5-19-14 #NMSCDetroit "Beyond Networking ~ Why Social Media is Key"


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71% of Social Media users say they are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow online. Are you engaging your customers once they walk out your door? This session will focus on leveraging the use of interactive methods of communication as inexpensive, effective marketing tools for small businesses. Find out who's doing it best, and what they're doing that makes them stand out from the crowd.

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  • Time spent/person/month on Facebook = ~8hoursSingle largest photo repository with over a quarter of a Trillion images400 Million tweets happen each day, 9,100 per second55 Million photos uploaded on average each day100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • We want more, but it has to have a result
  • 5-19-14 #NMSCDetroit "Beyond Networking ~ Why Social Media is Key"

    1. 1. Beyond Networking: How Social Media is Key to Cultivating Customers
    2. 2. @NikkiSunstrum • Director of Social Media, University of Michigan @UMich • Former State of Michigan @MIGov Social Media Coordinator • B.S. in Political Science & M.A. in Education • Skilled in making dull things interesting • Master manipulator of content & small children • Throws parades for fun
    3. 3. #SocialNomics 2014
    4. 4. The way in which we get our point across has changed. Not the concept or necessity of information distribution.
    5. 5. Taking the Shiny Out of Social • 1 in 4 people use social networking sites • Globally, in 2012 over 1.73B registered users of social — By 2017 2.55B • 73% of adults are using social media — 56% in America • 57% of people are talking more online than they do in real life • Nearly 2/3 of Americans sleep with their cell phones
    6. 6. The Fundamentals
    7. 7. But isn’t SM just for people’s cats, bacon & breakfast? • Outreach • Information • Clarification • Resources • Customers
    8. 8. The Method to the Madness • Why do I want to engage in social media • What do I hope to accomplish? • Who is my target audience? • Where do I belong?
    9. 9. It’s not just what you say, but how you say it Visual Engage Show personality Provide exclusivity Build an expectation Analyze
    10. 10. Start Simple Tag, Mention, Share Like, collaborate, comment Support a common cause Promote Create a buzz Decorate for season
    11. 11. Innovative & Appropriate Use • Know your audience • Stick to what you know • Draw a connection • Don’t spam • 80-20 Rule
    12. 12. Be insightful
    13. 13. BOTTOM LINE: Are you seizing the available opportunity to elevate the perception of your business and the success of your overall brand?
    14. 14. Give Me a Boost • Consider who you are targeting • Is your ad social? Does it even need to be? • Branding vs. Advertising • Optimize for mobile and short attention spans • Average FB fan is worth $174 • Images must be <20% text • Potential to double reach for small investment
    15. 15. What not to do
    16. 16. Google Yourself • Proactive, not reactive • Be alert • Manage your profiles • Listen, learn, engage • Deliver on your promises
    17. 17. Bottom Line • Do not underestimate the power of strategy • Make sure everyone is on the same page, literally • Put the proper resources in place for success • Compose guidelines, goals and expectations • Evaluate, measure, and review
    18. 18. Questions? @nikkisunstrum www.fb.com/nikki.sunstrum