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Sunz Keynote Bi Futures 20071128

Sunz Keynote Bi Futures 20071128






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  • Copyright © 2005, SAS Institute Inc. All rights reserved.

Sunz Keynote Bi Futures 20071128 Sunz Keynote Bi Futures 20071128 Presentation Transcript

  • SUNZ Annual Conference 2007 A Big Thank You, to Our Sponsors
  • “ BI” of the Future SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform: What’s new and what’s the next wave Keith Collins, Senior VP & Chief Technology Officer, SAS presented by Bill Gibson Chief Technology Officer SAS Asia Pacific
  • Top Ten Technology Issues – by Drivers
    • Business Drivers
      • BPM/BAM
      • Unstructured Data and Content Management
      • Operational Analytics
      • Regulatory Compliance / Security / Privacy
      • Geospatial Data Analysis
    • Technology Drivers
      • SOA, Web Services and Composite Applications
      • Software as a service
      • Advanced Data Visualization
      • RFID Analysis
    • Disruptive Technologies or Business Models
      • Enterprise Search
  • BI Models – Current & Emerging
    • Classic BI
    • Classic BI with Data Quality
    • BI with Feedback Loops
    • Real Time BI
    • Business Activity Monitoring
  • Classic BI Architecture
    • Traditional idea of extracting data, building a DWH, running some analytics and producing a report...
    • Consumers are humans
    • Useful for monitoring processes
    • Provides consistency and management
    Legend Data Flows managed by 3 rd parties (----------) Data Flows with SAS ETL (solid red) Analytical Data Flows (solid black) Results Flows
  • SAS Visual BI and BI Dashboard
  • Classic BI Architecture with Data Quality
    • Data Quality added
    • Various Possibilities in Combination
    • Real Time DQ in Operational Applications
    • DQ added in Flows to EDW or to Marts
    • One Set of Rules
    Legend Data Flows managed by 3 rd parties (----------) Data Flows with SAS ETL (solid red) Analytical Data Flows (solid black) Results Flows
  • BI Architecture with Operational Feedback
    • Results fed back into Operational Systems
    • Integration at the Data level
    • Useful for Cyclical Applications eg Planning
    • Results of Forecasts, Cost Models or Optimisations
    • Users see same workflow but with better recommendations
    Legend Data Flows managed by 3 rd parties (----------) Data Flows with SAS ETL (solid red) Analytical Data Flows (solid black) Results Flows
  • Real Time BI Architecture BAM: Business Activity Monitoring
    • Integration at a Service Level between Operational Application and Model
    • Real Time Scoring or Decisioning
    • Must Satisfy Throughput Requirements
    • Useful when Score on Demand is required
    • May need to “marshall” data from operational system
    Legend Data Flows managed by 3 rd parties (----------) Data Flows with SAS ETL (solid red) Analytical Data Flows (solid black) Results Flows Service Calls
  • SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform: What’s new and what’s the next wave
  • SAS 9.2 Logistics (SUNZ 2006)
    • Coming….. 2007 Q3
    • Migration
      • High priority for R&D
      • Mandate from Jim Goodnight
      • Details later
    • You should be on current maintenance
      • 9.1.3 SP4
      • Current hot fixes
      • Current DI & BI releases, EG 4.1
  • SAS Technologies Roadmap Coming Soon Today Already Production! 6 Months Ago What’s New Recently With SAS 9.1.3 December Coming Soon - 9.1.3
    • Scalability improvements (operation time now largely independent of project size) for unit level operations:
      • Add, edit, copy, and delete models
      • Make series active / inactive
      • Recreate automatically-generated models, refit all models, and select a forecast model for a series
      • Refresh the current forecast model, updating the parameter values for a series; refit the current forecast
    • Performance improvements for project level operations
      • Creating, opening and closing large and very large projects
      • Filtering and scrolling through large and very large projects
      • Fitting models for large and very large projects
    Key Benefits of Forecast Server 2.1
    • EM project conversion utility
    • Addition of new data mining algorithms for predictive modeling, variable reduction, and market basket analysis
    • Additional tools for analytical data pre-processing
      • Interactive binning, append, transpose
    • Enhanced interactive data visualization including new graph types and persistence of interactive graphs created by the user
    • Reporter node for surfacing EM results via PDF and RTF ODS output
    Key Benefits of Enterprise Miner 5.3
  • Key Benefits of Enterprise Miner 5.3 User Interface Updates – Updated PFD
    • Node status indicators
    • Improved icons along with zoom controls
    • Data library
  • SAS Technologies Roadmap SAS 9.2 – The Future Today Future Already Production! Still Under Development! 6 Months Ago December Coming Soon - 9.1.3 What’s New Recently With SAS 9.1.3 What Will 9.2 Bring Already Production!
