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0601084 branding for deore consultancy services

  2. 2. 2 Acknowledgement It is always a difficult task to acknowledge all those who have been of tremendous help in an academic project of this nature and magnitude nevertheless, I have made a sincere attempt to express my gratitude to all those who have contributed to the successful completion of this project through this project report. As I present this report on “BRANDING FOR DEORE CONSULTANCY SERVICES” in Deore Consultancy Pvt.Ltd. I am aware of the humanity and gratitude towards all the individuals who have so kindly offered me their time, skill, knowledge, advice, and facilities, or guidance. I am extremely grateful to Ms. Ashwini Pilangwad– (Marketing Executive) of Deore Consultancy Pvt.Ltd, Kothrud, Pune for giving me this opportunity to develop this project and making all the resources available to me with the intention of success of this project. I also take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to my Project Guide Mrs.Dr.Vandana Gote for her constant support, guidance and encouragement. My special thanks to MANAGING DIRECTOR of Deore Consultancy Pvt.Ltd. Mr.Ankush Deore. Last but not the least I would like to thank my parents, all the employees and all my friends who have always been a strong support during the entire course of my project and without their co-operation the completion of this project would not have been possible. Dhirendra Hyderabadwale
  3. 3. 3 INDEX Sr. No. Topic Page No. 1 Acknowledgement. 2 2 Index. 3 3 Executive summary/Introduction of Project. 4 4 Objective of the Project. 6 5 Research Methodology. 8 6 Feedback for questionnaire in graphical format. 10 7 Research Work as per Objectives. 13 Important aspect of Branding. 13 10 Punch lines. 16 3 Branding Themes. 17 Clarification for designed Punch Lines. 18 4 Advertisements designed. 23 8 Company Detailed Profile. 27 company's Vision and Mission. 29 Organization Structure. 30 Breif History of Company. 32 9 Conclusion. 46 10 Suggestion and Recommendation. 47 11 Questionnaire. 48 12 Bibliography. 51
  4. 4. 4 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. Project Name: BRANDING FOR DEORE CONSULTANCY SERVICES. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The Project refers to built strong branding strategies by means of suggesting and designing promotional tools and techniques such as branding themes, punch lines, media advertisements etc, so as to decide the best possible way to promote the company and help it to emerge as a brand in Software industry. As the company is involved in Software and Web designing (Web-site designing) and the company is presently into its growth phase, it needs strong Branding strategies in order to have a good brand Image in its market which is loaded with giant competitors, hence the company tends to have an edge over its competitors by having effective branding themes and punch line and decent advertisements so that it can get sound attention in the market and hence further the company can prove itself with its excellent products and services in IT field. This project have been designed in order to fulfill this need of the company, where I have referred many sites and used my creativity to design best possible Branding strategies and advertisements for the company along with the company’s support to a great extent by guiding me at all times in this project.
  5. 5. 5 REASON FOR SELECTING THE TOPIC The topic has been allotted to me by the company by the HR manager Ms.Supriya Palsonkar, after the interview conducted in the company corporate office. The company was in collage campus for requirement of 12 projects for different research’s and market survey and other marketing areas, this project of Branding was given to design best themes for the company. This was the reason for selecting the project and also I think this was the project where I think I have done best from my point of view, besides the others topics available.
  6. 6. 6 PROJECT OBJECTIVES Objective: 1) To collect 30 responses, out of which 10 from IT professionals/IT Field, 10 from educational institutes involved in teaching Advertisement and promotional techniques, 10 from corporate people or companies who understand and know the importance of web-designing and ERP solutions. 2) To create 10 effective Punch Lines for company with view to its short and long term objectives, target market etc, to take attention of customers and help it to emerge as a Brand. 3) To create 3 Branding Themes for the company with the same view and for the same intention stated herein above. 4) To design 4 Print media Advertisements for effective advertisement and generating awareness in market. 5) To identify elements of Brand and Brand Equity. 6) To plan and develop other aspects within the organization which helps for promoting the Organization.  Primary Objective: To Increase the brand image of Deore Consultancy services Pvt.Ltd.  Secondary Objective: In order to achieve its main objective of improving the brand image of the company, secondary objective refers to the path selected for achieving its main objective, i.e. it involves activities like designing 5 Paper advertisements, 10 effective
  7. 7. 7 punch lines, 3 branding themes and other elements as preparing questionnaire for collecting suggestion from different people as guided in the project objectives by the company and collecting 30 responses for improving organizational promotional activities effectively.
