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A selection of private yachts for charter. Sunreef Yachts Charter.

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Private Yacht Vacations

  1. 1. CONTENTS©MARC PARIS 02 Introduction to the charter lifestyle THE AMERICAS MEDITERRANEAN 04 New to charter, where to start: 24 Alaska 38 Corsica a couple of basics 26 Galápagos Islands 40 Croatia CARIBBEAN AND BAHAMAS 28 Maine 42 French Riviera and Monaco 30 New England 44 Greece—Aegean Islands 08 Leeward Islands/Antigua 32 Pacific Northwest 46 Greece—Dodecanese Islands 10 British Virgin Islands 48 Italy—Cinque Terre 12 Bahamas—Abacos PACIFIC 50 Italy—Almafi Coast 14 Bahamas—Exumas 34 Society Islands and French Polynesia 52 Sardinia 16 Grenada and the Grenadines 54 Sicily 18 St. Barth’s 56 Turkey 20 St. Maarten 58 Featured Yachts Index TEXT Kim Kavin ART DIRECTION Xavier Marañón COVER PHOTO Marc Paris EDITOR Cecile Gauert Private Yacht Vacations is a special Publication of Yachts International • 1850 SE 17th Street, Suite 107A, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 • +1.954.761.8777 2013 | 1
  3. 3. Introduction to the Charter Lifestyle OUR CAPTAIN INCHES THE 150-FOOTER BACKWARD BIT BY BIT, sliding her effort- and far beyond. You can make a charter yacht vacation anything that you lessly into the marina slip. Once the yacht is within easy reach of the dock, two want it to be, and just about anything that you can possibly imagine. deckhands hop off the swim platform to tie the lines and secure the yacht. The one constant among all charters is the standard of luxury on board. They press a remote-control button, and a passerelle extends hydraulically Whether you are sailing in Saint-Tropez or zipping among the Virgin Islands from the aft deck to the quay. on a fast motoryacht, each charter yacht has a crew to attend to your every We emerge into this scene as the aft deck doors open when we step beneath need and desire. a sensor, and step outside as if on a movie set. Seeing and being seen is just The aforementioned captain and deckhands handle all aspects of safety one of many possible experiences in the world of luxury yacht charter. and cruising, while the stewardesses and chef pamper you every waking There’s also the complete opposite. Being on a charter yacht allows you to moment. Meals, simple or gourmet, are prepared to suit your personal tastes anchor in a secluded harbor where nobody can see you at all. And every- and are served either on the open-air decks or in the formal dining room, thing in between is also an option. You can spend weeks alternating shore depending on your mood. If you want to sleep late, then breakfast is held until visits and private snorkeling holes or spend months cruising from one island lunchtime. If you want to go fishing or scuba diving early, then coffee will await group to the next. you before sunrise. Everything is coordinated to suit you, and you alone, so Charter yachts are available from Monaco to Fiji, from Alaska to St. Barth’s that you can relax and enjoy every minute of your charter.©MARC PARIS From deliciously comfortable beds and luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets, to state-of-the-art entertainment systems, spa showers, outdoor hot tubs, watersports toys and satellite communications, today’s charter yachts offer five-star luxury even when cruising in places where civilization does not exist. Some yachts even offer massage therapy on board as well as yoga, fitness rooms, full-service spas and saunas. You can be as lazy or as active as you would like. A number of charter crews cater to the adventurous and daring spirits beyond the yacht’s deck. Hop onto a tender to reach shore, and you may find your crew there with mountain bikes at the ready to explore trails in the shadows of a volcano. You may hike into a tropical forest or zip through tree canopies. Even if you have never tried any of these sports, if you so desire, the crew may instruct you on the basics of anything from paddle boarding to diving. It is all up to you, the yacht and the destination you choose. Most people never get a chance to sample the wonders of yacht charter, instead waiting on the dock and watching, hoping for just a glimpse into the lifestyle. The following pages are your ticket to stepping on board and joining the fun, no matter where in the world you want to go. 2013 | 3
  5. 5. Charter Basics: ABCs to APA CHARTER BROKERS ARE LIKE SPECIALIZED TRAVEL AGENTS. THEY SPEND COUNTLESS the American Yacht Charter Association (AYCA), the Florida Yacht Brokers hours inspecting yachts, interviewing crew and familiarizing themselves with Association (FYBA) or CYBA International. All these groups require a certain popular charter destinations. As a result, they have far more information about level of experience and expertise before they grant membership. most yachts than you can find out by browsing online or reading brochures. In addition to helping you select the right yacht for your tastes, your charter What’s perhaps more important, they work on your behalf, ensuring that you broker will negotiate the contract between you and the yacht’s owner. The book the right yacht to meet your personal expectations. charter industry uses standardized contracts, but they can be amended for The services of charter brokers cost you nothing, since yacht owners pay special occasions, such as event charters or regatta charters. These special- their commissions, but they give you access to valuable and plentiful infor- ized types of charter may require additional staff to tend to parties or addi- mation. Experienced brokers at the top of their field are members of profes- tional crew for sailing. Your charter broker also will help ensure that your char- sional groups, such as the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA), ter rate is correct and will help you take advantage of any incentives that the yacht owner is offering, such as discounts or bonus days.