENCE4u 4
  5. 5. Delivery Process flow • List of profiles for Technical screening from <<Client>> Specific assessment • artifacts/format HR ROUND & OFFER <<E4u>> YOU • Agree on Evaluation Criteria/Sheet <<Client & E4u>> Scheduling of tele- • interviews F2F ASSESSMENT • List of profiles for <<E4u>> YOU/ E4u Technical screening Administering ofRecruitment Life Cycle • <<Client>> tele-interviews and • Descriptive cheat capturing feedback sheets created in assessment based on needs of sheets TECHNICAL SCREENING • Evaluation Sheet for each candidate JD <<E4u>> E4u interviewed <<E4u>> • <<E4u>> • Finalize evaluation • Weekly Report of criteria shortlisted and <<Client & E4u>> RESUME SCREENING • List of selected rejected profiles Translation of the candidates for <<E4u>> • evaulation criteria E4u scheduling and tele- • QC feedback and to Client sourcing interview directional partners <<E4u>> recommendations <<Client & E4u>> • Daily tracker of shared with client • Technical screening RESUME SOURCING shortlisted and rejected <<E4u>> of resumes profiles YOU <<E4u>> <<E4u>> • Analysis of QC, fed back as input to cheat sheets and evaluation criteria DEFINE REQUIREMENTS <<E4u>> YOU E4u YOU www.excellence4u.in © 2012 EXCELLENCE4u 5
  6. 6. Implementation Process Map Owner Process Support Artifacts Output Output Recipient FrequencyClient Resumes mailed to E4u Candidate Resumes 1. Resumes E4u Daily Candidate tracker 2. Candidate trackerE4u Schedule candidates via phone. 3 tries for Resume with Client Brand Candidate tracker NA Daily candidate not reachable/ call back, before story determined as not interested Candidate trackerE4u Scheduled candidates are screened Resumes. Screening Evaluation forms of selected E4u Daily guidelines. Evaluation Form and rejected candidatesE4u Collection and review of all evaluation forms filled NA Evaluation forms of selected NA Daily by screening team and rejected candidates Candidate TrackerE4u Thank you emails sent to screened candidates Thank You email template Emails to candidates Candidates Daily from Client email ID, including feedback formE4u Quality Checks 1. Evaluation forms of 1. Evaluation forms of E4u Daily 1. Randomly sample evaluation forms for selected and rejected selected and rejected context and quality (30% of sample chosen candidates candidates /day) 2. Candidate tracker 2. Candidate tracker 2. Random calls to candidates post screening 3. QC report callouts for feedback on interview experienceE4u Report generation and review Candidate tracker Candidate tracker NA DailyE4u Daily report 1. Evaluation forms of 1. Evaluation forms of Client Daily selected and rejected selected and rejected candidates candidates 2. Candidate tracker 2. Candidate trackerE4u Weekly Dashboard Candidate tracker Weekly Dashboard Client WeeklyE4u Monthly Summary Weekly Reports Monthly Summary Client MonthlyClient Feedback of interviews conducted by Client Candidate tracker Candidate tracker E4u Weekly www.excellence4u.in © 2012 EXCELLENCE4u 6
  7. 7. Delivery Structure 20 yrs of delivery experience Program Program Sponsor Director 15 yrs of delivery experience Program Delivery SPoC & Lead Project Owner Scheduling calls and Scheduling Screening representing Client Team Team brand story 8+ years of experiencewww.excellence4u.in © 2012 EXCELLENCE4u 7
  8. 8. Governance & Communication Model Activity Frequency Mode Participants Publisher RemarksDaily Report Daily Email Client E4u Daily Status ConferenceOperational Updates Alternate Day Client/ E4u E4u Stabilizing operational rhythm Call Weekly status on progress.Weekly Dashboard Weekly Email Client/ E4u E4u Specific QC callouts Conference Calibration, Course correction,Monthly Summary Monthly Client/ E4u E4u Call Challenges, Way forward Email and if not resolved, viaAlarm Bells As per Need Email/ Call Client/ E4u NA phone Process Owners own the activity; actual communication and recipients could differ from task to task Publisher is the SPoC for communication purposes and not the owner of the process Escalations, if needed to be addressed to Account Owners on either side Preferred mode of seeking clarifications (applies both to E4u and Client) should be over email E4u proposes a 15 minute conference call every alternate day for the first fortnight to address any operational issues. Frequency can be reviewed after 2 weekswww.excellence4u.in © 2012 EXCELLENCE4u 8
  9. 9. Candidate Customer ExperienceReminder SMS sent to candidate pre-interview Thank you SMS sent to candidate post completion of interview 9:41 AM 4:15 PM 9845099999 9845099999 Dear <Candidate Name>, Dear <Candidate Name>, It was a pleasure talking to you We are glad to inform that your recently. We at <Client Name>, interview for Software Engineer India would like to thank you for position has been scheduled for spending your quality time with 10 AM on 15th Feb 2012. us.. We wish you the very best. Your candidature is currently being reviewed, in case your Sincerely, resume gets shortlisted, <Client Name> we would get in touch with you. Sincerely, <Client Name> www.excellence4u.in © 2012 EXCELLENCE4u 9
  10. 10. Delivery Excellence Elements Benefits • Consistency • Automation modules for standardization, reduce time to • Agility hire, consistency and improved candidate experience Tools • Versatility • Customizable assessment templates • Time to hire • Pre-configured templates and artifacts for agility • Scalability Scale • Metrics driven work flow management • Predictive hiring • Metrics at every phase of the engagement to get insights model Metrics into the status of the engagement and take a quick • Benchmark and raise corrective action the bar Quality Check • Checklists for various process stages • Quality Lists • Review check lists for different reviews • Consistency Control • Process Control • Risk mitigation Check • Regular internal audits • Increased level of Points • Daily & Weekly status reports confidencewww.excellence4u.in © 2012 EXCELLENCE4u 10