  8. 8. 8 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Meaning:- Research means the process of getting knowledge and that can be carried out either arbitrarily or in a systematic fashion. It is a purposive investigation. Research process involves defining the problem, formulating the hypothesis, organizing and evaluating the data, deriving inference and conclusion after careful testing. Definition:-  According to bery “A careful investigation or inquiry specially through search for new facts in any branch of knowledge”  Redman and mory defined research as “Systematized effort to gain new knowledge”. DataCollection Method:- The Researcher has collected required information through following: 1) Primary Source 2) Secondary Source A. Primary Source: Primary data are those data which are collected for the first time. It is better to go for primary data since it is first hand information and there are less chances of personnel bias and information can be collected with accuracy at the same time. It could be retabulated and survey concerned in various forms this data can be used. For collecting primary data I have chosen the questionnaire method.
  9. 9. 9 B. Secondary Source: It consist of information that already exists some were, have been collected for another purpose. The two type of secondary source are as under: a. Internal source: Internal secondary data includes the data generated within the organization.  Company Profile.  Company Senior Person. b. External sources:- External secondary data is collected from out side of the organization, like  Internet, websites, the web-site used by me is www.edeore.com, which is the company’s website.  www.google.com, for checking the availability of the punch lines designed by me weather already used for another company or not.
  10. 10. 10 Feedback for Questionnaire in form of Graphs and Diagrams. 1) The Feedback is taken for the entire questionnaire above, but only some of them are included here. Though all are equally important but some are useful for company database, some for fulfilling the project objective and some for generating customers. 2) The feedback is collected from 30 responses, out of which 10 from IT professionals/IT Field, 10 from educational institutes involved in teaching Advertisement and promotional techniques, 10 from corporate people or companies who understand and know the importance of web-designing and ERP solutions. 3) The project has been also designed keeping all these feedbacks in mind as the samples are decided after discussions with the company’s Marketing authorities.
  11. 11. 11 a) 1) (Feedback from 30 people was taken for which the above result was obtained, it was found that more than 75% people agreed that Internet advertisements and websites are useful Promotional Techniques.) b) (Feedback from 30 people was taken for which the above result was obtained, it was found than 100% people replied that Web-Designing and IT companies are playing a vital role for Businesses to grow and develop in this era of Globalization.) Weather Internet advertisements and websites are useful Promotional Techniques? Yes, 23 No, 7 Yes No Weather Web-Designing and IT companies are playing a vital role for Businesses to grow and develop in this era of Globalization? Yes, 30 No, 0 Yes No
  12. 12. 12 c) (Feedback from 30 people was taken for which the above result was obtained, it was found that 80% of the companies were using specialized software Products or having its Website.) d) (Feedback from 30 people was taken for which the above result was obtained, most no of respondents i.e. 30% replied for having exiting offers by providing services on lower cost than competitors, 27% replied of placing huge advertisements, 13% replied for combination of both the above, 17% replied of appointing good marketing staff able to attract industries for Marketing while remaining 13% people were having different replies, some asked for sending mails and letters to potential customers for direct interaction while some asked for telecalling method to take leads and then approach the customers to convince them.) Is your company using specialized software Products or having its Website? Yes, 24 No, 6 Yes No What would be your suggestions to the Web-Designing and IT companies who are providing good solutions and services but not popular? 9 8 4 5 4 Having exiting offers by providing services on lower cost than competitors. Placing huge Advertisements. Both. Increasing Marketing efforts by appointing good marketing people able to attract Industries. Other.
