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World Ventures Business Opportunity



5 NM leaders with whom tmy sponsor...

5 NM leaders with whom tmy sponsor
has personally worked with all suddenly joined World Ventures. This is called "Convergence" and happens rarely in this industry. After looking into it carefully, it became obvious why. Four years old, just in 1 country - the USA, an accumulative turnover of $250 million and just starting its global expansion by way of the UK and then on to Europe.

This company has two things going for it we have never seen before in Network Marketing. A virtual product that people WANT (not need) but they will tell you that they "Need" a holiday. An offer from the company to waive all monthly membership fees (in other words a FREE business) if one introduces just 4 people to our product - Dream Trips Membership.

It has been a pleasure working in this field. The investment is really low, a one off fee of $370 (about £250) and then nothing at all if you bring in 4 people who want what this company has to offer. Income, time freedom, Dream Trips, holidays and an awful lot of fun.



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  • Important to clarify 90 x 90 does not = 1500, and 1500 is not TOTAL for month
  • Important to clarify 90 x 90 does not = 1500, and 1500 is not TOTAL for month
  • Important to clarify 90 x 90 does not = 1500, and 1500 is not TOTAL for month

World Ventures Business Opportunity World Ventures Business Opportunity Presentation Transcript

  • The Business Opportunity
  • Agenda
     WorldVentures – The Company
     The Product –‘DreamTrips Membership’
     WorldVentures – The Opportunity
     The Financial Rewards
     The Business Support Systems
     Your Next Step
  • WorldVentures - Company Information
    Founded December 2005
    Based in Plano, TX (Dallas)
    Privately Held & Debt-Free
    Highly experienced corporate team with history great success in travel and the home based business arena
  • WorldVentures – the company
    A fast growing, emerging leader in the leisure travel industry
     Remarkable growth – approaching$250 million in sales – despite the down economy they have hit 200% of projections
     Vision to become one of largest and most respected travel companies worldwide
     Dedicated Compliance department
     Their business is promoted exclusively via it’s Representatives (independent business owners)
  • At the heart of WorldVentures
     One of the worlds largest travel search engines
     Rovia is the exclusive travel provider for WorldVentures25 year old travel
    company backed by 50+ years of experience in the travel industry
     Rovia is a member of ASTA – America Society of Travel Agents
  • The Travel Industry Today
    • Industry is no longer controlled by agencies,bookings now made by consumers
    • We’ve gone from “Brick & Mortar” to “Click & Order”
    • “Travel is the single largest category of e-commerce, accounting for about 43% of all online spending.”
  • UK Holiday Trends
     65% of UK adultswent on holiday in 2009
     More than one third taking 3 or more breaks
     55% of holidays in UK booked online
    Source: Mintel 2010
  • Dream Trips - Examples
    More than 50% saving to best online price!
  • Dream Trips - Examples
  • Dream Trips - Examples
  • Dream Trips - Examples
  • Dream Trips - Examples
  • Dream Trips - Examples
    More than 50% saving to best online price!
  • Dream Trips - Examples
    More than 50% saving to best online price!
  • Dream Trips - Examples
    More than 63% saving to best online price!
  • Dream Trips - Examples
  • Dream Trips - Examples
    Great bargains available throughout Europe and Worldwide
  • Recommend 4 members andYOU PAY NO NORE
  • The Perfect Storm
    Of Opportunity
    • Travel is an $8 trillion industry expected to hit$15 trillion over the next 10 years
    • Baby boomers will drive the global market for the next 20 years
    • Explosive demand for internet home based businessesthat have a low overhead (every 7 seconds new startup)
  • In these uncertain times, what are you doing to secure your way of life and protect your family’s financial future?
    What’s your “Plan B”?
  • The Internet changed everything
     Thanks to the internet and YOU - companies have
    become global success stories in record time
     Did they ever thank or reward you?
     WorldVentures rewards its members for helping to
    build their brand and company
  • WorldVenturesA real business on your terms
    Work from home/office - minimal overheads
     No upfront or ongoing stock to purchase
     Minimal financial outlay or risk
     Choose your hours - start part-time & develop at your pace
     Company & team training plus support provided
     Develop unlimited secondary income, replacement income or a residual ‘walk away’ income – ‘Do the work once yet get paid again & again’
  • WorldVentures – International
    World Ventures has grown internationally through ‘people who know people’ in different parts of the world
     Seamless income plan means ‘you can do the same’ by introducing others and sell product in ‘approved’ international markets
     Who do you know in UK, USA, Cyprus, Germany, Malta, South Africa, Israel, Kenya, Botswana or Europe? Who do they know?
  • International expansion
    Germanylaunched in June 2010