©MARC MARIS Next, your charter broker will ensure that the yacht receives your Advance Provisioning Allowance, or APA. This payment is sent before the charter begins so the crew can provision the yacht in keeping with your tastes. Your broker will send you a preference sheet asking for your likes and dislikes, everything from food and wine to movies and magazines. The APA will typically cover expenses such as food, liquor, anticipated fuel use, and expected dockage and taxes, none of which are included in the weekly or daily charter fee. Upon your char- ter’s completion, your broker will review expenses sent by the captain to deter- mine whether your APA requires any additional payments or refunds. Last but not least, your charter broker will be available to you via telephone and e-mail throughout the duration of your charter. If there are any issues with travel, for instance, your broker can often help. Many brokers can arrange pri- vate aircraft, private cars and anything else that you require, even at the last minute. If you are chartering for the first time, then brokers also can give you unvarnished information about appropriate crew gratuities and other matters of yachting etiquette. Every charter broker’s goal is to take care of all the details, so that you simply have to enjoy your vacation of a lifetime. 2013 | 5
  7. 7. ● BAHAMAS ABACOS/EXUMAS 12/14 ● GRENADA AND THE GRENADINES 16 ● LEEWARD ISLANDS/ANTIGUA 8 ● ST. BARTH’S 18 ● ST. MAARTEN 20 ● US/BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS 10 ATLANTIC OCEAN©XAVIER MARAÑÓN There are many ways to appreciate the most popular charter destinations. Keep in mind charter itineraries will vary with your boat speed, weather conditions, and other factors. These are only suggestions to whet your appetite. Discuss the specifics with your charter broker and your yacht captain. CARIBBEAN SEA 2013 | 7
  8. 8. LEEWARD ISLANDS ITINERARY [DAY 1] Your first introduction to the island of shore. With a peak towering at 3,232 feet, island of Saba, part of the Dutch Antigua will be historic Nelson’s Dockyard. this tropical island offers a real contrast Caribbean, will allow you to enjoy Then, board your yacht for a short to Barbuda. Hiking, history tours and snorkeling and diving. This tiny island cruise to nearby Green Island, a water beautiful beaches are all on the menu. nation has much to offer, from scenic enthusiasts’ paradise. hiking trails and charming villages to [DAY 4] Nevis to St. Kitts. A short cruise to nearby great sites for SCUBA and a marine park. [DAY 2] Green Island to Barbuda. Cruise to the St. Kitts will reveal the other half of this two- seldom-seen gem of Barbuda, fringed island nation. Try the par-71 beachfront [DAY 6] Saba to St. Barth’s (p.18). Your next with secluded pink beaches protected by Royal St. Kitts Golf Club, one of the top 10 destination hardly needs an introduction. a reef. Overnight cruise to Nevis. things to do here. Don’t leave the island The Riviera and the Caribbean meet on without visiting historic Basseterre. this beautiful, if expensive, island. Gustavia [DAY 3] Nevis. From your anchorage in sheltered Harbor is one of the Caribbean’s most Tamarind Bay, take a short tender ride to [DAY 5] St. Kitts to Saba. A trip to the volcanic sought-after yacht destinations.8 | PRIVATE YACHT VACATIONS
  9. 9. SABA ISLAND BARBUDA CODRINGTON ST. EUSTATIUS ORANGESTAD ST. KITTS BASSETERRE ©DANA JINKINS ST. JOHN CARIBBEAN SEA GREEN ISLAND CHARLESTOWN NEVIS ANTIGUA Engaging Antigua ENGLISH HARBOUR ©DANA JINKINS IN 1671, A YACHT CHRISTENED THE DOVER CASTLE SAILED INTO ENGLISH HARBOUR—AND be-©DANA JINKINS came the first ship ever recorded as entering the protected waters. Today, nearly 350 years later, dozens of yachts at a time dock at the harbor’s Antigua Yacht Club, which has grown to become one of the Caribbean’s best-known marinas. Just steps away from English Har- bour are the yachting hubs at Falmouth Harbour and Nelson’s Dockyard. The latter is named for Admiral Horatio Nelson, who lived there in the late-1700s. Charter clients arrive at all three locations all winter long, walking in the footsteps of history to board the most modern luxury [DAY 7] St. Barth’s to Anguilla. A short cruise will yachts ever conceived. take you to Anguilla. This lesser-known Antigua’s historic place in the annals of yachting is among the most impressive in the entire and less-traveled island features amazing Caribbean, but the modern-day island is just as well known for its annual Sailing Week. The beaches and a laidback feel with few full- regatta is a celebration of sailing that draws world-class competitors as well as spectators time residents. Its galleries offer colorful art aboard charter yachts in late April or early May. Some of the finest sailing yachts in the world and the recent hotel boom has explored attend this event, showing off their sleek, composite hulls and lightweight, carbon-fiber masts. whimsical architecture. If you prefer more natural views, then your charter yacht can spend any time of year poking in and out of bays that lead to Antigua’s 365 beaches. Conch shacks and lobster huts are [DAY 8] Anguilla to St. Martin (p.20). Your trip ends never more than a tender ride away, and there are enough enclaves that your yacht’s on a divided island. St. Martin for the French captain will be able to easily avoid any cruise ships in the region. is St. Maarten to the Dutch. Its dual heritage Nearby islands such as Anguilla and Barbuda also await, with each being within easy has given it plenty to do, from popular cruising distance of Antigua for most charter yachts. beaches to low-key villages. 2013 | 9