  13. 13. 13 4) Research Work as per Objectives. Important aspects of Branding: 1) Definition of Branding: Branding is an important strategy for differentiating a product from its competitors. It is a name, logo, trade mark, patent no or package design i.e. used to distinguish the firm’s product or services from others. 2) Definition of Brand: A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol or deign, or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors. Aspects related to Branding Decision: The first decision is whether the company should develop a brand name for its product. In the past, most products went unbranded. Producers and middle men sold their goods out of barrels, bins and cases, without any supplier’s integrity. The earliest signs of branding were in the efforts of medivial guilds to require craftspeople to put trademarks on their products to protect themselves and consumers against inferior quality. In fine arts, too, branding began with artists signing their works. But today, branding is such a strong force that hardly anything goes unbranded. Salt is packaged in Distinctive manufacturers containers, oranges are stamped with growers names and further all sectors like automobile or may be service is today well known according to its brand name. /
  14. 14. 14 Why branding the products? / Advantages of branding. 1) Brand name makes it easier for the seller to process orders and track down problems. i.e. it makes easy to record orders from the variety of product range available with him, of particular type the consumer demands. 2) The seller’s brand name and trademark provide legal protection of unique product features, which would otherwise be copied by competitors. 3) Branding gives the seller the opportunity to attract a loyal and profitable set of customers. Brand loyalty gives sellers some protection from competition and greater control in planning their marketing program. 4) Branding helps the seller segment markets. 5) Good brands help built the corporate image. By carrying the company’s name, they help advertise the quality and size of the company. DEFINATION OF MARKET RESEARCH: The purpose of Market Research is to obtain information which helps in identification of a marketing opportunity or problem, to determine the issues dimension and magnitude to enumerate and evaluate the alternative solutions select the right Course of action and the follow through the systematic gathering, recording and analyzing of data about problems relating to the marketing of goods and services is the significance of market research. The essential purpose of market research is to provide information which will facilitate the identification of opportunity or problem situation and to assist managers in arriving at the best possible decisions when such situations and encountered
  15. 15. 15 Other aspects of Branding. Brand equity “Brand equity” refers to the value of a brand. Brand equity is based on the extent to which the brand has high brand loyalty, name awareness, perceived quality and strong product associations. Brand equity also includes other “intangible” assets such as patents, trademarks and channel relationships. Brand equity The value of a brand. From a consumer perspective, brand equity is based on consumer attitudes about positive brand attributes and favorable consequences of brand use. Brand image “Brand image” refers to the set of beliefs that customers hold about a particular brand. These are important to develop well since a negative brand image can be very difficult to shake off.
  16. 16. 16 a) Designing 10 punch lines for Deore consultancy services Pvt.Ltd. 1) Deore- Sophisticated Web-Business Solutions. 2) Deore- Innovation with sophistication for your business solutions. 3) Deore- Sophisticated Innovation for your business solution. 4) Deore- Building Smarter business. 5) Deore- Developing Ideas for your Business. 6) Deore- Designing your website as smart as your business. 7) Deore- Building websites with style. 8) Deore- Designing Smarter Web-Business Solutions. 9) Deore- IT solutions for Smart Businesses. 10) Deore- Ultimate IT solutions for your success.
  17. 17. 17 b) Designing 3 branding themes for Deore consultancy services Pvt.Ltd. 1) Deore- For your business and web Solutions. 2) Deore- Genuine IT solutions for your business Conditions/Situation. 3) Deore- Quality IT solutions for your business Problems.
  18. 18. 18 c) Clarification for the 10 Punch Lines for Deore consultancy services Pvt.Ltd. The clarification for these punch lines has been given here under, so as to clarify how these meets with the company mission and vision statements. How these moves hand in hand to the company objectives and weather been imitated or really genuinely designed by me. Hence for this purpose as well as for showing how and why only these words and phrases have been used in a particular Punch line, detailed clarification have been given by me as under.
  19. 19. 19 1) Deore- Sophisticated Web-Business Solutions. This punch line have been selected as it covers both the services provided by Deore i.e. Web designing as well as Software solutions for different companies. In observation of different punch lines of various companies, most of the companies are either having their title of business solution or Web designing, so this theme was an attempt to have a fusion of both the major services provided by the firm. Additionally the word sophisticated is given as prefix which builds a strong image and conveys our message in more precise manner, also this suits the company’s mission statement of “To enhance efficiency and effectiveness of our customers business by providing them with most excellent and innovative information Technology solutions”. 2) Deore- Innovation with sophistication for your business solutions. This Punch line once again conveys the company’s Mission statement by word sophistication which have been referred earlier, innovation definitely suits in the punch line as without innovation no one can built smart and different web sites as well as no one would be able to build different Softwares which suits the companies requirement for simplifying their work. 3) Deore- Sophisticated Innovation for your business solution. This punch line is very similar to the previous one, but having different sentence formation than the above one. As it depends on person to person how they take a particular sentence and which sentence suits more, hence this punch line conveys same message but is quoted in different way, to let you to have the best alternative with best formation of words.
  20. 20. 20 4) Deore- Building Smarter business. This is very short punch Line but conveys lots of Messages. Basically Web-Designing helps the companies in portraying themselves in front of the world for their various services provided; hence Smart Web-designing would help them to do their job precisely as well as improves their image in front of their customers and people they want to access with. Software designing i.e. Software Packages helps the companies to reduce their work by simplification process and procedures, by which companies can save lots of time involved for unnecessary or lengthy operations. Now a days saving time is saving money, hence the time saved by these packages provided by us, helps these companies to earn more profit. Hence it conveys that smart work is required rather that hard work. 5) Deore- Developing Ideas for your Business. This punch line refers the second half of previous given clarification, i.e. for Software Designing. This conveys that we develop the best ideas for your business, which ease your routine time consuming processes and procedures and help the companies to get the best out of our ideas in form of software packages. 6) Deore- Designing your website as smart as your business. This punch line is solely referred to Web-Designing, but is very effective. The punch line also makes feel the customers that we will design their web-site equally smart as their business, which I think generates a feeling of getting praised by us.