    • SAS 9.2
      • Phase 1 (End of Q1/Early Q2 2008) : “Classic” SAS
      • Phase 2 (End of Q2/Early Q3 2008) : Technology Solutions Selected Solutions
      • Phase 3 (Ongoing after phase 2) : Analytic Solutions Rest of SAS Solutions
  • Environment Updates New Application Server Support (BI) Updated Browser Support (BI) New Operating Environments
  • Deployment, Installation and Configuration
    • Electronic Software Delivery
    • SAS Deployment Wizard
    • Increased support for silent (and repeatable) installs
    • Pre-requisite handling of specified 3rd party products
    • Optional “phone home” support
    • Expanded system requirements support
    • Simplified documentation install center
  • SAS 9.2 ODS Enhancements
  • ODS Graphics From Start to Finish Copyright © 2007, SAS Institute Inc. All rights reserved.
  • Survival Plot with LIFETEST
  • Bivariate Density Plot with KDE
  • Basics of ODS Graphics
    • Invoke with
    • Procedure options determine “which plot I get”
    • Destination determines “where I see my plots”
    • Style determines “what all my plots look like”
    • Template determines “what a specific plot looks like”
  • SAS 9.2: Stat Studio
    • The power of SAS analytical modeling tools
    • Exploratory graphics and modeling capabilities
    • Extensibility of SAS/IML
  • Management & Administration
    • Major focus for 9.2 and beyond
      • Audit
      • Monitor + Manage
      • Deployment
      • Environment Migration (Promotion)
    • 9.2: Common logging system across the platform
      • Log4SAS (based upon Log4J Java standard)
    • Common Prompting Framework
  • Security Enhancements Single Sign On
    • Single Sign-On (Windows Only – No Prompting)
    • Will be implemented for all SAS platform windows based clients and Web Clients
  • Enhanced Web Service Support
    • Easier to call a SAS Web Service from anywhere
      • More fine grained WSDL used to define SAS web services
      • Simpler use from standard tools and environments (Visual Studio, Sharepoint, Eclipse)
    • Easier to call a web service from SAS - XML Libname engine updated to support WSDL and SOAP.
    • Web Service invoked by issuing the Libname statement with the native WSDL type.