  10. 10. US AND BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS ITINERARY (BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS) [DAY 1] Road Town, Tortola, to Norman Island. Enjoy They’re a beautiful rock formation that day of sailing, settle in for a sundowner the cruising scenery as you settle on board you can explore with a snorkel or a swim. at Foxy’s, one of the most beloved rum- and take a swim off the yacht at lunchtime. The Bitter End Yacht Club offers a good punch beach bars in all of the BVIs. By sunset, you’ll be anchored near Willy T’s option for dinner on shore. [DAY 6] Jost Van Dyke to Peter Island. Sea turtles floating bar, just in time for cocktails. [DAY 4] Virgin Gorda to Anegada. The cruising are frequent visitors at Peter Island, where [DAY 2] Norman Island to Cooper Island. Make a time to Anegada is one of the longest you can hop into the water with a snorkel stop along the way at the Caves, where stretches in the BVI, but it’s worth it if and swim alongside. you can snorkel with a flashlight and see you love long, sandy beaches, wild [DAY 7] Peter Island to Road Town. Enjoy a final playful, colorful fish. flamingoes, fantastic snorkeling, and morning of sailing on your return trip to fresh-broiled lobster for lunch. [DAY 3] Cooper Island to Virgin Gorda. The Baths Road Town, where you can catch a ferry are part of your itinerary on this day. [DAY 5] Anegada to Jost Van Dyke. After a relaxing or a plane and begin your journey home.10 | PRIVATE YACHT VACATIONS
  11. 11. ANEGADA CARIBBEAN SEA JOSH VAN DYKE VIRGIN GORDA TORTOLA ROAD TOWN COOPER ISLANDST. THOMAS PETER ISLAND ST. JOHN NORMAN ISLAND Caribbean Charter Classic ONE COULD MAKE THE CASE THAT CARIBBEAN YACHT CHARTER WAS BORN HERE. THE US AND British Virgin Islands have had a loyal following for decades now. Traditionally, the islands and their protected harbors hosted many smaller sailboats and catamarans, enjoying the ideal wind conditions and the islands’ proximity. Increasingly, these diverse and easily accessible islands are attracting larger yachts. Many charter guests arrive through St. Thomas in the US ©DANA JINKINS Virgin Islands or Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. There is no shortage of destinations. In the British Virgin Islands, highlights include Virgin Gorda, home of the renowned Bitter End Yacht Club. You can anchor nearby and tender to shore to enjoy the club’s beaches, restaurants and watersports, and even a dip in the resort’s swimming pool. Oil Nut Bay, a high-end resort and marina developed by a yacht owner, provides new dockage for larger yachts. Another highlight is Jost Van Dyke, where Foxy’s bar and lounge has been welcoming generations of rum-punch lovers and reggae singers. Another classic BVI destination is Pusser’s at Soper’s Hole on Tortola. Pusser’s Painkiller is famous for its ability to dissolve stress. The US Virgin Islands also offer attractions for charter yachts. A must-visit destination is Yacht Haven Grande marina and its restaurants and shopping complex. Located on St. Thomas, it is a great location to start and end charters. For a change of pace, your charter yacht can sail to the protected island of St. John. Part of a national park, it offers hiking trails, sandy white beaches and well-marked snorkeling trails. 2013 | 11
  12. 12. BAHAMAS—ABACOS ITINERARY [DAY 1] Marsh Harbour to Man-O-War Cay. Revel [DAY 3] Little Harbour to Hope Town. The famous tie up at a marina instead of dropping the in the stunning aquamarine waters of red-and-white striped lighthouse will anchor. You can enjoy the resort facilities, the shallow Abacos as you cruise to guide your entry into Hope Town, where including playing 9 or 18 holes of golf. Man-O-War Cay, where a family-owned you can spend a day exploring the [DAY 6] Treasure Cay to Elbow Cay. The big boatbuilding facility has been turning out quaint shops, boutiques, and restaurants. attraction here is Tahiti Beach, a spit of local cruisers for generations. [DAY 4] Hope Town to Green Turtle Cay. A long, sand where boats anchor side by side to [DAY 2] Man-O-War Cay to Little Harbour. There are white sandy beach awaits you with create a rollicking fun party every day. some great snorkeling and beach spots perfect conditions for shelling, sunbathing, [DAY 7] Elbow Cay to Marsh Harbour. Relax in the on the way to Little Harbour, where you swimming, or snorkeling. morning before a short jaunt by dinghy can visit Pete’s Pub as well as his gallery of [DAY 5] Green Turtle Cay to Treasure Cay. The across the sound to the airport at Marsh beautiful copper sculptures. resort at Treasure Cay offers a chance to Harbour for your flight back home.12 | PRIVATE YACHT VACATIONS
  13. 13. GREEN TURTLE CAYGRAND BAHAMA TREASURE CAY MARSH MAN-O-WAR CAY HARBOUR HOPE TOWN ELBOW CAY GREAT ABACOS ATLANTIC OCEAN LITTLE HARBOUR Picture-Perfect Bahamas THE ABACOS ARE PART OF THE BAHAMAS OUT ISLANDS. THIS STRETCH OF ISLANDS IS POPULAR with boaters and sailors and has few real towns. Instead, the island chain is dotted with bars, restaurants, and shops peddling souvenirs and local artwork. The Abacos offer a nice combi- nation of “getting away” and “being around,” with options for privacy or civilization, depending on your mood each day. You can have entire beaches to yourself, or you can join a hopping reggae party at a local haunt. Some days, you can do both, if that’s what interests you. Most charters begin and end in Marsh Harbour, home to the local airport and the Abacos’ one “big city.” Small, commercial flights and private jets land here, a 10-minute car ride away from the nearest marina. Your yacht charter can begin almost immediately after you land, and the Abacos are yours to explore. One of the best-known stops in the Abacos is Hope Town on Elbow Cay. Its picture-perfect, red-and-white candy-striped lighthouse was quite controversial when it was built in the 1860s. You’ll cruise right past it as you enter Hope Town’s harbor, and take your yacht’s tender ashore to pedestrian-only streets lined with shops, bakeries, and bars. Rental golf carts and bicycles are a great way to enjoy a tour of the island, dotted with colorful beach houses and pristine, private coves. Another great spot along the way is Baker’s Bay and its horseshoe-shaped beach. Bahamian law says nobody can ever own the sand closest to the water, which means your yacht’s crew can bring you in by tender to enjoy the spot. The Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club, located on the northern end, features a Tom Fazio–designed oceanfront course over- looking turquoise shallows. 2013 | 13