  21. 21. 21 And all of us know very well, how effective tool Praising is in real life as well as in business to generate customers and grow our business. 7) Deore- Building websites with style. This punch line once again refers only to web-designing, but again quoted in different way. Here the sentence is formed in such a way that we design the web-sites with style and now a days what matters is STYLE, hence we can get noticed even with this small but effective sentence. 8) Deore- Designing Smarter Web-Business Solutions. This Punch line is also conveying the same message as in the punch line, hence would not require much clarification, as quoted in different way. 9) Deore- IT solutions for Smart Businesses. This Punch line refers to the IT solutions part. Frankly speaking this is much repeated and indifferent word used by most of the companies in their punch line, the difference would be “For smart businesses”. The clarification of smart Business is already stated above for 4th Punch line.
  22. 22. 22 10) Deore- Ultimate IT solutions for your success. This is one more very different and one of my favorite punch Line. This punch line have taken the maximum time for formation, as I was thinking to put the word IT solutions in an effective form, which would also motivate the companies to go with Deore and simultaneously match with the companies vision and mission statement. Hence this punch conveys that our IT solutions are the ultimate ones and let its user’s success.
  23. 23. 23 Advertisement for Deore consultancy Pvt.Ltd. Advertisement no:1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exiting Web-Designing packages for smart companies who want to live globally in this global era through Internet Websites. Deore now provides you with affordable packages to flourish your business in an extravagant style with us. We promise that we’ll design and maintain your Web-site as smart as your Business. Elite web-sites for Elite companies……….. Deore- Designing Smarter Web-Business Solutions. We also offer 7 sophisticated ERP solutions for construction and hospitality businesses. For more details log on to www.edeore.com Tel: 020-32504122. Mob: 9370286060. Office no: D-15, Rahul complex, Paud road, Kothrud, Pune- 411 038. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24. 24. 24 Advertisement no:2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Are you satisfied with your old way of Advertising? How can you be without a Web-Site. We offer exiting and most affordable packages for designing and maintaining your web- sites to keep your company with the global environment. Elite web-sites for Elite companies……….. Deore- Designing Smarter Web-Business Solutions. We also offer 7 sophisticated ERP solutions for construction and hospitality businesses. For more details log on to www.edeore.com Tel: 020-32504122. Mob: 9370286060. Office no: D-15, Rahul complex, Paud road, Kothrud, Pune- 411 038. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  25. 25. 25 Advertisement no:3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We provide different IT services locally as well as globally. Some of them are: Custom application development, Web Solutions, Enterprise Application Services, System Integration, IT Consulting, IT Outsourcing. What else are you searching for…………. Deore- Designing Smarter Web-Business Solutions. For more details log on to www.edeore.com Tel: 020-32504122. Mob: 9370286060. Office no: D-15, Rahul complex, Paud road, Kothrud, Pune- 411 038. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  26. 26. 26 Advertisement no:4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thinking of Designing a Smart Web-Site for your Company? Or Thinking for a smart ERP solution package to take off your work load? We are having exiting and most affordable packages for you with the best genuine solutions, So, what else are you searching for…………. Deore- Designing Smarter Web-Business Solutions. For more details log on to www.edeore.com Tel: 020-32504122. Mob: 9370286060. Office no: D-15, Rahul complex, Paud road, Kothrud, Pune- 411 038. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  27. 27. 27 Detailed company Profile of Deore consultancy Pvt.Ltd. The company profile is been highlighted here in detail, as these details are totally used to design all the objectives of the project as required in this project. Hence should be given due importance for this project consideration as it was only possible me to design the branding themes, Punch lines as well as the advertisements as per the company’s mission, its type, organization structure, strengths and weaknesses and other aspects like the products and services produced and sold by the organization, which all are included in this Profile. The Company profile and details are divided and sub-divided into: Services provided by the company. Company’s Mission and Vision. Company’s History Products sold by the company.
