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To study how nirmal healthcare products pvt. ltd. can strengthen their place in the pune market p
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To study how nirmal healthcare products pvt. ltd. can strengthen their place in the pune market p


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  • 2. 2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It gives me great pleasure and deep sense of satisfaction in presenting this project report on To study how Nirmal Healthcare Products Pvt. Ltd. can strengthen their place in the Pune market . First and foremost, I would like to thank my project guide Mrs. Smita M. Sovani for her valuable guidance and encouragement through the course of project. Her motivations, valuable suggestions and timely help in overcoming the problems have gone long way in in the successful completion of this challenging task. I would like to thank Mr. Pradeep Deshpande (General Manager, Nirmal Healthcare Products Pvt. Ltd.) for giving me an opportunity to carry out the project work Nirmal Healthcare Products Pvt. Ltd. I would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. R.B.S. Bhatti (Area Sales Manager , Nirmal Healthcare Products Pvt. Ltd.) and his team, whose steadfast guidance all through, has been so utterly dispensable to the inception and presentation of this dissertation. And last but not the least I am very grateful to all the Dealers/Resellers whom I met during these two months because without their kind cooperation this project would not have been successful. Finally, I would like to thank all the staff members of Vishwakarma Intitute of Management for their provident suggestions at every step. Ankur Tikhe
  • 3. 3 CONTENTS 1) Company Profile 01 2) Marketing Research 06 3) FMCG 11 4) Executive Summary 14 5) Questionnaire 17 6) Analysis 20 7) Suggestions 33 8) Sales Promotions 35 9) Annexures 38 10) Bibliography 56
  • 5. 5 PROFILE OF THE COMPANY Nirmal Healthcare Products Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2002. Nirmal Healthcare has products in categories such as Body Care, Hair Care, Health Care, Home Care, Oral Care and Skin Care. At Nirmal Healthcare, the commitment is purely to one thought and that is to provide consumers with a choice of high utility, best quality, at the most optimum price. All Nirmal products are designed keeping in mind best personal healthcare by highly qualified staff employing sophisticated analytical instruments to test the final performance of each product. When a product goes for manufacturing, a constant vigil is maintained in all departments of the manufacturing and testing process to maintain high quality standards. For manufacturing existing brands and upcoming products, additional capacity is being set up on the western coast of India. Apart from retail marketing the company has also launched a direct selling network. The company has its marketing offices in Deihi, Madhya Pradesh, Mumbai, Pune and Karnataka. Nirmal Healthcare has its haed office in Thane. Nirmal Healthcare, part of a Business group in Thane near Mumbai, has inherited strong ethics from its parent organization, which has been doing business for over two decades in India and overseas. Nirmal Healthcare is a sister company of LABINDIA Instruments Pvt. Ltd. LABINDIA Instruments Pvt. Ltd., a company established in 1982 and promoted by a group of committed technocrats, professionals and engineers with proven expertise, has been a successful sales and service organization, providing support mainly in the field of analytical instrumentation. The Company is currently engaged in marketing and manufacturing various analytical instruments, accessories and other products in the filed of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, biotechnology, etc. LABINDIA Instruments also market some products manufactured in India like Voltage Stabilizers & Line Conditioners, UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supplies) Systems, 15 tons and above capacity Presses for IR sampling or tabulating.
  • 7. 7 MARKETING RESEARCH What is Marketing Research? American Marketing Association defines Marketing Research as The systematic gathering, recording, and analyzing of data about problems relating to the marketing of goods and services . The keyword that distinguishes research from a haphazard gathering of observation is systematic. The systematic conduct of research requires particularly these two qualities: (1) orderliness, in which the measurements are accurate and the cross section is fair, and (2) impartiality in analysis and interpretation. The definition also indicates the scope of marketing research which can modified by adding Planning and Interpreting. The definition needs these two stages of Planning and Interpreting, because (1) unless there has been planning in advance, a study would be unsystematic, and (2) the research has to be completed by interpreting the data for it to have meaning and value to its user. Seven steps in research process: (1) Determine or define the problem or opportunity that is faced. (2) Specify what information is needed. (3) Identify the sources of information. (4) Decide on the techniques for acquiring the information. (5) Gather and process the information. (6) Analyze and interpret the meaning. (7) Present the findings to the decision makers. Types of Research Designs: Based on the nature of causation and the benefits of measuring it, there are three types of research designs viz. Descriptive design, Experimental design and Quasi-experimental design. Descriptive designs have that name because they describe phenomena without establishing association between factors. The data may be (1) the behavioral variables of people ( or the subjects) who are under study and (2) the situational variables that existed or are forthcoming. For instance, in the computer stores example, a study may measure
  • 8. 8 various attributes of the sales people, the training program, and the retailing situation. It might also measure how the sales people and customers behaved, as well as what happened to sales volume. It does not determine the extent of association between them, but it may provide the basis for inferring some connections. Experimental designs are intended to demonstrate cause and effect relationships. If they can measure concomitant variation, the degree of change in one variable, y, when the other variable, x, is changed, that is of greater benefit. A classical model of experimentation is in biological science when a cure is being sought for a disease that is epidemic in some region. Researchers hypothesize that some drug would cure the illness. To demonstrate this, two groups of sufferers from the malady are chosen. The treatment is administered to one portion of these, while the other group-similar to first one- is administered simply a placebo (some innocuous substance). The second portion is the control group. The difference is rate of recovery between the test group and the control group is attributed to the effects of the drug. Quasi-experimental Designs, as their name suggests, lack the rigorous qualities of the real experiments, particularly a valid demonstration of variables association. Still, they are not descriptive ones either, because they do yield some quantitative indicators between their variables. Sources of data: Secondary data: This refers to those data that are already gathered and available. There may be internal sources within the client s firm. Externally, these sources may include books, periodicals, published reports, data services, and computer data banks. Primary data: This type of data can be obtained fro individuals, from families representatives, or from organizations. There is increasing use of panels, which are groups of people (usually with some common factors) that supply information. These may be one-time ad-hoc panels that are utilized for just one occasion. There are more or less permanent panels that are used repeatedly, which tends to make the information more comparable over time. This also avoids the cost of recruiting new sets of people for each data gathering, valuable also for repeated measurements.