    f ileref foo " http:// www.sas.com/webservice/test.wsdl "; Libname foo XML type=WSDL ; To do a discover of the methods- returns the methods, input and output parameters, and the description Proc contents data= foo._all_; Returns the results from method1 in the web service foo based on the input parameters. Parameters can be a data set, and the Proc can be any Proc and the values would be manipulated appropriately. Proc Print data=foo.method1(param1=x, param2=y…);
  • SAS 9.2 DI Enhancements
    • SAS 9.2 Key Initiatives
      • Single sign-on
      • Dynamic and cascading prompts
    • User Interface enhancements
      • Enhanced PFD
      • “ Post-it” Notes
      • Complete undo/redo
    • Advanced Debugging
      • Capture & display runtime statistics
      • Dynamic source, log, PFD linking
    • Job and Process Manageability
      • Step-thru and Run from processing
      • Change Data Capture Transformations – DB2, Oracle, Attunity
    • Metadata Reporting
    • Enhanced Data Cleansing and Enrichment
    Product Roadmap Data Integration Studio 4.2
  • Data Integration Studio 4.2 Advanced Debugging
  • Data Integration Studio 4.2 Warning / Error Management
    • View of Warnings and Errors with ability to jump right into the log or the code. We will also offer advice as to the likely cause
  • Data Integration Studio 4.2 Run-time Monitoring
  • Data Integration Studio 4.2 Metadata Reporting
  • SAS/Access Enhancements
    • SAS/Access to Netezza (already shipping)
    • SAS/Access to HP Neoview
    • Overall enhancements for SAS/Access products
      • Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT) support
      • PC Files (Paradox, Prodas, Dbase)
      • PC File Server as a Windows Service
  • SAS ® In-Database Processing for Teradata SAS Scoring Data Teradata EDW Current Capabilities Data Teradata EDW Future Option SAS Analytic Modeling SAS Analytic Modeling SAS Modeling SAS Scoring
  • OLAP Server Enhancements
    • Incremental Cube Update:
      • Easier to update the very large cubes SAS supports. Refresh times significantly reduced
      • Available options for updating a cube:
        • Add new data
        • Add new members per dimension table
        • Member property updates for existing members
    • New Batch Management
  • OLAP Cube Studio Enhancements
    • Carry out an incremental update
    • Provide security settings
    • Allows for preview and validation of cube without leaving the admin interface
  • SAS 9.2 BI Enhancements
  • SAS® Information Map Studio
    • Improved relational support
      • Dynamic & cascading prompts
      • Auto arrange tables in relationship tab
    • Easier maintenance of information maps
      • Set property for multiple data items at once
      • UI for fixing unresolved references
      • Improving default descriptions
  • SAS® BI Dashboard 4.2
    • Run in 3rd party portals via JSR 168
    • Support for alerts
    • Secure editing of ranges
    • Pass parameters to Web Report Studio report
  • Parent Values Visual Totals & Subtotals % of Totals & Subtotals
  • SAS Web Report Studio 4.2
    • Prompting & Filtering
    • Dynamic & cascading prompts
    • Case insensitive filters/prompts
    • Use information map filters & prompts for OLAP
    • Allow multiple filter conditions for one data item
    • Filter Dialog: Search for values
    • Report Linking
      • Link from ESRI spatial map with multi-select parameter passing
      • Link directly to a stored process
      • Link to a specific report section
        • Within same report
        • Section in another report
    SAS® Web Report Studio 4.2
  • SAS® Web Report Studio 4.2
    • Add/view report comments
    • Email link to report, optionally with parameter values
    • Ability to call a report directly from a URL
    • Data driven hyperlinks in Tables/Graphs
    • Built-in scheduler
  • SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office 4.2
    • Dynamic & cascading prompts
    • Forecast Server manual override
    • ODS Statistical Graphics support
    • Function in Microsoft Office 2007
  • SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office 4.2
    • Open and refresh SAS Reports authored by Web Report Studio or Enterprise Guide
    • PivotTable: calculated measures and drill-through support
    • PROC REPORT-based Wizard
  • Enterprise Guide 4.2 UI Framework Top-level menus have been reduced and combined with a basic toolbar. Summary Statistics One-time Analysis Programs A contextual tool bar appears inside the content area optimized for the object being viewed.
  • Conditional Logic displayed visually Conditional processing is set up but not run: Icons to show the path that is taken for the current run:
  • Conclusion
    • 9.2 is designed to meet the emerging issues of new models of BI, as well as improving the user, and administrator experience.
    • This presentation only covered selected highlights – there is much more.
    • Further details will become available closer to release dates.
  • Thank You
  • SUNZ Annual Conference 2007 A Big Thank You, to Our Sponsors