  28. 28. 28 Profile of Deore Consultancy Pvt.Ltd. About Deore Consultancy Services: Deore consultancy services is a growing Information Technology Consulting and Software Services company located at Pune, India. We provide IT services to increase efficiency, enhance productivity and reduce operating costs of our customer's businesses. Our expertise lies in identifying customer’s business goals, choosing the most appropriate technology and efficiently designing & developing solutions to maximize customers’ Return on Investment. Our customer centric approach helps us to provide best possible solution for the following range of services; Custom Application Development Web Solutions Enterprise Application Services IT Consulting IT Outsourcing
  29. 29. 29  Company’s Vision and Mission. Vision Statement "To achieve a highly efficient and effective sustainable world with each individual having equal opportunity to enjoy its valuable resources in peaceful manner." Mission Statement "To enhance efficiency and effectiveness of our customers' businesses by providing them with most excellent and innovative Information Technology solutions." Core Ideology Core Values 1. Truth: Truthfulness in business (legal and ethical business practices) We will conduct our business fairly with honesty and transparency 2. Customer is at the highest priority We shall strive for utmost customer satisfaction and delight 3. Quest for innovation and creativity We shall consistently strive for creativity and innovation in our organization Core Purpose Our core purpose is the attainment of a sustainable world.
  30. 30. 30 CORPORATE OVERVIEW The corporate governance structure specifies the distribution of rights and responsibilities among different members in the corporation, such as, the board, managers, shareholders and other stakeholders, and spells out the rules and procedures for making decisions on corporate affairs. By doing this, it also provides the structure through which the company objectives are set, the means of attaining those objectives and monitoring performance. This section details our board of directors and corporate structure; Currently, Founder directors Mr. Ankush Deore and Ms. Kalyani Joshi constitute the board of Deore Consultancy Services. We are in the process of selecting eligible professionals for our Board of Directors as well as Board of Advisors positions. Current Structure: Matrix Organization At Deore, we follow matrix organizational structure and take advantage of strengths of functional and projectized organizational structures. Strong matrix at Deore ensures that the project managers get maximum autonomy and authority to take project related
  31. 31. 31 decisions required for successful completion of the project.
  32. 32. 32 Brief History: We are a growing company in the search of ways to make a difference in the world economy. Mr. Ankush Deore, Chairman and Founder-Director of our company with his quest for entrepreneurship started evaluating different opportunities since May 2001. In June 2004, he along with Ms. Kalyani Joshi established "Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Management" (CEBM) to identify, evaluate and exploit business opportunities across the globe and mainly to lay a strong foundation for a visionary company in the forming. In March 2005, "Deore Consultancy Services Private Limited" was incorporated. Currently Deore Consultancy Services is engaged in developing infrastructure and establishing a global customer base. In short term, we are aiming to increase our strength to 100 professionals. Quality: At Deore, we take utmost care to ensure success of our projects. Our robust project management systems ensure that scope and quality of the project are delivered within the specified time using allocated resources. Apart from project management techniques, several other quality tools are used to improve processes in each area of Deore's operations. Recently we implemented Six Sigma methodology for improving few of our processes. Implementation of Six Sigma significantly improved customer satisfaction through cost reduction, reduced project delivery time and improved customer relationship management. At Deore, we are continually trying to improve ourselves to deliver better solutions to our clients at lower costs and improved quality. We have implemented quality management
  33. 33. 33 systems to deliver high performance every time. We are also a certified ISO 9001:2000 organization. At Deore, we consistently evaluate ourselves for improvement that will bring smile for our customers. We plan to be a CMM Level 4 company by 2008. Why Deore Consulytancy Services? Deore Consultancy Services is an Equal Employment Opportunity Organization. At DEORE, we provide equal opportunities to all our employees and all qualified applicants for employment, without regard to their race, caste, religion, color, ancestry, marital status, sex, age, nationality and disability. DEORE presents valuable employment opportunities which include higher responsibilities and superior opportunities. Opportunities are presented with well drafted development plans which ensure faster growth with steep learning curve. Our culture fosters creativity and makes DEORE one of the best places to work for. We recommend you to surf the career section to know more about us and understand employment opportunities at DEORE. We welcome you to join us and unleash your creative potential. No doubt, you will find DEORE as one of the best places to work for.
  34. 34. 34 COMPANY’S PRODUCTS: THE COMPANY DEALS WITH THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS. Deore QT Deore Estimate Deore School Deore Inventory Deore CRM Deore Purchase Deore ORS 1) DEORE QT Objective Finding out quantities has been tough task for Construction companies till date. Process is tedious and time consuming but equally important as success of whole project rests on this correct quantity estimates. By keeping in mind this unique need of Construction companies, “Deore Consultancy” has introduced special software solution “Deore QT”. Extensive research of two and half years has finally fruited into this unique Quantity Take-off product. With the desire to empower construction companies with technology and improve their efficiency, Deore Consultancy has developed this much awaited software solution. Finding out quantity has never been so easy and fast as with Deore QT. With special interface with AutoCAD, this solution does wonders. Just open your AutoCAD drawing and start finding quantities within minutes by selecting drawing. The thing which used to take days and months of civil engineers can now be done in minutes, thanks to Deore QT.