  • 9. 9 Data Collection: Data collection can be done by observation method, interview method methd, through questionnaire, through schedules, warranty cards, distributor audits, consumer panels, etc. Functions of questionnaire: (1) Give the respondent a clear comprehension of the questions. (2) Induce the respondent to want to cooperate and to trust that answers will be treated confidentially. (3) Stimulate responses through greater introspection, plumbing of memory, or reference to records. (4) Give instructions on what is wanted and the manner of responding. (5) Identify what needs to be known to classify and verify the interview. Steps in questionnaire design: (1) Determine the specific data to be sought (2) Determine the interviewing process (3) Evaluate the question content (4) Decide on the question/response format (5) Determine the wording of questions (6) Determine the questionnaire structure (7) Determine the physical characteristics of the Form (8) Pretest, Revise, and Final draft Evaluating the question format: The evaluation can be carried out by considering the following criteria: Does the respondent understand the question? Does the respondent have the necessary information to answer the question? Will the respondent provide the necessary information? Deciding on the question/response format: Questions or responses can be roughly classified into two principal groups (1) Close- ended questions, in which a list of acceptable responses is provided to the respondent and
  • 10. 10 (2) Open-ended questions, in which acceptable responses are not provided to the respondent and they may answer in his or her own words. However, it is a little more complicated than that because there are numerous variations of these two basic types.
  • 12. 12 FMCG Fast Moving Consumer Goods: are usually an everyday low priced and low risk products that requires very little thought when purchasing. FMCG products that have a quick shelf turnover, at relatively low cost and don't require a lot of thought, time and financial investment to purchase. The margin of profit on every individual FMCG product is less. However the huge number of goods sold is what makes the difference. Hence profit in FMCG goods always translates to number of goods sold. Fast Moving Consumer Goods is a classification that refers to a wide range of frequently purchased consumer products including: toiletries, soaps, cosmetics, teeth cleaning products, shaving products, detergents, other non-durables such as glassware, bulbs, batteries, paper products and plastic goods, such as buckets. FMCG Category and products Category Products Household Care Fabric wash (laundry soaps and synthetic detergents);household cleaners (dish/utensil cleaners,floor cleaners,toilet cleaners,air fresheners,insecticides and mosquito repellents, metal polish and furniture polish). Food and Beverages Health beverages;soft drinks;staples/cereals; bakery products (biscuits,bread,cakes);snack food;chocolates;ice cream;tea;coffee;soft drinks;processed fruits,vegetables;dairy products;bottled water;branded flour;branded rice;branded sugar;juices etc. Personal Care Oral care,hair care,skin care,personal wash (soaps);cosmetics and toiletries;deodorants; perfumes;feminine hygiene;paper products.
  • 13. 13 Fast Moving is in opposition to consumer durables such as kitchen appliances that are generally replaced less than once a year. The category may include pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics and packaged food products and drinks, although these are often categorized separately.The term Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) is used interchangeably with Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). The Indian FMCG sector is the fourth largest sector in the economy with a total market size in excess of US$13.1 billion.It has a strong MNC presence and is characterised by a well established distribution network,intense competition between the organised and unorganised segments and low operational cost. Availability of key raw materials,cheaper labour costs and presenceacross the entire value chain gives India a competitive advantage. India is one of the largest emerging markets, with a population of over one billion.India is one of the largest economies in the world in terms of purchasing power and has a strong middle class base of 300 million. An average Indian spends around 40 per cent of his income on grocery and 8 per cent on personal care products.The large share of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)in total individual spending along with the large population base is another factor that makes India one of the largest FMCG markets. Consumption Pie: 7% 7% 4% 10% 2% 5% 8% 1%2% 42% 4% 8% Clothing Consumer Durables Vacation Eating Out Foot Wear Movies Entertainment Accessories Books & Music Grocery Personal Care Items Savings & Investment
  • 15. 15 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Indian FMCG sector is the fourth largest sector in the economywith a total market size in excess of US$13.1 billion.It has a strong MNC presence and is characterised by a well-established distribution network, intense competition between the organised and unorganised segments and low operational cost. The FMCG market is set to treble from US$11.6 billion in 2003 to US$33.4 billion in 2015.Penetration level as well as per capita consumption in most product categories like jams, toothpaste, skin care, hair wash etc in India is low indicating the untapped market potential. In this market of intense competition, Nirmal Healthcare Products Pvt. Ltd. intends to have its own place. My project focuses on Glitter IIk Shaving Cream a product of Nirmal Healthcare Products Pvt. Ltd. The shaving cream market valued at Rs1.1 bn. The market is dominated by C-P, Gillette India and Godrej Soaps. The project was carried out as follows: Objective: The project consisted the of following activities and the objective of each is as given below. Activity I: To understand the awareness of Glitter IIk amongst retailers and their expectations from the company. Activity II: Creating awareness of products of Nirmal Healthcare through Sales Promotions. Methodology: Activity I: Phase 1 Area: Pune Target Segment: Prospective Retailers and Wholesalers. Accordingly, Questionnaire was designed.
  • 16. 16 Phase 2: Database was given by Nirmal Healthcare Products Pvt. Ltd & accordingly interviews of Dealers/Resellers were taken. Phase 3: Analysis of Filled Questionnaires was done & Conclusions were made. Phase 4: Suggestions were made to the Company. Activity II: Area: Pune and Ahmednagar District Target Segment: Prospective Retailers and Wholesalers. Database was given by Nirmal Healthcare Products Pvt. Ltd & accordingly Retailers/Wholesalers were visited. Achieved a sales of Rs.64328.