  14. 14. BAHAMAS—EXUMAS ITINERARY [DAY 1] Nassau and Paradise Island. Many yachts where you can enjoy music and cocktails giant groupers from the tender or take a start from Atlantis, which offers a plethora at sunset. dive in pristine waters teeming with fish. of activities. Anchor near Emerald Rock at Warderick [DAY 4] Staniel to Compass Cay. Pay a visit to Wells Cay and explore the island on foot. [DAY 2] Paradise Island to Norman’s Cay. Watch the pigs at Big Major’s Cay and find out Your yacht will head for Shroud Cay and the towering Atlantis meld into the horizon. what made this colony so famous. Head anchor for the night. Snorkel around the plane wreck at to quaint Sampson Cay for an afternoon Norman’s Cay and anchor for a dinner of Hobie Cat sailing, paddle boarding or [DAY 6] Shroud Cay to Norman’s Cay. Explore the under the stars. swimming. Visit Compass Cay’s tamed intricate mangroves and shallows around nurse shark. Overnight at the marina or at this deserted island by canoe or Jet Ski. [DAY 3] Noman’s Cay to Staniel Cay. Snorkeling anchor in a well-protected bay. The rich waters serve as a nursery for many around famous Thunderball Cave is easy marine species. Once your yacht reaches and fun. While you explore the colorful [DAY 5] Compass Cay to Shroud Cay. In the the northern end of Norman’s Cay and bottoms, your crew will set up a picnic on protected waters of the Exuma Cays Land anchors, you’ll be able to explore some a nearby beach. Visit popular Staniel Cay and Sea Park, you can feed sharks and14 | PRIVATE YACHT VACATIONS
  15. 15. PARADISE ISLAND NASSAU NORMAN’S CAY SHROUD CAY COMPASS CAY STANIEL CAY ATLANTIC OCEAN Crystal Clear Cruising NASSAU IS THE BAHAMAS’ BEST-KNOWN YACHTING PORT. ALBANY MARINA ON PROVIDENCE Island and the marina at the Atlantis Resort and Casino on Paradise Island are within easy driving or tender distance of the newly renovated international airport. Water slides, world- class gaming, amazing aquariums, gourmet restaurants, and shops are all here. For these reasons and more, many charters heading to the more laidback Exumas start and end here. The Exumas archipelago, 35 miles south and a few hours away by motoryacht, is a shallow more. Its many coves are fun to visit with a cruising ground, excluding the cruise ships that dock in Nassau. The ambiance in this archi- tender or Jet Ski. Overnight at anchor. pelago is thus far quieter than it is in nearby Providence. Charter guests come here for the white beaches, crystal-clean aquamarine waters and colorful reefs. There is plenty to see, as[DAY 7] Norman’s Cay to Paradise Island. At the chain counts at least 350 different islands, islets, and sand bars. Highbourne Cay, you can snorkel the warm Among them are big favorites. Big Major’s Cay’s resident pigs, descendants of farm animals waters of the colorful Octopus Garden. brought here decades ago, swim to meet arriving tenders and demand their share of table Then, you are off to one of the most famous scraps to the delight of visitors. Nearby Thunderball Cay was one of the filming sites of the cays in the northern Exumas. Thanks to its James Bond movie “Thunderball,” and its surrounding currents make for an easy and excit- rock iguanas, Allen’s Cay is an exhilarating ing snorkeling trip. Allen’s Cay, home to dozens of iguanas, is another favorite destination. stop on your Exumas adventure. You’re off to And the tamed nurse sharks of Compass Cay never fail to send shivers up the spine of first- Atlantis for your final night. time visitors.[DAY 8] Enjoy a day of shopping, swimming and a Divers of all levels can enjoy the biodiversity of the Exumas, a large section of which is part little gaming at Atlantis. of a marine park. Wall diving, wrecks, shallow reefs, caves, and blue holes guarantee sight- ings of all kinds of marine life, getting scarcer elsewhere in the world. 2013 | 15
  16. 16. GRENADA AND THE GRENADINES ITINERARY [DAY 1] St. Lucia. This scenic, volcanic island has its waterfront sunsets and famous musical Island and anchor for the night. much to offer. Marigot Bay is your starting guests is an all-time favorite. [DAY 6] Palm Island to Carriacou. Arrive early at the point. [DAY 4] Mustique to Mayreau. Small Mayreau is yacht-friendly resort island of Petit St. Vincent [DAY 2] St. Lucia to Bequia. Morning departure among the best that the Grenadines has where you will be able to enjoy lunch to Bequia, a small island with historic to offer. Anchor off the pristine east side. before getting on your way to the largest of Caribbean charm and a rich maritime Perfect for watersports, onshore Mayreau the Grenadines. Carriacou is known for its history museum. Activities include planta- is also worth exploring: a climb to the boatbuilding tradition and superb beaches. tion tours, a turtle sanctuary visit and hilltop offers superb views. [DAY 7] Carriacou to Grenada. Depart early for excellent diving. [DAY 5] Mayreau to Palm Island. Anchor amid the the “Spice Isle” and anchor near [DAY 3] Bequia to Mustique. The best way to describe Tobago Cays. Snorkel the marine park St. George for shopping and a historic this island may be “manicured.” But it also and explore the secluded beaches at tour. If time allows, enjoy a ride to the has tons of island charm, and Basil’s Bar with your leisure. Take a short cruise to Palm hilltop and visit the chocolate factory.16 | PRIVATE YACHT VACATIONS
