How do you get into the top 10 results


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How do you get into the top 10 results so that your website can be seen by many visitors?,

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How do you get into the top 10 results

  1. 1. How do you get into the top10 results
  2. 2. How do you get into the top 10results so that your website canbe seen by many visitors?
  3. 3. Unless you get first page ranking inGoogle, that means you get in the top tenresults, your website will never be foundby anybody. Probably you have heardenough about ”ranking analysis”, “searchengine optimization” and “algorithms”.Though it sounds very complex, it reallyworks on a very simple 3-phase principle.
  4. 4. Search engines will only showwebsites that they have on record. So ifyou want to have massive traffic driven toyour site never forget to submityour content – always valuable content –to search engines and directories. You willnot have to hire somebody to do it for youand charge you big dollars.
  5. 5. Also remember you shouldn’t fall forany of the auto-submit software orservices. You can do it yourself. It canbe and should be done by hand, so easyand simple anybody can do it.
  6. 6. Google will rank highest those websitesthat seem to be most “important”. So whatyou have to do is show that your website ismost important. You can achieve this goalwith some simple SEO tricks. As Imentioned already you must producecontent, useful and valuable content.
  7. 7. Text content equals importance on theInternet. Another key to importance forGoogle is: links, both coming in and goingout. Also make sure to get listed in themajor article directories (,,,, etc.),as this also is a measure of importance.
  8. 8. The search engine will show searchers themost “relevant” high-rankingresources. How does a search engine knowwhich websites are most relevant for us? Bythe number of times certain keywords showup in the text on your web page. Not onlyhow often but in what ways, what context. Italso watches the number of web pages youlink to and those link to you with theparticular keywords included.
  9. 9. Why you want to get into thetop 10 results?
  10. 10. The answer is very easy, you needtargeted traffic driven to yourwebsite. These are the five steps totake if you decide to get trafficblogging.
  11. 11. First of all know what you want yourvisitors to do. What is your goal withblogging? Do you want them to opt-inor sign up or do you want them topurchase your product or services.Focus on your goal and write your copyaccordingly.
  12. 12. Next choose the right keywords. Whatspecific words or phrases are the mostlikely to take action. You can useGoogle Keyword Tool for help. Lookfor words with high global monthlysearch and low competition.
  13. 13. Producing high-quality content cannotbe emphasised enough. Give valuableinformation, educate, engage peopleand tell your stories how you managedto change or achieve something.Position yourself as an authority. Anddon’t want to sell something in everyparagraph or people will escape atonce.
  14. 14. Publish your content in as many wasyas possible if you want visitors andGoogle to know about your site.Besides posting blogs, distributingarticles, or commenting at forums, youneed to have some videos as well.
  15. 15. Spend enough time promotingyour website, your content eachtime you have something new.
  16. 16. As I have learned from an SEO expertif you want to get into the top 10 resultsin 2013 you must diversify as much aspossible, diversify your links, yourtraffic sources, your marketing andeven your point of view that is whatGoogle will appretiate.
  17. 17. Also remember the good old advice as wellabout excellent copy with proper keyworddensity, the use of H1 Tag in the main titleof the page, the H2 and H3 tags for yoursub-headings, making the content of yourpage hierarchical. Use bold, italics andunderlining on keyword and use keywordsin the url.
  18. 18. Put high-quality outbound links onevery page and don’t forget to interlinkyour pages. Produce an HTML sitemap,put the menu on the right and produceMETA tags with great care. These arealso favoured by