  • 18. 18 ACTIVITY- I PHASE- I : Questionnaire Name of Medical Store : Contact Person : Address : Q.1 Please list any four shaving cream brands that come to your mind a. b. c. d. Q.2 Name the brand which according to you is mostly purchased Yes No Q.3 Do you know Glitter IIk Shaving Cream ? Yes No Q.4 What do you know about Glitter IIk Shaving Cream? Yes No Q.5 Do customers ask for Glitter IIk Shaving Cream? Yes No Q.6 Are the visits of the company Sales Person reglular and Yes as required by you? No Q.7 Is the margin motivating enough for you to push the product? Motivating Satisfactory Not Motivating Q.8 How important is advertising for a shaving cream product? Very Important Important Not Important
  • 19. 19 Q.9 Have you seen any advertisement of Glitter IIk Shaving Cream? Yes No Q.10 Are you willing to push the product if better margins or schemes Yes are offered? No Q.11 Why do you hesitate to keep new products?
  • 21. 21 Question 1: Awareness Level 100 96 67 63 60 14 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Palmolive Godrej Denim Gillette Old Spice Cosmo Plus Shaving Cream Brands No.OfRetailers Inference: The awareness level of the following brands is good Palmolive Godrej Denim Gillette Old Spice It was observed that the awareness level of Palmolive Shaving Creams and Godrej Shaving Creams was most amongst retailers.
  • 22. 22 Question 2: Most Purchased Brands 43 38 8 7 4 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 Palmolive Godrej Denim Old Spice Gilette Shaving Cream Brands No.ofRetailers Inference: Retailers considered Palmolive as the mostly purchased shaving cream by the customers, and it was followed by Godrej .
  • 23. 23 Question 3: Awareness Level of Glitter IIk Shaving Cream Yes No Yes No Inference: The awareness of Glitter IIk Shaving Cream amongst the retailers was 34%.
  • 24. 24 Question 4: Knowledge about Glitter IIk Shaving Cream A 37% B 43% C 20% A B C A Product of Nirmal Healthcare Products Pvt. Ltd. B Product of Nirmal Healthcare Products Pvt. Ltd. and that it is a herbal shaving cream. C Contains aloe vera and kokum. D Don t know. Inference: The 34 retailers knew Glitter IIk Shaving Cream as a Product of Nirmal Healthcare Products Pvt. Ltd. Herbal Shaving Cream. Product containing aloe vera and kokum.
  • 25. 25 Question 5: Awareness about Glitter IIk Shaving Cream amongst customers Yes 9% No 91% Yes No Inference : It is observed that 9% retailers said that customers demanded for Glitter IIk Shaving Cream.
  • 26. 26 Question 6: Satisfaction of retailers regarding regularity of visits and availability of product Yes 30% No 70% Yes No Inference: It was observed that 70% of the retailers were not satisfied with regularity of visits and availability of product.
  • 27. 27 Question 7: Satisfaction amongst retailers regarding margins Question 7 : Satisfaction amongst retailers regarding margins Motivating 11% Satisfactory 58% Not Motivating 31% Inference: Almost 60% of the retailers thought that the margins are just satisfactory. More than 30% of the retailers thought that the margins were not motivating.
  • 28. 28 Question 8: Importance of Advertising Question 8 : Importance of Advertising Very Important 61% Important 34% Not Important 5% Inference: According to 95% retailers , promotion through advertisements was an important factor to promote shaving creams.
  • 29. 29 Question 9: Have you seen the advertisements of Glitter IIk Shaving Cream? Yes 0% No 100% Inference: None of the retailers had seen the advertisements of Glitter IIk Shaving Cream.
  • 30. 30 Question 10: Willingness to push the product for better margins and schemes Yes 59% No 24% Can't say 17% Inference: It was observed that almost 60% retailers were ready to push the product for better margins and schemes.
  • 31. 31 Question 11: Reasons for not keeping new products A 18% B 37% C 21% D 5% E 7% F 12% A Not sure of product quality B Fear that company will not give regular visits C Both A & B D No advertisements E No demand from customers F Didn t answer Inference: More than 75% of the retailers were hesitant to keep new products because they were not sure of product quality and support given by the company.
  • 32. 32 Comparison of margin offered with competitors Sr. No Product Quantity(gm) MRP(Rs) Margin(%) 1 Old Spice 30 25 7 100 45 7 2 Palmolive 30 20 8 70 37 8 3 Godrej 20 15 7 70 37 7 4 Denim 30 20 6 70 39 6 5 Cosmo Plus 30 8 15 70 11 15 6 Glitter IIk 30 20 35 70 45 31 Inference: It was observed that Glitter IIk Shaving Cream offers better margins to the retailers.
  • 34. 34 SUGGESTIONS: 1. Advertisements: In the FMCG sector advertisements play an important role in the success of an organization.The company is presently advertising through magazines. However this has not been able to create enough awareness neither amongst retailers nor amongst the end users. Nirmal Healthcare Products Pvt. Ltd. needs to concentrate on advertisements through the electronic media (Television, Radio, etc). Advertisements through the print media for products in FMCG category may not be that effective. However advertisements through hoardings, signage boards, etc that communicate the right message can prove to be effective. Also sales promotion tools like point of purchase displays can be effective to generate sales. Awareness level of the end users regarding the products has to be enhanced so that the customers start asking for the product and the retailers would then be forced to keep the products. 2. Regular visits and building relations with retailers/wholesalers: Sales Persons of the company should give regular visits to the retailers. This will improve the image of the company in the minds of the retailers. If the visits are regular, the retailers will not doubt the availability of the products. 70% of the retailers complained that the company did not give regular visits and 39% of the retailers complained that they are hesitant to keep new products because of the fear that company may not give regular visits. So if visits are regular, retailers will not doubt the availability of the product and will be willing to push the product. Once products are sold to the retailer, the sales persons should be in regular contact with him (through phone calls) to enquire the movement of the products. This helps in building healthy relations with the retailers.