  17. 17. ST. VINCENT BEQUIA MUSTIQUE CARIBBEAN SEA MAYREAU PALM ISLAND CARRIACOU String of Island Gems©JOHN ANDERSON 2009 GRENADA YOU CAN FOLLOW THE TRAIL OF BREADCRUMBS THAT MOTHER NATURE SPRINKLED generously across the southern Caribbean Sea south from Kingstown, in Saint Vincent, or north from the lush and mountainous island of Grenada. Either way, many charter brokers recommend 10 to 12 days instead of seven in the Grenadines if you want the opportunity to relax instead of racing from one island to the next. Many charter itineraries are one-way journeys, but it is also pos- sible to do a roundtrip charter starting from and ending in Grenada. This beautiful island has great resorts, white-sand beaches, hiking trails, and an international airport with many convenient flights—to say nothing of a fabulous local crop of spices and delicious homegrown cocoa processed locally into a fine organic chocolate. A trip starting in Grenada encompasses the often-overlooked island of Carriacou, as well as other special gems, including the yacht-friendly Petit St. Vincent, the beaches of Union Island, tiny and authentic Bequia, and popular and colorful Mustique, home of the internationally renown Basil’s Bar. A handful of islands including Canouan and Mayreau are worthwhile stopovers on the way to the Tobago Cays, a protected park and wildlife sanctuary. Stretching over about five miles, this marine park offers impossibly blue and green waters, filled with vibrant coral reefs, large sea turtles and tropical fish that will delight snorkelers for days. Above and below water, Grenada and the Grenadines are a feast for the senses, well worth the extra time. 2013 | 17
  19. 19. COLOMBIER COROSSOL LORIENT  ST. BARTH’S GUSTAVIA CARIBBEAN SEA Caribbean Riviera©XAVIER MARAÑÓN (5) ST. BARTH’S IS ISLAND CHIC AT ITS FINEST, WHERE THE SOUTH OF FRANCE MEETS THE Caribbean and where chalkboard menus feature moules-frites and conch chowder. Storefronts offer everything from the latest Cartier creations to handmade leather goods, allowing charter clients to get their shopping fix after a day of windsurfing or paddleboarding just off one of St. Barth’s sandy beaches. ©DANA JINKINS The nightlife on St. Barth’s starts at cocktail hour. A sunset toast is a veritable rite of passage into the cultural scene. Live music, dancing, and classic bar chatter are all within easy walking distance of Gustavia Harbour’s main quay. Oftentimes, the party continues back at the yacht and well into morning, when charter yacht chefs offer a comforting breakfast buffet before sending guests off to bed for the better part of the day. For these reasons and more, it is an open secret in yachting circles that some megayachts secure their spots on the quay at Gustavia Harbour a good three months in advance of New Year’s Eve. It is a coveted spot, since the quay accommodates a maximum of 60 yachts only. Some of the word’s newest megayachts regularly attend, along with some of the largest charter yachts, since the quay is safe for yachts as long as 200 feet. Those too big for the dock anchor in the nearby harbor and use luxury tenders to ferry partygoers to and from the action. The annual yacht-hopping party in the St. Barth’s waterfront district is just that good. 2013 | 19
  21. 21. ANGUILLA BLOWING POINT CARIBBEAN SEA MARIGOT OISTER POINT ST. MARTIN  ST. MAARTEN PHILIPSBURG Split Personality, Wholesome Beauty©XAVIER MARAÑÓN IT IS TWO COUNTRIES COMBINED IN ONE ISLAND. THIS SPLIT PERSONALITY IS THE RESULT OF the 1864 Treaty of Concordia, which effectively split the Caribbean island between France and the Netherlands. The two live as good neighbors, but modern-day St. Maarten (the Dutch spelling) or St. Martin (as the French call it) truly has two distinct personalities. Busy beaches, discotheques and casinos make the Dutch side a bit more of a touristic destination. The Dutch side also attracts lots of yachts. The sheltered and deepwater Simpson Bay is home to several large megayacht marinas, within 15 minutes of Princess Juliana International Airport, a major hub for international flights. Many who fly in and out of Juliana International Airport will be tempted to visit Maho Beach before flying home. The beach is very close to the runway and offers swimmers and sunbathers quite a thrill. Many tourists wait for the largest airliners, rum punch in hand, and dare each other to stay put as a jumbo jet flies shockingly close over their heads. It is a far cry from the experience many enjoy on the more subdued French side of the island, which resembles neighboring St. Barth’s. It is not quite as posh or as chic, but it does have nude beaches, gourmet restaurants and Caribbean fashions in duty-free boutiques. That personality, plus the island’s easy access to the rest of the Caribbean and the world beyond, makes St. Maarten a good place to start or end a charter vacation. 2013 | 21
  23. 23. PACIFIC OCEAN NORTH AMERICA ATLANTIC OCEAN CARIBBEAN SEA ©BILLY BLACKThere are many ways to appreciate the most popular charterdestinations. Keep in mind charter itineraries will vary with yourboat speed, weather conditions, and other factors. These are onlysuggestions to whet your appetite. Discuss the specifics with yourcharter broker and your yacht captain. ● GALÁPAGOS 26 ● NEW ENGLAND 30 SOUTH AMERICA ● MAINE 28 ● ALASKA 24 ● PACIFIC NORTHWEST 32 ● SOCIETY ISLANDS 34 2013 | 23