  35. 35. 35 You need not be necessarily civil engineer either. Even non-engineer can use it effectively with its very User friendly GUI and overall architect. Once trained, any person can find out different quantities like "Skirting", "Flooring", "Plaster", "White wash", "Neeru Finish", "Concreting of columns, beams, foundation", "Steel" etc easily. Latest technologies have been used to develop this desktop based application to be in pace with fast changing technological world. It can be installed machines of various configuration and periodic updates help our client to make the most of our extensive research and innovative solutions in this field. 2) DEORE ESTIMATE Objective: "Deore estimate" is an end to end solution for carrying out the cost estimation of various projects. It not only automates the estimation process but also helps in generating various reports which are proving to be most important documents while taking critical decisions. Estimation is one of the most important but equally tedious and time consuming process. As estimation is carried out in the initial phase of life cycle of the project, its importance is highlighted with the fact that maximum cost reduction can be carried out with effective and accurate estimation. Doing estimation manually becomes time consuming when building plans are altered number of times beforegetting finalized. The cost involved also goes up in this whole process. Deore estimateTM is very effective and interactive software specially designed for construction companies, contractors and builders to give them an edge over competitors. It is designed to prepare detailed estimate and adopt various Schedule of Rates (SOR). The Items of work can be picked directly from the Schedule of Rates which
  36. 36. 36 helps in considerable time saving. It automates the estimation process, helps in generating measurement sheets and abstract report. It is equipped with database of resources viz. materials, machines and labour. Different reports can be generated using this software, which empowers the management to take effective decisions. These reports also give the break-up of cost of different types of materials being used in construction. Deore estimate helps the management in resource allocation, budgeting and hence the cost cutting and effective financial control over the project. Salient Features Easy to use: This solution is highly interactive and user friendly. Estimation process automation: It streamlines the process of cost estimation. Resource database: You can maintain data of all resources like material, labour and machinery. SOR: It can store multiple schedules of rates. You can select suitable SOR for particular project. Easy reports: Reports like Abstract sheets and measurement sheets can be generated at the click of button. Analyze resources for optimum allocation. Analyze cost incurred in the project lifecycle for managing fund allocation and budgeting.
  37. 37. 37 3) DEORE SCHOOL ERP SOLUTION FOR EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES Education industry has gone numerous changes in last 10 years. Introduction of technology has changed the ways in which things are being carried out. Continuous efforts are being made to reduce efforts and time involved in various function of the school or college. Automation of schools or colleges has started with introduction of Computers. But just presence of computers is not enough. These machines need to be equipped with effective softwares which will take care of day to day administration, track the progress of students, analyze their performance, automate library functions etc. With the aim of serving educational institutes, Deore Consultancy services has introduced Deore school; a comprehensive software solution which helps in automating most of the activities of any educational institute. DEORE School can be implemented at any educational institutes including CBSE, ICSE, and State level Educational Institutes etc.