  • 36. 36 Sales Report - Ahmednagar District Date Area Deep TREAT Glitter Iik NIMSOFT Dumbow 15gm 25gm 30gm 70gm 8gm 4/7/2006 Supa & Parner 51 0 32 0 60 12 5/7/2006 Ahmednagar 27 0 15 0 276 24 6/7/2006 Tisgoan & Pathardi 40 0 68 0 264 0 7/7/2006 Shevgoan 97 0 41 0 144 0 8/7/2006 Kukana & Bhind2 69 0 69 0 84 0 Sub Total 284 0 225 0 828 36 11/7/2006 Urli Kanchan 69 0 21 0 252 0 14/7/2006 Paithan 51 0 42 0 96 0 15/7/2006 Newasa & N. Phata 72 0 51 0 192 0 16/7/2006 Takli,Haregoan 162 0 165 0 396 0 17/7/2006 Kopergoan 66 0 57 0 324 0 18/7/2006 Shrirampur 47 0 39 0 300 0 19/7/2006 Rahuri 3 0 3 0 84 0 Sub Total 470 0 378 0 1644 0 24&25/7/2006 Sangamner & Interiors 63 0 56 0 300 0 26/7/2006 Rahuri, Loni 42 3 24 0 324 0 27/7/2006 Rahata 45 0 27 0 144 0 28/7/2006 Shirdi 36 6 30 0 108 0 Sub Total 186 9 137 0 876 0 Grand Total 940 9 740 0 3348 36 Achieved a sales of Rs.55131.00 in Ahmednagar District. The database of the retailers visited in Ahmednagar District has been attached in Chapter-4.
  • 37. 37 Sales Report- Pune Date Address Deep Treat Glitter II k Nimsoft Dumbow Buds Dumbow First A 15gm 25gm 30gm 70gm 8gm 16/6/2006 Ghorpade, Bhavani Peth 9 14 6 959.00 17/6/2006 Karvenagar 9 2 18/6/2006 Saswad 12 18 3 19/6/2006 NIBM Road 3 6 2 20/6/2006 Dhankawdi 15 5 4 21/6/2006 Sangvi 1 22/6/2006 Shivaginagar 3 23/6/2006 Chinchwad 6 2 24/6/2006 Balaginagar, Katraj 18 8 12 2 25/6/2006 Koregaon Park 2 3 2 26/6/2006 Kothrud 18 6 27/6/2006 Pune Station 6 10 5 28/6/2006 Nanapeth 3 12 5 29/6/2006 Fatimanagar 2 10 2 30/6/2006 Sinhagad Road 6 7 4 1/7/2006 Sangvi 6 16 144 5 3/7/2006 Hadapsar, Manjri 6 6 3 3 Total 106 136 147 12 51 Achieved a sales of Rs.9197.00 in Pune. The database of the retailers visited in Pune has been attached in Chapter-4
  • 39. 39 Area: Ghorpade, Bhavani Peth, Gultekdi Area: Karvenagar Sr.No. Name of outlet Address Sr.No. Name of outlet Address 1 Srivinayak Medical Ghorpade 1 Rajendra Medical Karvenagar 2 Rohit Medical Ghorpade 2 Anand Medical Karvenagar 3 Purohit Medical Ghorpade 3 Swaroop Medical Karvenagar 4 Farlaut Medical Ghorpade 4 Aneesh Medical Karvenagar 5 Balagi Medical Ghorpade 5 Chintamani Medical Karvenagar 6 Suifa Medical Ghorpade 6 Hina Aushadhe Karvenagar 7 Kamal Medical Ghorpade 7 Siddharth Medical Karvenagar 8 Krishna Medical Ghorpade 8 JeevanMedical Karvenagar 9 Suresh Medical Ghorpade 9 Dashbhuja Medical Karvenagar 10 Ravirajk Medical Ghorpade 10 Sri Medical Karvenagar 11 Asif Medical Ghorpade 11 Chaitali Medical Karvenagar 12 Navkar Medical Bhavni Peth 12 Arihant Medical Karvenagar 13 Jyoti Mini-Market Bhavni Peth 13 Yojna Medical Karvenagar 14 Bhairav Medical Bhavni Peth 14 Anand Medical Karvenagar 15 Umar Medical Bhavni Peth 15 Vivekanand Medical Karvenagar 16 Arihant Medical Bhavni Peth 16 Mahesh Medical Karvenagar 17 Om Medical Bhavni Peth 17 Medicine Point Karvenagar 18 Vardhman Medical Gultekdi 18 Pooja Medical Karvenagar 19 Narendra Medical Gultekdi 19 Venus Medical Karvenagar 20 Suresh Medical Bhavani Peth 20 Metro Chemist Karvenagar 21 Rohit Medical Camp 21 Vishwas Medical Karvenagar 22 Nakoda Medical Gultekdi
  • 40. 40 Area: Saswad, Fursungi Area: NIBM Road Sr.No. Name of outlet Address Sr.No. Name of outlet Address 1 Hendre Medical Saswad 1 Perfect Medical NIBM Rd. 2 Kolte Medical Saswad 2 Parivar Medical NIBM Rd. 3 New Mohini Medical Saswad 3 Sai Medical NIBM Rd. 4 Ganesh Medical Saswad 4 Raj Medical NIBM Rd. 5 PradeepMedical Saswad 5 Prashant Medical NIBM Rd. 6 Santosh Medical Saswad 6 Noble Medical NIBM Rd. 7 Sri Datta Medical Saswad 7 Keep Fit Medical NIBM Rd. 8 Krishna Medical Saswad 8 Rohini Medical NIBM Rd. 9 Shraddha Medical Saswad 9 Purohit Medical NIBM Rd. 10 Purandare Medical Saswad 10 Gopal Medical NIBM Rd. 11 Amol Medical Saswad 11 Gangadham Medical NIBM Rd. 12 Madhuri Medical Saswad 12 Omkar Medical NIBM Rd. 13 Omkar Medical Saswad 13 Dhanvantari Medical NIBM Rd. 14 Srinath Medical Saswad 15 Jhende Medical Saswad 16 Shekhar Gen. Stores Saswad 17 Arun Medical Saswad 18 Bharat Medical Saswad 19 Varsha Medical Saswad 20 Chaya Medical Saswad 21 Sanjeevan Medical Saswad 22 Sukhkarta Medical Saswad 23 Sri Sai Medical Saswad 24 Rahul Medical Fursungi 25 Nikita Medical Fursungi 26 Sri Medical Fursungi 27 Shiv Sai Medical Fursungi
