Why choose a Vacation Rental Over a Hotel


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http://www.sunsetcove.com | Summer is quickly approaching and now is the time to start planning your vacation

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Why choose a Vacation Rental Over a Hotel

  1. 1. Why Choose a Vacation Rental Over a Hotel?
  2. 2. Going On Vacation Summer is coming up fast. That means it’s time to start planning your vacation. There are a lot of places you can choose from while planning your holiday, but you should think about staying someplace with vacation rentals. In sunny California, there are beautiful vacation rentals right on the water.
  3. 3. Privacy Are you tired of busy hotels with noisy crowds? Laguna Beach vacation rentals are private and a great place to relax for the weekend or for an extended stay. Rent an entire vacation villa for you and your spouse or for your whole family.
  4. 4. Home Away From Home Don’t come back from your vacation feeling tired and drained. Rent your home away from home this summer and experience Laguna Beach and California on a personal level. Sunset Cove Villas in Laguna Beach , California are as luxurious as any hotel room and offer many of the same amenities plus more.
  5. 5. Hotel Amenities without Overcrowding Each vacation rental comes with: • Fully equipped kitchens • Entertainment systems with flat screen TV's in each master bedroom • Linens and bedding • Valuables safes • Wi-Fi
  6. 6. Kitchen Facilities The kitchens in each villa are fully equipped with all the food preparation and serving tools you’ll need. Enjoy many fine dining choices in the area, but also feel free to shop for yourself and make meals in our spacious kitchens. The kitchens are perfect for cooking romantic dinners for two or for making potluck style dinners for a crowd.
  7. 7. Access to Better Recreational Areas Sunset Cove’s villas have private access to Sleepy Hollow beach and are conveniently located near Laguna’s Main Beach and Park.
  8. 8. Cost Effective Our rates are cost effective and the villas offer benefits and comfort not found in standard hotel rooms. Summer rates are by the week, and when you vacation with friends or family, the prices are even more affordable when you share the costs.
  9. 9. Plan Your Vacation Today! Don’t wait, start planning your vacation with Sunset Cove today. Check out our eight different villas and find the one that’s right for you and your family.
  10. 10. About Us Sunset Cove Villas are located in Laguna Beach in the heart of the California Riviera. Find your home away from home at Sunset Cove today. Sunset Cove Villas 891 Laguna Canyon Road Laguna Beach, CA 92651 Google Maps Toll Free: 888.VILLAS1 (US) Telephone: 949.376.5396 (US) Facsimile: 949.494.8063 (US)