    Holland launches in September 2010
    Hungary launches in January 2011
  • How Do You Build A WorldVentures Business?
    Invite people to:1. Save money on better travel2. Look at a way of making more money
  • Becoming a Representative
    Representative Business System (RBS)
    $99.95 + $9.95/mo.
    Online System includes:
    - Sales & Marketing Tools
    - Online Training Program
    - 3 Video-Driven Marketing Websites & Back Office
    No product purchase required to become a Sales Representative.
  • Business marketing website
    Promote your WV business opportunity
  • Product marketing website
    Promote the Dream Trips membership
  • Superb back office
  • How You Make Money
    WorldVentures Financial Rewards Plan
  • Cost To Become A Rep/Member
    Representative Business System (RBS)
    $99.95+ $9.95/mo.
    $199.99+ $49.98/mo.
    TOTAL$299.94 + $59.93/mo
  • You
    Left Team
    Right Team
    How commissions are earned
    • To start earning commissions, you need to ‘Activate’ your Business Centre by
    • 1) making 1 product sale each month
    • or
    • 2) purchasing a product yourself
    • Most Representatives choose to become DreamTrips members also and therefore do not have to make a new sale each month
    • You only have a Left team
    • and a Right team to build
  • Direct Commissions
    *Sale of DreamTrips Package.
    Qualified Rep (Q)
    • Acquire 4 (active) Personal customers
    Get 4 and your following monthly fee’s are waived!
    PLUS: You are now qualified to earn other bonuses as per income plan
  • Personal Sales Bonus
    Make 6 Personal Sales in any 30 Day Period
    You receive
    Can be earned every month or even several times a month!
  • Team Building Cycle Bonuses
    Left Team
    Right Team
    3 Left Team Sales
    + 3 Right Team Sales
    $100 Cycle Bonus
    This is DOUBLED to$200 in your first 60 daysor after that if you have 3 or more cycles in 1 week
  • Your 90 Day Plan To Financial Freedom
  • Right Team
    Left Team
    You make 6 personal sales
    Earn$200 Cycles Bonus
    Earn $120 Direct Commissions
    Plus $250 Personal Sales Bonus
    Total: $570
  • Senior Representative
    30 customers in left team and
    30 customers inright team
    Left Team
    Right Team
    This is a high level overview. For complete details and rules see the Compensation Plan at
  • Director
    90 customers in left team and
    90 customers inright team
    Left Team
    Right Team
    This is a high level overview. For complete details and rules see the Compensation Plan at
  • Build A Residual Income
    90 customers in left team and
    90 customers inright team
    Left Team
    Right Team
    Where true Financial Freedom begins…
    $1,200 /monthResidual Income
    This is a high level overview. For complete details and rules see the Compensation Plan at
  • Performance Has Its Privileges
    DreamCar Bonus
    DreamHome Bonus
    up to $1500/month
    up to $3000/month
  • World Ventures – Pay Plan
  • SUMMARY OF financial rewards
    • Simple binary system– just two teams
    Generous 65% of revenue paid back to Representatives
    Bonuses of $250, $1000 and $5000 if targets met within 30, 60 and 90 days
    High performers benefit from extras like:
    1) Dream Car Bonus – up to $1500 per month
    2) Dream Home Bonus – up to $3000 per month
  • How commissions are paid
    Paid to your Payoneer Debit Card
    Team building and ‘Cycle’ Bonuses - Paid Weekly
    Residual bonuses - Paid Monthly
    Commissions earned visible in ‘real time’ in back office
  • There are NO GUARANTEES regarding income. The success or failure of each Independent Representative, like any other business, depends on each Rep’s own skills and personal effort.
    Incomes discussed are the result of sales of WorldVentures retail products (DTM) by the Representative and sales of other team members introduced and trained to do the same.
  • UK Rep & Member Costs - Timing
    UK law - £200 maximum spend in first 7 days, therefore:
    On Signup Day 1$£
    14 day Trial of RBS9.957
    Dream Trips membership: One off199.99132
    per month 49.98331st payment:259.92171
    From Day 7 - 14
    Full RBSOne off:99.9566
    per month 9.95 7
    2nd payment: 109.90 73
     After 14 Day Trial - no obligation to purchase full RBS
  • World Ventures Vision
    • World Ventures business plan:
    • $10 billion company in 10 years
    • What’s in it for YOU?
    • $6.5 billion in yearly commissions!
  • World Ventures Vision
    • Starbucks – $8 billion in revenues
    • Coffee = $100 billion industry
    • 8% market share
  • World Ventures Vision
    • Avon – $10.8 billion in revenues
    • Cosmetics = $400 billion industry
    • 2.9% market share
  • World Ventures Vision
    • World Ventures – $10 billion in revenues
    • Travel = $8 trillion industry
    • 0.125% market share
  • World Ventures Vision
    • What if World Ventures captured 2.9% of the $8 trillion travel industry?
    • WorldVentures would be a $232 billion company!
  • Your next step
    Which Category Do You See Yourself?
    Not Interested!
    Unsure? Ask More Questions – Find Out More
    Want To Get Started?
    Register online or over the phone with the Representative who introduced you
  • Join WorldVentures and let us show you how to "Make a living… Living!"
  • Thank You For YOUR Attention