  • 41. 41 Area: Dhankawdi Area: Nana Peth Sr.No. Name of outlet Address Sr.No. Name of outlet Address 1 Srinath Medical Dhankawdi 1 Rathod Medical Nana Peth 2 Jogeshwari Medical Dhankawdi 2 Navin Medical Nana Peth 3 Shri Samarth Medical Dhankawdi 3 Apollo Medical Nana Peth 4 Pavan Medical Dhankawdi 4 Alankar Medical Nana Peth 5 New Chaitanya Medical Dhankawdi 5 Siddhivinayak Medical Nana Peth 6 Anand Medical Dhankawdi 6 Navjeevan Medical Nana Peth 7 Suyog Medical Dhankawdi 7 Arihant Medical Nana Peth 8 Raj Medical Dhankawdi 8 Sriram Medical Nana Peth 9 Laxmi Medical Dhankawdi 9 Sri Samarth Medical Nana Peth 10 Srujal Medical Dhankawdi 10 Gurudutt Medical Nana Peth 11 Shripad Medical Dhankawdi 11 Parmanand Medical Nana Peth 12 Amol Medical Dhankawdi 12 Raj Gen. Stores Nana Peth 13 Saroj Medical Dhankawdi 13 Gandhari Medical Nana Peth 14 Amrut Medical Dhankawdi 14 Anand Medical Nana Peth 15 Santosh Medical Dhankawdi 15 Gandhi Medical Nana Peth 16 Amar Medical Dhankawdi 16 Prince Medical Nana Peth 17 Dhanvantari Medical Dhankawdi 17 Ayurvedic Age Nana Peth 18 Sai Medical Dhankawdi 18 Chintamani Medical Nana Peth 19 Shri Medical Dhankawdi 20 Rohit Medical Dhankawdi 21 Yash Medical Dhankawdi 22 Shinde Medical Dhankawdi 23 Indrayani Medical Dhankawdi 24 Shah Medical Dhankawdi 25 Ashwini Medical Dhankawdi 26 Arihant Medical Dhankawdi
  • 42. 42 Area: Shivaginagar Area: Chinchwad Sr.No. Name of outlet Address Sr.No. Name of outlet Address 1 Rathi Medical Shivaginagar 1 Mahavir Medical Chinchwad 2 Vikram Medical Shivaginagar 2 Laxmi Medical Chinchwad 3 Prakash Medical Shivaginagar 3 Parshwanath Medical Chinchwad 4 Pioneer Medical Shivaginagar 4 Mamta Medical Chinchwad 5 K.P.Gen. Stores Shivaginagar 5 Sanmati Medical Chinchwad 6 Bhairav Medical Shivaginagar 6 Mahavir Medical Chinchwad 7 Nirmal Medical Shivaginagar 7 Morya Medical Chinchwad 8 Gurudutt Medical Shivaginagar 8 Saraswati Medical Chinchwad 9 Khivsara Medical Shivaginagar 9 Anmol Medical Chinchwad 10 Medicorner Shivaginagar 10 Tejas Medical Chinchwad 11 Purohit Medical Shivaginagar 11 Saptashrungi Medical Chinchwad 12 Anandjyoti Medical Shivaginagar 12 Deep Medical Chinchwad 13 Indra Medical Shivaginagar 13 Chaitanya Medical Chinchwad 14 Om Medical Chinchwad 15 Prashant Medical Chinchwad 16 Abhishek Medical Chinchwad 17 Manit Chemist Chinchwad 18 Swami Samarth Medical Chinchwad 19 Sai Pooja Medical Chinchwad 20 Mankarnika Medical Chinchwad 21 Chaitanya Medical Chinchwad 22 Santkripa Medical Chinchwad 23 Sanjeevani Medical Chinchwad 24 Gurukrupa Medical Chinchwad 25 Shanti Medical Chinchwad 26 Sagar Medical Chinchwad 27 Vishal Medical Chinchwad 28 Darshani Medical Chinchwad
  • 43. 43 Area: Balginagar, Katraj Area: Koregaon Park Sr.No. Name of outlet Address Sr.No. Name of outlet Address 1 Prayag Medical Balginagar 1 Mankar Medical K'gaon Park 2 Amit Drug Balginagar 2 Krishna Medical K'gaon Park 3 Umesh Drugs Balginagar 3 Ramesh Medical K'gaon Park 4 Ellora Medical Balginagar 4 Arihant Medical K'gaon Park 5 Sai Medical Balginagar 5 Gajanan Medical K'gaon Park 6 Rajgad Medical Balginagar 6 Jai Laxmi Medical K'gaon Park 7 Krishna Medical Balginagar 7 Om Medical K'gaon Park 8 Yashoda Medical Balginagar 8 Sri Medical K'gaon Park 9 Vardhman Medical Balginagar 9 New Vision Medical K'gaon Park 10 Varma Medical Balginagar 10 Medicure K'gaon Park 11 Ganesh Medical Balginagar 11 Karishma Medical K'gaon Park 12 Mahavir Medical Balginagar 12 Royal Medical K'gaon Park 13 Gurukripa Medical Katraj 13 Cri Healthcare K'gaon Park 14 Sukhakarta Medical Katraj 14 Apollo Medical K'gaon Park 15 Vijay Medical Katraj 15 Ramesh Medical K'gaon Park 16 Anant Medical Katraj 17 Siddhi Medical Katraj 18 Anusaya Medical Katraj 19 Pushpa Medical Katraj 20 Namrata Medical Katraj