  38. 38. 38 Providing total information to the parents at any time right at your desk DEORE school has been designed after extensive research conducted into 200 schools. The findings revealed that each School has its own particular style of functioning. For instance some schools conduct exams term-wise, some monthly and some weekly. DEORE school has therequisite flexibility to be configured and customized to meet your requirements, instead of you having to change to the software style. DEORE school is designed for Windows with web integration, and support to tools like interactive Voice system (IVR), Optical character Recognition (OCR), Radio Frequency ( RF) etc. which gives you the option of integrating DEORE school to any technology. Salient Features Personal attention to each student Excellent control on the activities on Schedules Reduces work load considerably Significant improvement in school performance Accuracy in calculating the performance of Students Accuracy in calculating the performance of Students Analysis of school progress in minutes using DEORE School, removing the burden of going through all registers. Updating of books of Accounts accurately and with semi automated entries. Information of Fee dues Information of the Employees day to day activities at your convenience. Secure storage of data, no pile up of registers. control of Library Books
  39. 39. 39 DEORE school can be used in a multi user and multi location system. For example you can have one system each in fee counter, accounts, staff room, Principal/Director office, on which all can work online. Using School 2000 you can integrate all the systems you have at different locations to a center location for your analysis. You can also convert any of the reports generated through DEORE school to any format, so that you can send an income and expenditure account or performance of student through e-mail. DEORE school has lot of other features, which are very useful, reducing your workload, helping you to improve the School performance. 4) DEORE INVENTORY Objective Managing and analyzing inventory has never been so easy as demonstrated by "Deore inventory". No other option to this solution as far as managing inventory at construction companies is concerned. Description Keeping inventory costs down is crucial to gain competitive advantage in present global scenario. Effective management of inventory and in turn cost reduction has emerged as one of the biggest challenge for managements in most of the organizations. Implementation of effective software is an ultimate solution to reduce the costs of inventory. "Deore inventory" helps companies slash inventory costs by providing tighter control of stock levels. Deore approach to inventory control is designed and executed to maximize efficiency and flexibility on a task by task basis. This software is efficiently tailored to
  40. 40. 40 meet your specific inventory management needs. It not only automates the inventory management process but also delivers decision making support through number of reports. "Deore inventory" is basically having two modules. "Core module" and "Ancillary Module". Core module is implemented at the corporate office location while Ancillary module is implemented at work sites. Details of vendors as well as different construction items can be stored in the system. Arrival or the issuance of the raw material is inserted at the site location in Ancillary module and this data is updated with Core module on periodic basis. Development in latest MSFT technology and strong functionality has made this software one of its kinds for inventory management. Salient Features Daily updation of stock at site and the head office. Detailed report of total stock at all sites as well as stock levels at different sites. Identification of excess stock at some of the site as well scarcity of stock at other site. Supports in decision making over movement of stock from one site to another. Keeping track of daily issued material, issuing authority and concerned issues. Fraud prevention. Keeping track of rejected material. Overall stock valuation and effective sock management. Customized reports to support the decisions of management. A computer system can automate the purchasing for a great deal of product but must also deliver decision-making support for purchases.
  41. 41. 41 4) DEORE CRM Objective Deore CRM empowers management to keep effective track of all the customer enquiries along with assessing payment dues on day to day basis. Description At Deore we believe that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is not just a process; rather it is a strategy designed to understand, anticipate and service the needs of an organization's present and potential customers. It is a philosophy to us which gets you closer to your customers. Our philosophy has led to origin of an effective CRM solution especially designed for construction industry. This CRM solution named as Deore CRM helps our customers continually gather information about their customers. Analysis of gathered information helps in decision making concerning converting enquires as well as retaining existing customers. Deore CRM has ample functionality for effective management of customer data. Keeping customer follow up, scheduling appointments, arranging site visits has never been so easy. Deore CRM also keeps track of post sales payment schedules of each customer. And that’s not all; it also helps in analyzing efficiency and effectiveness of your sales as well as recovery staff.
  42. 42. 42 Few features of our Deore CRM re listed below; Salient Features Save information of customers and their requirements. Analyze information, to craft marketing strategy. Schedule customer appointments. See daily appointments. Weekly, monthly and custom views also available. Automatic reminders make sure you don't forget any appointment. Keep effective follow up of enquiries. Scheduling customer payments. Keeping track of all payments. Administer performance of sales as well as recovery personnel. 6) DEORE PURCHASE Objective Deore Purchase aims at optimizing procurement process at any construction company which will lead to reduction of paper work, increase in efficiency of operation and in turn improves the profit. Description "Deore Purchase" offers comprehensive software framework specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of Construction industry. It has a user-friendly interface and easy navigation allowing user to spend very little time learning the product. Its excellent interface guides the user throughout the process and ultimately reduces the stress with increase in efficiency and improved purchase cycle.
  43. 43. 43 "Deore Purchase" offers a broad range of features and functionality. This software is helping construction industries to automate and standardize the process. It has significantly reduced the paperwork and left minimal SEOpe for error. This software is having provision to fill in the data of all the vendors and information About different items to be purchased. User can easily choose vendor as well as items while releasing purchase order. User can submit it in print format or even send the document by electronic means. Database of vendors as well as items give wide range of choice to user at the click of a button. Once database is prepared then user can use it whenever required without spending time in filling up the information. Entries of cash purchases can be made easily. User can see the details of purchase orders released and items received for the specified period within seconds at a click of a button. This gives user birds eye view over transactions and in turn increase the efficiency of management. Different reports can be generated which are very useful in day to day functioning of management. Salient Features Generation of purchase orders. Facility to enter details of Cash Purchase and effective track of the same. One time feeding of details of vendors and items which can be used while generating any purchase order. Procurement of right material at the right time. Automatic generation of RFQ, Request For Quotation for purchase. RFQ as well as Purchase Orders can be sent electronically to specified parties.