  24. 24. ALASKA ITINERARY [DAY 1] Sitka. Spend the day exploring the town, [DAY 3] Kalinin Bay to Baranof Island. Baranof you can spot them alone, and other times which includes a museum with Native Island was named for Alexander Baranov they are in pods. Sea lions also abound. American artifacts as well as a historical back when Russians were active in the [DAY 5] The Brothers islands to Admiralty Island. park with an impressive collection of local fur-trading industry. Today the wildlife Continue your adventures with the local traditional totem poles. is appreciated for its beauty, and you can wildlife in this nesting ground for the spot brown bears along with deer. [DAY 2] Sitka to Kalinin Bay. Enjoy an afternoon majestic eagle. Also keep an eye out of salmon fishing while surrounded by [DAY 4] Baranof Island to The Brothers islands. for grizzly bears, which populate quite a breathtaking scenery. Your charter yacht’s En route to The Brothers islands, you will large swath of the area. chef will use the day’s fresh catch to cruise through Frederick Sound—where [DAY 6] Admiralty Island to Taku Harbor. The prepare sushi or the hot recipe of your hundreds upon hundreds of humpback highlight of this day’s cruising is the choice for dinner. whales are known to migrate. Sometimes scenery all along Tracy Arm, which leads24 | PRIVATE YACHT VACATIONS
  25. 25. BEAUFORT SEA CHUKCHI SEA RUSSIA ALASKA CANADA JUNEAU BERING SEA TAKU HARBOR ADMIRALTY ISLAND KALININ BAY SILKA THE BROTHERS ISLANDS BARANOF ISLAND GULF OF ALASKA A Walk on the Wild Side FEW CHARTER DESTINATIONS ON EARTH OFFER MAJESTY AND GRANDEUR THAT CAN compete with what you will see in Alaska. From the towering glaciers to the tips of icebergs jutting up and out of the sea, Alaska is an environment unlike any other. The©NEIL RABINOWITZ sheer beauty of the place—the blue ice, white snow, and green water—is a testament to nature’s prowess. When you add wildlife and solitude into the mix, well, your cup most definitely runneth over. The best way to see Alaska on a charter yacht is with a one-way itinerary, such as from Juneau to Sitka or vice versa during a seven-day booking. You can spend some time in Juneau visiting places like the local cannery, where fresh salmon is hot or cold to Sawyer Glacier. You can occasionally smoked, candied or otherwise preserved before being flash-frozen for visitors to take hear the thunderous sound as a chunk of back home and enjoy (don’t let the name “candied salmon” turn you off; it’s actually glacier calves into the water. quite delicious.) After a day in town, your charter yacht can cruise into Tracy Arm, where Sawyer Gla- [DAY 7] Taku Harbor to Juneau. End your charter in cier is among the sites to be seen—and heard. Massive chunks of the centuries-old ice Alaska’s state capital, where you can visit calve into the sea, creating full-blown icebergs as well as much less intimidating “bergy the local cannery for tasty souvenirs such bits” that your tender’s driver can dodge as if going through a slalom-skiing course. as candied salmon sticks. Also check out Whales are often seen in this area, and there are lots of opportunities to do things the state museum before heading to the such as catching king crab in traps set out by your charter yacht’s crew. The only thing airport for your flight back home. that is certain in Alaska is that you will see and do things you’ve never before seen or done, and perhaps never even imagined in your wildest dreams. 2013 | 25
  26. 26. GALÁPAGOS ISLANDS ITINERARY [DAY 1] Baltra Island to Santa Cruz. Visit the red-footed, blue-footed, and masked they attract their mates by puffing out their Charles Darwin Research Station, where boobies live near the wild tortoises. red pouches. more than a hundred scientists and [DAY 4] San Cristóbal to Santa Fé Island. The [DAY 6] Genovesa Island to Bartolomé Island. researchers work on conservation. See Galapagos Hawk is endemic to this island, The landmark Pinnacle Rock presents a giant tortoises when they’re still babies, along with the Galápagos Mockingbird wonderful opportunity for hiking. You can being bred to return to the wild. and a number of finches—yes, those also spend some time watching colonies [DAY 2] Santa Cruz to Española. Watch the waved same types of finches that helped Charles of sea lions on the sandy beaches. albatross, which nest here and mate for life. Darwin hone his theory of evolution. [DAY 7] Bartolomé Island to Baltra Island. Finish your Also keep watch for the marine iguanas [DAY 5] Santa Fé Island to Genovesa Island. When charter with a memorable morning snorkel that change color during mating season. you arrive at Darwin Bay, search the sky for amid the whitetip reef sharks that call the [DAY 3] Española to San Cristóbal. Enjoy a frigates looking for food. You’ll see them base of Pinnacle Rock home, then head to wildlife-filled hike through Punta Pitt, where again on shore. During mating season, the airport for your flight back home.26 | PRIVATE YACHT VACATIONS
  27. 27. PINTA GENOVESA MARCHENA BARTOLOMÉ PACIFIC OCEAN BALTRA FERNANDINA PINZÓN SANTA CRUZ CHARLES ALBEMARTE DARWIN SANTA FÉ SAN CRISTOBAL RESEARCH STATION FLOREADA ESPAÑOLA Charter on the Wild Side©FRANCES HOWORTH LOCATED ABOUT 600 MILES WEST OF ECUADOR, THE GALÁPAGOS ISLANDS ARE ONE OF THE world’s truly unique destinations for luxury yacht charter. Instead of sundresses for shop- ping and stilettos for the discotheques, you’ll need hiking boots for trails that wind around islands inhabited only by nature. The Galápagos are about geology and wildlife, offering an unmatched look at what the world may be like with little human influence. The best yacht charters in the Galápagos include a professional guide or naturalist able to arrange onshore tours at times when big tour boats are long gone. You will be able to get up close and personal with everything from sea lions to giant tortoises and blue-footed boobies. Many of these animals have no natural predators here, so they have no fear of humans. Sometimes, you’ll be walking along the paths, and you’ll have to step over a bird sitting on a nest of eggs, because the bird doesn’t even think of moving. The Galápagos also offer hiking trails across huge fields of lava that have dried stone-hard after flowing in boiling rivers from the mouths of the island volcanoes. They have formed rip- ples and tunnels you can walk through, offering sheer evidence of how fierce nature can be. Your charter yacht will have snorkeling gear available (the ideal time for this is December through May), and in some cases, diving will also be an option. Depending on the time of year, your encounters with wildlife can also include hammerhead sharks. 2013 | 27