  11. 11. State Of The Art Interventions/Tools in the Assessment Roadmap Reporting on key Data standardization Candidate Metrics / weeding out Communication at duplicates based on key stages thru Auto contact numbers Mail/Meeting/SMS Check Points & Audits Generate evaluation sheets at a click of a button 1 2 3 4 5 • Increased Efficiency • Enhanced Candidate • Saves Time • Standardization • Predictive Hiring Experience • De-Risking • Avoid Candidate • Consistency Model • Increased Candidate Inconvenience Satisfactionwww.excellence4u.in © 2012 EXCELLENCE4u 11
  12. 12. Sample cheat sheet/Evaluation sheet/Reports/Thank You Notewww.excellence4u.in © 2012 EXCELLENCE4u 12
  13. 13. Sample Reports… customizable to your needsTake control of your hiring with our state of the art intelligent reporting. We provide customized reportingspecific to the engagement which will help you take quick decisions to improve hiring dynamics. By Vendor Understand how your vendors are performing  Top 5 vendors by resume flow  Trends by location  Trends by performance by role By Candidate Inflow Trends  Location  Weekly Trends  Performance  Daily Trends  Interview Statuswww.excellence4u.in © 2012 EXCELLENCE4u 13
  14. 14. Delivery Differentiators Articulation of assessment criteria and cheat sheets - Ability to go beyond stated job descriptions and capture the unstated which could be mandatory, nice to have or good to have - Our needs assessment team come from technology, recruiting and delivery backgrounds from services and product companies with hands-on experience in creating and hiring hundreds of technology professionals themselves - Translating the defined needs back to the E4u screening team and creating appropriate filter parameters for the client sourcing team - E4u team co-creates the artifacts and ensures that the right amount of training and intervention mechanisms are created for seamless knowledge transfer Candidate Customer Experience - Scheduling is courteous and schedulers are trained to not be pushy, have the ability to articulate the position benefits and the organization perspectives and clearly articulate the benefits of why they feel the candidate is the right fit for the job - SMS sent to candidates about an hour before the scheduled interview to gently remind him/her about the scheduled call. Thank you SMS sent after the candidate has finished the call - Feedback form sent via email for candidates to recount his experience back to HR and also refer friends - Candidates who are not interested are thanked for their participation and are asked for permission to be in touch. Information is appropriately communicated back to Client SPoC www.excellence4u.in © 2012 EXCELLENCE4u 14
  15. 15. Delivery Differentiators ….contd Quality Control and Project Management - Metric driven approach across every phase of the delivery life-cycle with strong emphasis on data collation and representation - QC points at every output milestone with a feedback/ loop mechanism to flexibly change the process on the GO! - Interventions on the delivery process - Interventions on the integrity of the data captured and reported - Random checks to assess candidate experience and overall SLA’s Automation tools - Macros and other workflow automation mechanisms to ensure quick crunching of data, elimination of manual extraction and reporting to erase human errors - Web-based reporting system: Macro view on status for clients and micro view for delivery team - Repository for storing all resumes and evaluation forms, process maps, with access/ version control for clients and internal project teams - Automated emails/ SMS to candidates; pre and post to enhance candidate customer experience which also helps decrease the no-show metrics www.excellence4u.in © 2012 EXCELLENCE4u 15
  16. 16. Risk Mitigation for your Peace of Mind Risk Mitigation Correct capture of hiring Highly experienced team of technical SMEs involved in the manager’s needs process of understanding requirements of hiring managers Information integrity Automation of interventions between processes to ensure reduction in human errors Accuracy in reporting Macro driven approach to consolidate and report. Automation tools for every milestone involving disparate data sets Confidentiality and Non-disclosure agreements are signed upfront prior to any Disclosure information exchange, both with client and E4u team members Scaling up and Scaling Robust delivery process and healthy bench ratios to ensure down smooth ramp-up and stringent knowledge management process to take care of ramp-downwww.excellence4u.in © 2012 EXCELLENCE4u 16
  17. 17. To Sum up..  Largest independent specialist assessment company with delivery capability in 17 locations across the world  Experience in assessing talent from 3 to 20 years band across technologies, roles and verticals – product/ services/ product engineering sites/ distributed delivery locations  Set up by IITians with an industry background of having worked for some of the finest companies of the likes of Infosys, KPMG, Sun Microsystems to name a few  Proprietary delivery framework which mirror your assessment / interview process or customized according to the defined need  Working with leading services, SI’s and product companies worldwide  Cumulative 400 man years of assessment and interviewing experiencewww.excellence4u.in © 2012 EXCELLENCE4u 17
  18. 18. More Information? we would beglad to meet….. Or do contact us at welcome@excellence4u.in www.excellence4u.in © 2012 EXCELLENCE4u