  44. 44. 44 Details of transactions over specific period of time can be obtained at a click of a button. 7) DEORE ORS (ONLINE RECRUITMENT SYSTEM) Objective "Deore ORS" is an excellent assistant to any HR manager who now a days is spending lot of time and effort to scrutinize and recruit right kind of people. It not only streamlines the work but also helps in perfect selection. Description "Deore ORS" is easy to operate and powers recruiting efforts of companies in different industries. It is a Windows based and database-driven software which provides complete application management, tracking of candidates, detailed search based on criteria, electronic communication management and automates the hiring process as a whole. Prospective candidates can upload their CVs along with application for particular vacancy in your organization and these details will come to you in sorted format which is very easy to deal with. Powerful search option helps user to assort candidates as per the requirement and saves huge amount of time required go through the complete life cycle of recruitment process. Once candidates are classified, e-mails can be sent to all of them with the click of a button. As a leading provider of customized software, Deore Consultancy has the industry knowledge, technical expertise and foresight to help you realize your business goals, fully utilize your available resources, and increase productivity. Streamlining every aspect of the recruitment process, "Deore ORS" certainly empowers the HR Manager to take most appropriate decision.
  45. 45. 45 Salient Features Automatic storage of CVs in database, which are submitted online. Search of candidates based on various criteria like experience, position applied for, location etc. Excellent detailed resume management Easy contact facility to prospective candidates.
  46. 46. 46 Conclusion: The conclusion of this project is that, after the feedback taken from targeted people of sample size 30, it was found that 76% of the people think that Internet advertisements and websites are useful Promotional Techniques and 100% people replied that Web- Designing and IT companies are playing a vital role for Businesses to grow and develop in this era of Globalization. Also it was found that 80% of the companies interacted were using specialized software or have its own web-site. Also 30% respondents replied for having exiting offers by providing services on lower cost than competitors while 27 % for advertisement to capture more market. Also the project was successful to design 10 effective punch lines, out of which 1 have been finalized by the company to be used along with its brand name. As directed by the company 3 Branding themes and 4 Advertisements have also been designed, which are designed as per company’s objective and point of view to attract people and gain good market share. As per the objectives, the project also contains elements of Brand and Brand Equity which helps us to understand this project more precisely. All this indicates that the project has been successful to fulfill its ultimate objective i.e. to help the company to emerge a Brand in IT and Web-designing Industry.
  47. 47. 47 Suggestions and Recommendations: After this research study in Deore consultancy I would like to suggest the company that it should improve its infrastructure in terms of ambience and comfort. Though the company has been started few years before and is in its growth phase but still has achieved good success and presently having good client base in field of construction and related field, hence have a great future in ERP and Web solution. Also the operations are very systematically carried out; hence staff can work more effectively in better ambience with more facilities provided.
  48. 48. 48 Questionnaire: QUESTIONAIRE FOR SUGGESTING STRONG BRANDING STATEGIES FOR I.T. AND WEB DESIGNING COMPANIES. ________________________________________________________________________ 1) Name: 2) Designation and qualification: 3) Income Group: [ANNUAL INCOME] 2, 00,000 2,00,000-3,00,000 3, 00,000-5, 00,000 5, 00,000 and Above. 4) Company: 5) Address and Contact Information: i) Contact No: ii) E-mail: iii) Facsimile: 6) Do you believe on Brands or Branded Products? Yes No 7) If yes, are you loyal to the Brand you always purchase? Yes No
  49. 49. 49 8) Do you believe that Internet advertisements and websites are useful Promotional Techniques? Do such techniques help the companies to promote themselves as well as their Brands? How? Yes No ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 9) Do you feel that Web-Designing and IT companies are playing a vital role for Businesses to grow and develop in this era of Globalization? How? Yes No ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 10) Is your company using specialized software Products or having its Website? Software Products: Yes No Website: Yes No 11) If yes, in what way does your company get benefited by these techniques? If no, don’t you think you can promote/ optimize your organizational cost by using them? If Yes: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ If No: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________
  50. 50. 50 12) What would be your suggestions to the Web-Designing and IT companies who are providing good solutions and services but not popular? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 13) What are the tools and techniques that you suggest these companies to promote them? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Signature
  51. 51. 51 BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS  Marketing management by Philip Kotler  Marketing management by R.K.Saxena.  Company Profile. WEBSITE  www.edeore .com  www.google.com