  28. 28. MAINE ITINERARY [DAY 1] Southwest Harbor to Blue Hill. Spend the early August, get your belly ready for the [DAY 6] Monhegan Island to Boothbay Harbor. day exploring Mount Desert Island. End annual lobster festival. Maine’s state aquarium is at Boothbay your day in Blue Hill, and perhaps take in Harbor, as are a fine opera house, a [DAY 4] Rockland to Camden. Spend the day a show at the New Surry Theatre. regional museum and Railway Village touring Camden’s art galleries. Or, when encompassing one of New England’s [DAY 2] Blue Hill to Belfast. Walk around Belfast’s the Camden Yacht Club is holding a finest collection of antique automobiles. historic districts. Simply looking at the sailing race, enjoy the show from your homes and buildings can turn a day of yacht with a pair of binoculars. [DAY 7] Boothbay Harbor to Portland. End your meandering into an architectural escape. charter in the city of Portland, where you [DAY 5] Camden to Monhegan Island. Monhegan can walk along the Old Port district’s [DAY 3] Belfast to Rockland. Art lovers need to add Island is accessible only by boat. cobblestone streets. Sample the shops, the Farnsworth Art Museum‘s oustanding Countless people have visited during the restaurants, and nightlife if time allows. collection of work by New England past century to enjoy the island’s solitude, artists to their day. And if you’re visiting in wilderness and road-free atmosphere.28 | PRIVATE YACHT VACATIONS
  29. 29. CANADA MAINE NOVA SCOTIA BLUE HILL BELFAST SOUTHWEST HARBOR CAMDEN ROCKLAND MONHEGAN ISLAND BOOTHBAY PORTLAND ATLANTIC OCEAN The Maine Attraction©BLLY BLACK (LEFT) MAINE IS THE MOST NORTHEASTERLY PLACE FOR YACHT CHARTER IN THE UNITED STATES. A long enough haul from Newport, Rhode Island, and the heart of New England, it is truly a destination unto itself. It is possible to do a one-way, multi-week charter that begins in Newport and finishes in Maine, but there is enough to see and do in Maine alone. You can enjoy itineraries from one to three weeks there without ever passing the same location twice. The most popular waterfront towns include Portland, with its cobblestone streets and delightful shopping, and Bar Harbor, with its yacht clubs and croquet matches out on the front lawns of elegant summer homes. These are the spots to sip iced tea for hours, and of course to enjoy a juicy Maine lobster with freshly squeezed lemon and ladles of melted butter. Maine’s coastline and countless islands also offer some beautiful and remote hiking along rocky beaches and wooded trails, often with an ocean view. Quite a few of Maine’s islands are part of Acadia National Park, preserved as nature created them and protected from future development. And don’t forget to enjoy the view out on the water, too, as traditional lobster boats and clamming boats ply their morning routes in search of the day’s best catch. If you really want to see a great show, sit in the pilothouse with your charter yacht’s captain and watch the yacht navigate around all the lobster pots. 2013 | 29
  30. 30. NEW ENGLAND ITINERARY [DAY 1] Newport. Newport Harbor is the historic [DAY 3] Block Island to Nantucket. Spend a few The New England Aquarium is another home of yachting in the United States. hours at the Whaling Museum in New Bed- option, as is a visit to the USS Constitution Meander through the shops, chandleries, ford, which chronicles this wealthy vaca- Museum, where you can learn the history and galleries with views of spectacular tion enclave’s history as the center of the of “Old Ironsides.” yachts in the harbor before your own din- whaling industry during previous centuries. [DAY 6] Boston to Provincetown. Art galleries ner cruise. [DAY 4] Nantucket to Martha’s Vineyard. Enjoy the abound in this colorful and vibrant Cape [DAY 2] Newport to Block Island. A bicycle tour shops and boutiques at Edgartown, where Cod community. Take in a show at a local is the best way to appreciate Victorian you just might run into a member of the theater or browse for eclectic souvenirs in homes and classic New England architec- political elite during the height of the sum- the local shops. ture. Stop for an ice cream cone or other mer season. [DAY 7] Provincetown to Newport: Enjoy a morning summertime treat at one of the family- [DAY 5] Martha’s Vineyard to Boston. Cruise into cruise around Newport Harbor before owned eateries. Boston Harbor and then choose from disembarking downtown. countless museums and restaurants.30 | PRIVATE YACHT VACATIONS