  • 44. 44 Area: Sangvi Area: Kothrud Sr.No . Name of outlet Addres s Sr.No . Name of outlet Addres s 1 Sri Gurudutta Medical Sangvi 1 Uttam Medical Kothrud 2 Nityaseva Medical Sangvi 2 Yash Medical Kothrud 3 Navjeevan Medical Sangvi 3 Sri Yash Medical Kothrud 4 Vinayak Medical Sangvi 4 Gaurav Medical Kothrud 5 Atul Medical Sangvi 5 Amar Medical Kothrud 6 Ankita Medical Sangvi 6 Sri Medical Kothrud 7 Sanjay Medical Sangvi 7 Ashok Medical Kothrud 8 Prerna Medical Sangvi 8 Anil Medical Kothrud 9 Sachin Medical Sangvi 9 Kapil Medical Kothrud 10 Om Medical Sangvi 10 Krishna Medical Kothrud 11 sai Medical Sangvi 11 Prathamesh Medical Kothrud 12 Vikram Medical Sangvi 12 Kirti Medical Kothrud 13 Siddhi Medical Sangvi 13 Trupti Medical Kothrud 14 Rajni Medical Sangvi 14 Apeksha Medical Kothrud 15 Amit Medical Sangvi 15 Apollo Medical Kothrud 16 Preetam Medical Sangvi 16 Bhandari Medical Kothrud 17 Ganesh Medical Sangvi 17 Jeevan Medical Kothrud 18 Kumar Medical Sangvi 18 Nirmal Medical Kothrud 19 Sonam Medical Sangvi 19 Vikas Medical Kothrud 20 Murari Medical Sangvi 20 Sri Ram Medical Kothrud 21 Aadhar Medical Sangvi 21 Shri Dutta Medical Kothrud 22 Ashirwad Medical Sangvi 22 Mahendra Medical Kothrud 23 Balagi Medical Sangvi 23 Kolar Medical Kothrud 24 Punjari Medical Sangvi 24 Sagar Medical Kothrud 25 P.R. Pharma Sangvi 25 Chaitanya Medical Kothrud 26 Amruta Medical Sangvi 26 Pratiksha Medical Kothrud 27 Akshata Medical Sangvi 27 Shri Samarth Medical Kothrud 28 Rohit Medical Kothrud 29 Rahul Medical Kothrud 30 Vikas Medical Kothrud 31 Sourabh Medical Kothrud 32 Shri Krishna Medical Kothrud 33 Venkatesh Medical Kothrud 34 Surendra Medical Kothrud
  • 45. 45 Area: Pune Station, Somvar Peth Area: Sinhagad Road Sr.No. Name of outlet Address Sr.No. Name of outlet Address 1 Anup Medical Z. Parishad 1 Sachin Medical Sinhagad Rd. 2 Jaihind Medical Z. Parishad 2 Sukhdev Medical Sinhagad Rd. 3 Om Medical Z. Parishad 3 Rathod Medical Sinhagad Rd. 4 Krishna Medical Z. Parishad 4 Amit Medical Sinhagad Rd. 5 Manjeet Medical Z. Parishad 5 Siddhi Medical Sinhagad Rd. 6 Krishnaprabha Medical Somvar Peth 6 Sunny Medical Sinhagad Rd. 7 Krishna Gen. Stores Somvar Peth 7 Anand Medical Sinhagad Rd. 8 Prakash Medical Somvar Peth 8 Madhukar Medical Sinhagad Rd. 9 Rathod Medical Somvar Peth 9 Chaitanya Medical Sinhagad Rd. 10 Sai Medical Somvar Peth 10 Medicare Sinhagad Rd. 11 City Medical Somvar Peth 11 Akash Medical Sinhagad Rd. 12 Hanuman Medical Somvar Peth 12 Bhavani Medical Sinhagad Rd. 13 Golden Medical Somvar Peth 13 Siddhivinayak Medical Sinhagad Rd. 14 Janta Medical Somvar Peth 14 Navratra Medical Sinhagad Rd. 15 Jayshri Medical Somvar Peth 15 Bramha Medical Sinhagad Rd. 16 Prakash Chemist Somvar Peth 16 Sai Medical Sinhagad Rd. 17 New Poona Medical Somvar Peth 17 Varad Medical Sinhagad Rd. 18 Shraddha Medica Somvar Peth 18 Mahesh Medical Sinhagad Rd. 19 Ambika Medica Somvar Peth 19 Piyush Medical Sinhagad Rd. 20 Sadanand Medica Somvar Peth 20 Bhuruk Medical Sinhagad Rd. 21 Sri Gen. Stores Somvar Peth 21 Mauli Medical Sinhagad Rd. 22 D.K. Chemist Somvar Peth 22 Sri Medical Sinhagad Rd. 23 Yogeshwar Medical Sinhagad Rd. 24 Vaibhav Medical Sinhagad Rd. 25 Chetan Medical Sinhagad
  • 46. 46 Rd. 26 Ambika Medical Sinhagad Rd. 27 Yashwant Medical Sinhagad Rd. 28 Sai Medical Sinhagad Rd.