  31. 31. CANADA NEW BRUNSWICK QUEBEC MAINE NOVA SCOTIA VERMONT NEW HAMPSHIRE NEW YORK BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS PROVINCETOWN CONNECTICUT ATLANTIC OCEAN NANTUKET MARTHA’S VINEYARD NEWPORT BLOCK ISLAND NEW JERSEY RHODE ISLAND America the Beautiful©BILLY BLACK (2) NEW ENGLAND IS A REGION THAT STRETCHES NORTHWARD FROM CONNECTICUT TO THE BORDER between the United States and Canada. The islands surrounding Newport, Rhode Island, along with Maine, are considered charter destinations unto themselves. Broader New England can include yacht charters from cities like Boston, which is an ideal spot for a “surf and turf,” meaning a few days on shore followed by a few days on board. Any charter broker can help you combine land tours with a charter itinerary so that you can make the most of your time in the area, maybe taking in a Red Sox game at Fenway Park before stepping on board your private yacht in Boston Harbor. A charter in and around Boston can feel like a journey into the history of America itself. Itinerary stops can include Plymouth Harbor, where the Pilgrims landed on the Mayflower, complete with a replica of the ship that is available for tours. Also close by is Salem, Massachusetts, whose infamous history of witch trials is enshrined in local shops and a museum. Pack a copy of “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller, and then walk down the streets where its most famous scenes take place. Also nearby are artists’ colonies, charming architecture and adorable seaside restaurants serving lobster rolls all summer long. Many charter yacht chefs are well versed in the art of the clam bake, too, if you want to spend an evening on the beach enjoying a cookout the same way the locals have for generations. 2013 | 31
  32. 32. PACIFIC NORTHWEST ITINERARY [DAY 1] Anacortes to Lopez Island. Anacortes is this picturesque harbor, relax on your capital. Check out the eateries, boutiques, the Gulf Islands, and San Juan Islands’ yacht at anchor, and enjoy dinner at the and even a few gourmet grocery stores homeport for charter vacations. Spend charming Hotel de Haro just across the offering local delicacies packaged to the morning hiking, kayaking or whale- long white bridge. take back home. watching before visiting beautiful [DAY 4] Roche Harbor to Reid Harbor. Reid Harbor [DAY 6] Friday Harbor to Hunter Bay. Spend a full Spencer Spit State Park on Lopez Island. is lovely, but the real fun is in getting there. day enjoying the beaches and hiking [DAY 2] Lopez Island to Victoria, British Columbia. Pods of Orca whales are frequent visitors paths along Hunter Bay, where calm and Enjoy the world-famous experience of high to this area during spring and early tranquility reign supreme. tea at the Fairmont Empress Hotel, or fill your summer, and the whale-watching is some [DAY 7] Hunter Bay to Anacortes. The trip back senses at Butchart Gardens, where flowers of the best on the planet. to Anacortes offers you one last good and foliage cover more than 50 acres. [DAY 5] Reid Harbor to Friday Harbor. Friday look at snow-capped Mount Baker in the [DAY 3] Victoria to Roche Harbor. Cruise into Harbor is the San Juan Islands’ unofficial distance.32 | PRIVATE YACHT VACATIONS
  33. 33. VICTORIA REID HARBOR ROCHER HARBORPACIFIC OCEAN FRIDAY HARBOR HUNTER BAY LOPEZ ISLAND ANACORTES Coastal Splendor THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST, WHEN IT COMES TO YACHT CHARTER, MEANS THE REGION FROM Seattle, Washington, north past Vancouver and into Desolation Sound. A number of different one-week itineraries are available here, each offering something a little bit different to see and do. Many charter yachts make the San Juan Islands their home, picking up charter guests in Seattle and then heading away from civilization to this much quieter archipelago. The San Juans offer views that you can’t find anywhere else. Snow-capped Mount Baker serves as a magical background as your yacht sits anchored in 80-degree weather off Sucia Island. Seasonal whale migrations make for once-in-a-lifetime photos, and the fishing can be abso- lutely fantastic. Vancouver Island offers encounters with nature, too, as well as a chance to explore Victoria. The world-famous Butchart Gardens are well worth an afternoon stroll amid the beautiful flowers and landscaping, right up until it’s time for high tea at the Fairmont Empress Hotel. After that, it’s time for shopping. The stores stay open until just past dinnertime and offer local souvenirs, such as moose caricatures. Desolation Sound is north of Victoria, and you are well on your way to Alaska by the time you reach its heart. Don’t let the barren meaning of the name fool you. Desolation Sound may be more serene and see fewer cruises ships and crowds than other spots on your cruise, but it offers some of the most spectacular scenery on Earth. 2013 | 33
  34. 34. SOCIETY ISLANDS AND FRENCH POLYNESIA ITINERARY [DAY 1] Tahiti to Moorea. Board your charter yacht pearl farm uncovers acres of oysters visit the plantations for a tour, a taste, and in Tahiti and then cruise away from tourism producing the stuff of fine jewelry around some delicious souvenirs. and into paradise. Arrive at Moorea in time the world. Huahine is also the perfect [DAY 6] Tahaa to Bora Bora. Marvel at the crystal- for an afternoon snorkeling adventure with place for a traditional beach picnic on a blue color of the water at Bora Bora, sting rays and reef sharks. spit of sand called a motu. where you can snorkel amid massive [DAY 2] Moorea. Spend the day exploring the [DAY 4] Huahine to Raiatea. On Raiatea, you can coral heads or follow giant manta rays reefs and colorful fish all around the explore Mount Temehani Plateau; this across the lagoon’s open water. island. Moorea has great snorkeling and once-sacred spot is now accessible on [DAY 7] Bora Bora. Enjoy one last trip to the diving. If you want to wander ashore, foot, horseback, or by all-terrain vehicle. beach before heading to an onshore local shops offer pearls, tropical wraps, [DAY 5] Raiatea to Tahaa. More than 80 percent resort for an extended vacation, or to the and the local monoi. of vanilla that comes from the Society island’s airport for your flight home. [DAY 3] Moorea to Huahine. A tour of a local Islands is grown on Tahaa, and you can34 | PRIVATE YACHT VACATIONS