  • 47. 47 Area: Hadapsar(Mahadev Nagar), Manjri Area: Fatima Nagar Sr.No. Name of outlet Address Sr.No. Name of outlet Address 1 Bhansali Medical Mahadev Ngr. 1 Pavan Medical Fatima Ngr. 2 Sunil Medical Mahadev Ngr. 2 Tulsi Medical Fatima Ngr. 3 Joshi Medical Mahadev Ngr. 3 Express Gen. Stores Fatima Ngr. 4 Yash Medical Mahadev Ngr. 4 Fernandes Medical Fatima Ngr. 5 Shreenath Medical Mahadev Ngr. 5 Dhanvantari Medical Fatima Ngr. 6 Suprabha Medical Mahadev Ngr. 6 Apollo Medical Fatima Ngr. 7 Mukta Medical Mahadev Ngr. 7 Shalini Medical Fatima Ngr. 8 Ranjit Medical Mahadev Ngr. 8 Mitali Medical Fatima Ngr. 9 Sahil Medical Mahadev Ngr. 9 Sai Gen. Stores Fatima Ngr. 10 Shakuntala Medical Mahadev Ngr. 10 Plaza Medical Fatima Ngr. 11 Gurukrupa Medical Mahadev Ngr. 11 Amol Medical Fatima Ngr. 12 Choudhary Medical Mahadev Ngr. 12 Mahesh Medical Fatima Ngr. 13 Balagi Medical Manjri 13 Parlecha Medical Fatima Ngr. 14 Rathod Medical Manjri 14 Vijay Gen. Stores Fatima Ngr. 15 Sunanda Medical Manjri 15 Mahavir Medical Fatima Ngr. 16 Shri Medical Manjri 16 Shriji Medical Fatima Ngr. 17 Samarth Medical Manjri 17 Mamta Medical Fatima Ngr. 18 Saikrupa Medical Manjri 18 Prashant Medical Fatima Ngr. 19 Bhavani Medical Manjri 19 Rakhi Medical Fatima Ngr. 20 Mayur Medical Manjri 20 Prashant Medical Fatima Ngr. 21 Omkar Medical Manjri 21 Rohini Medical Fatima Ngr. 22 Keep Fit Medical Fatima Ngr. 23 Well Mark Fatima
  • 48. 48 Pharmacy Ngr. 24 Noble Medical Fatima Ngr.
  • 49. 49 Area: Supa, Parner Area: Ahmednagar Sr.No . Name of outlet Addres s Sr.No . Name of outlet Addres s 1 Shree Medical Kashti 1 Sanjay Medical A Nagar 2 Swapnil Medical Kashti 2 Chattarpati Med A Nagar 3 Omkar Medical Parner 3 Ayush medical A Nagar 4 Anand Medical Parner 4 Vijya Medical A Nagar 5 Mata Medical Parner 5 Mataji Medical A Nagar 6 Patil Medical Parner 6 Namrata Medical A Nagar 7 Sharddha Medical Parner 7 Ajinkya Medical A Nagar 8 Shri sai Medical Parner 8 Jeevan Medical A Nagar 9 Bhalwanath Medical Parner 9 Solanki Medical A Nagar 10 Swami Samarth Medical Supa 10 Anand Medical A Nagar 11 Pritoksh Medical Supa 11 Santidoot Medical A Nagar 12 Bhaija Medical Chas 12 Varthman Medical A Nagar 13 Changediya Medical A Nagar 14 Jai Medical A Nagar 15 Pushpak Medical A Nagar 16 Sai Nath Medical A Nagar
  • 50. 50 Area: Tisgaon, Pathardi Area: Shivgaon Sr.No . Name of outlet Addres s Sr.No . Name of outlet Address 1 Gurudutt Medical Tisgoan 1 Shivam Medical Shivgoa n 2 Jai Anand Medical Tisgoan 2 Life Line Medical Shivgoa n 3 Viney Medical Tisgoan 3 Aarti Medical Shivgoa n 4 Shree Samarth Medical Tisgoan 4 Sneha Medical Shivgoa n 5 Sangam Medical Tisgoan 5 Shri Krishna Medical Shivgoa n 6 Sunil Medical Tisgoan 6 Praveen Medical Shivgoa n 7 Schin Medical Tisgoan 7 Sapna Medical Shivgoa n 8 Maha Laxmi Medical Tisgoan 8 Sharddha Medical Shivgoa n 9 Yahswant Medical Pathardi 9 Anuja Medical Shivgoa n 10 Love Kush Medical Pathardi 10 Shree Ganesh Medical Shivgoa n 11 Gugle Medical Pathardi 11 Sanjeevani Medical Shivgoa n 12 Pawar Medical Pathardi 12 Dhanvantari Medical Shivgoa n 13 Trupati Medical Pathardi 13 Arihant Medical Shivgoa n 14 Sidhi Medical Pathardi 14 Sushil Medical Shivgoa n 15 Santosh Gen. Store Pathardi 15 Vaidhehi Medical Shivgoa n 16 Sidhi Medical Pathardi 16 Trimurti Medical Shivgoa n 17 Gandhi Medical Pathardi 17 Rajani Medical Shivgoa n 18 Shree Ram Medical Pathardi 19 Chandan Medical Pathardi 20 Jiresaal Medical Pathardi
  • 51. 51 Area: Paithan Area: Newasa Sr.No. Name of outlet Address Sr.No. Name of outlet Address 1 Sudharshan Medical Paithan 1 Shri Medical Newasa 2 Swapna Medicos Paithan 2 Chatanya Medical Newasa 3 Chakkreshwari Medical Paithan 3 Rai Medical Newasa 4 Vanktesh Medical Paithan 4 Ravi Medical Newasa 5 Kailash Medical Paithan 5 Mutha Brothers Newasa 6 Ansari Medical Paithan 6 Sane Medical Newasa 7 Jagdish Medical Paithan 7 Dynayandra Medical Newasa 8 Balaji Medical Paithan 8 Sakshi Medical Newasa 9 Bharat Medical Paithan 9 Pragati Medical Newasa 10 Bajrang Medical Paithan 10 Shri Dutt Medical Newasa 11 Shri Samarth Medical Paithan 11 Shri Ganesh Medical Newasa 12 Anand Medical Paithan 12 Kishor Medical Newasa 13 Shri Swami Samarth Medical Paithan 13 Sandeep Medical Newasa 14 Dnyaneshwar Medical Paithan 14 Amit Medical Newasa 15 Shri Sai Medical Newasa 16 Shri Sai Medical Newasa 17 Dnyaneshwar Medical Newasa
  • 52. 52 Area: Srirampur Area: Takli, Harigoan Sr.No. Name of outlet Address Sr.No. Name of outlet Address 1 Maharashtra Medical Srirampur 1 Atharv Medical Takli 2 Mohan Medical Srirampur 2 Om Medical Takli 3 Sethi Medical Srirampur 3 Shri ram Medical Takli 4 Deepyog Medical Srirampur 4 Ranuka Medical Bhokar 5 Shalimar Medical Srirampur 5 Shri Dutt Medical Harigoan 6 Shanti Medical Srirampur 6 Dudhediya Medical Harigoan 7 Jayanti Medical Srirampur 8 Om Sai Medical Srirampur 9 Navkar Medical Srirampur 10 Mamta Medical Srirampur 11 Kothari Medical Srirampur 12 Govind Medical Srirampur 13 Raj Medical Srirampur 14 Boravke Medical Srirampur
  • 53. 53 Area: Kopergaon Area: Rahuri, Loni Sr.No. Name of outlet Address Sr.No. Name of outlet Address 1 Jeevan Medical Kopergaon 1 Shri Vithal Medical Rauri 2 Sai Sumradhi Medcal Kopergaon 2 Om Sai Medical Rauri 3 Praveen Medical Kopergaon 3 Sheetal Medical Rauri 4 Sai Medical Kopergaon 4 vijay Medical Rauri 5 Shri Ganesh Medical Kopergaon 5 Rajinder Medical Rauri 6 Sadeshwer Medical Kopergaon 6 Rahuri Medical Rauri 7 Swami Samarth Medical Kopergaon 7 Namo Mahaveer Medical Rahuri 8 Kothari Medical Kopergaon 8 Darshan Medical Rahuri 9 Hem Medical Kopergaon 9 Shantu Medical Rahuri 10 Kirloskar Medical Kopergaon 10 Dhanwantari Medical Rahuri 11 sanket Medical Kopergaon 11 Yogiraj Medical Rahuri 12 Arihant Medical Kopergaon 12 Shivam Medical Rahuri 13 Chanderkant Medical Kopergaon 13 Shafa Medical Rahuri 14 Ambica Medical Kopergaon 14 Vaishnavi Medical Loni 15 Laxmi Medical Kopergaon 15 Anand Medical Loni 16 Suman Medical Salvihis 16 Matoshree Medical Loni 17 Saish Medical Kopergaon 17 Om Medical Loni 18 Om Joyati Medical Kopergaon 18 Anjani Medical Loni 19 Sheetal Gen. Stores Loni 20 Shree Sai Medical Loni 21 Shivam Collection Loni
  • 54. 54 Area: Ghargaon, Sangamner Area: Rahata, Shirdi Sr.No. Name of outlet Address Sr.No. Name of outlet Address 1 Matoshree Medical Bota 1 Ajay Medical Rahata 2 Ganesh Medical Ghargaon 2 Sairaj Medical Rahata 3 Priyanka Medical Ghargaon 3 Sapta Shrungi Medical Rahata 4 Trimurty Medical Ghargaon 4 Sawata Medical Rahata 5 Vaishnavi Medical Ghargaon 5 Anand Medical Rahata 6 Sagar Medical Sakur 6 Aggarwal Medical Rahata 7 Navjeevan Medical Sakur 7 Varsha Medical Rahata 8 Siddheshwar Medical Sakur 8 Hiran Medical Rahata 9 Prathamesh Medical Chandanapuri 9 Jamuna Medical Sakuri 11 Prerana Medical Chandanapuri 10 Shree Ganesh Medical Ganesh Nagar 12 Shivam Medical Sangamner 11 Shree Medical Ganesh Nagar 14 Hariom Medical Sangamner 12 Sai Medical Shirdi 15 Mayur Medical Sangamner 13 Vijay Medical Shirdi 16 Shreeswamisamarth Sangamner 14 Laxminarayan Medical Shirdi 18 Sai Medical Sangamner 15 Om Medical Shirdi 19 Shree Datta Medical Sangamner 16 Saitrupti Medical Shirdi
  • 55. 55 Area: Kukana, Bhanas Hirve Sr.No. Name of outlet Address 1 Prakash Medical Kukana 2 Mahavir Medical Kukana 3 Dnayaneshawer Kukana 4 Balaji Medical Kukana 5 Praful Medical Kukana 6 Dwarkamai Medical Bhinde 7 Om Gurudev Medical Bhinde 8 Sree Medical Bhinde 9 Anand Medical Bhinde 10 Vaibhav Medical Bhanas hirve 11 Shree Ganesh Medical Bhanas hirve 12 Shree Nath Medical Bhanas hirve
  • 57. 57 BIBLIOGRAPHY Reference: 1. Marketing Research by David Luck 2. Marketing Management by Philip Kotler 3. Report by Pricewaters Coopers for I.B.E.F Web Links: 2.
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