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  • 1. All breakfasts served with a fruit platter, fruit juice, tea, fresh brewed coffee, cereals and breads. Some menu options subject to availability. <br />continental<br />Porrige <br />Swiss Style Museli (yoghurt, nuts and oats)<br />Birscher Muesli (yoghurt, OJ, apples and chopped mixed fruit)<br />Meditereanan – selection of meats cheeeses, olives, tomatoes etc<br />Fresh Sweet Muffins (chocolate; banana; blueberry; peach n cream cheese; lemon n poppy seeds; oats, coconut n chocolate) <br />Assorted Savory Muffins (tomato n capsicum; pumpkin n seeds; ham, corn and polenta; zuchini n cheddar)<br />Scones (plain; date n orange; sultana, pumpkin)<br />Exotic breads (Coconut Bread, Banana Bread, Pineapple and Bran Bread, Blueberry Cream Cheese Loaf, Gingerbead Loaf, Caribbean Pumpkin Bread, Apple Strusel Loaf)<br />full breakfast - sweet<br />French toast (Plain; Cream Cheese, Peaches and Cinnamon French toast; Strawberries with kiwi coulis, Rum soaked French Toast.)<br />Pancakes (Hotcake Towers with Bacon, Baked Bananas and Warm Rum Maple Syrup, Blueberry, Banna Pancakes with Papya Butter, Ginger and Pear Pancakes, Tropical Pancakes with Ginger Syrup, German Apple Pancake; Pancakes with Fresh Strawberries and Kiwifruit, Pumpkin Pecan Pancakes with Cranberry Butter)<br />Something Special - Lemon Souffle Cakes; Kiwi Lime Crepes with Orance Butter<br />full breakfast - savory<br />Eggs any style (boiles, scrambled, fried, poached)<br />Eggs Benedict (Beach Lovers Creamy Poached Eggs; Lobster and Spinach; As You Like It With Twice Baked Potatoes, Huevenos Caribbean)<br />Omelletes (Spanish Omelette with Savoury Salsa<br />Baked Egg Nests (Cuban Egg Nests with Ham and Salsa; with Chives and Cream; with Smoked Salmon; Farmhouse Egg Nests with Cheese and Bacon, <br />Scrambled Eggs – a la Sydney; Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon and Avocado; Shrimp Scrambled Egg Casserole;Matoufet - A Belgium version of thick scrambled eggs with bacon<br />Omelets (Spanish Potato Omelet; Creole Black Bean and Cheddar Omelet; Ginger Salmon Omelet; Asparagus and Cheese; Fresh Herb)<br />Fritattas (Spinach and Feta Fritatas; Potato and Boursin Frittata; Mushroom and bacon fritatta; Italian)<br />Hash Browns (Traditional Style; Creole Style, Dill Smoked Salmon Hash, Chicken Cranberry Hash; Sweet Potato Cakes)<br />Something Different (Simmered Summer Vegetables with Eggs; Sausage and Potato Breakfast Casserole, Slow roasted tomatoes and grilled mushrooms with toasted Pitas; Sushi breakfast stack)<br />All lunch served with breads, assorted savoury condiments, beverages and a fruit or “sweet treat” plate according to guest preferences. Lunch is served buffet style or with individual serving, according to guest preferences and dietary requirements.<br />A TASTE OF THE ORIENT<br />Grilled Steak and asparagus salad with hoisin vinagrette<br />Lobster and Honeydew salad with cilantro & lime dressing <br />Pork Satay skewers with spicy peanut dipping sauce and Greens with honey sherry vinaigrette <br />Butter chicken wraps with tropical slaw with mango dressing<br />mediteRranean delights<br />Gaspachio with Langostini in Garlic and Wine and Baked Bread Towers (accompanied with a Basil Emulsion)<br />Balsamic Chicken Focacia with Oven Roasted Chips, Greek Salad & Sundried Tomato dressing<br />Antipesto Pasta Salad with Red Wine & Basil Vinigrette <br />Assorted Fresh Quiche with crispy green salad and a Balsamic Vinagette (Caramelized Bacon & Onion, Spinanch and Feta etc)<br />Baked Trout stuffed with almonds and lemon with salad nicoise<br />Italian Pizza with Caneletto Salad (served with an tangy yellow tomato dressing)<br />Venetian Chicken Salad with Cherry Tomatoes & Fennel<br />pan asia flavours<br />Cool as Cucumber Chicken and melon salad (served with warm pita breads)<br />Tuna Cakes with Thai Chilli Sauce & Garlic Aoli, Cooling Citrus Salad with Cilantro Dressing <br />Beef Pinwheel Salad with Asian Peanut Dressing<br />Shrimp, avocado and grapefruit salad with saffron and chive dressing<br />Spaghetti with lime and bacon – a refreshing pasta salad with lettuce, olives tomoates and red peppers with a tangy lime dressing<br />Around the World<br />Grilled Cajun Salad with Spicy Ranch Dressing<br />Turkey Tacos – a taste sensation with black beans, fresh salad and guacomole<br />Gourmet BLTs – for a quick bite<br />Mahi Mahi Ceviche with Mustard Coconut Dressing, Crisp Salad and Fresh Baked Bread<br />Lemon Pepper Tuna Burger with Praprika Chips<br />A selection of Apetisers are offered. Combinations of apetisers and starters are offered according to guest preferences. <br />something light<br />Spiced nuts – baked with exotic spices<br />Dukka – an eqyptian spice mix with with vintage olive oil, pitas and focaccia bread<br />Zuchini Fritters with Tzatziki<br />Honey Toasted Cashews with Sesame Seeds<br />Trout Pate Bites with Caviar or Red Pepper<br />Watermelon Feta Squares, Marinated with Lime and Olives<br />Antipesto Platters<br />Spanish Tapa Platters<br />Artichoke Tapenade & Marinated Olives in Capers, Rosemary and Orange<br />Proscuito wrapped pears with blue chesse, balsamic glace and red pepper jelly<br />Fruit Kebabs with Lime and Cilantro<br />TasTe sensations<br />Roasted Red Pepper and Pesto Swirls<br />Sherried Scampi Mediterranean style<br />Lobster Bruchetta with Tarragon and Vanilla Aoli<br />Basil Shrimp with Olive Tapenade <br />Baked Potato Fondants with Seared Scallops, Sour Cream and Campari Dressing<br />Boisin and Smoked Salmon Pinwheels with Lemon and Pesto <br />Tuna Carpapchio with Red Pepper and Feta<br />Spicy Thai Chicken Wings with Ginger Orange Dressing<br />Smoked Salmon with Avocado Mouse & Gazpacho <br />Asian Duck Rice Paper Rolls with Hoisin Soy Sauce<br />Assorted cheeses<br />Baked Brie with Raisins and Port Wine, Crisp Apples and Toasted Walnuts<br />Goat Cheese Provence – baked goat cheese brucheta with fresh herbd and honey<br />Assorted Homemade Cheese Rolls & Balls<br />Sun Dried Tomato and Pesto Tower with Tomato & Lemon Dressing<br />Assorted sushi<br />Avocardo and/or salmon rolls, vegetable rolls, Sushi, Shimp-Eni, Dynamite Rolls to name a few. <br />All meals served with a selection of Fine Wines or beverages according to guest preferences. Dining options include formal plating, buffet or BBQ. <br />From the Sea<br />Crusted Mahi Mahi with Citrus Sauce and Grilled Marinated Vegetables<br />Lobster with Ginger Lime Mustard Glaze; with Julienne Vegetables, Lemon and Carraway Seeds <br />Antillean BBQ Tuna with Mango & Papaya Salsa, Coconut Rice, Herbed Zucchini Flares & Hollandaise Sauce<br />Baked Perch in White Wine and Lemon, Spinach and Tomato Collis, Creamy Garlic Mash and Sauteed Julienne Vegetables <br />Grilled Salmon with Red Onion Jam, Parmesan Risotto and steamed vegetables (brocoli and carrots)<br />Sesame Seared Tuna with Caramelised Ginger Sirop de Liege<br />Lobster Thermador with Julienne Vegetables with Lemon and Carraway Seeds<br />Shimp Spedini on Rosemary Skewers with Summer Sauted Salad<br />Lime Crusted Tuna with Wasabi Cream & Marinated Ginger, with Zuchini & Tomato<br />Pistachio crusted lobster with warm lemon segments, and mozarella and zuchini ribbon salad<br />Grilled red snapper with olives onions and peppers and dill vegetables<br />Baked Sea bass with citrus butter sauce, mashed potatoes with shrimp and seared peas, carrots and corn<br />From the Land<br />Baked Chicken with red pepper glaze stuffed wuth sundried tomaotes and feta, aerved with orzo pasta and roasted vegetable towers<br />Tenderloin Pepper Steak with Cumberland Sauce, Ratatouille & Rosemary Potatoes<br />Moorish Pork with Lemon & Almond Cous Cous, BBQ Yams with Red Peppers, Carrot & Bean Ginger Bundles<br />Peppered Beef & Lychee Skewers with Wasabi Mayonnaise & Asian Lime Salad<br />Chicken in Red Wine Glaze on Colcannon Mashed Potatoes, with Blue Cheese Tomatoes & Rocket<br />Beef Wellington with Port wine Sauce, Purple Potato, Sugar Snap Pea, Tomato & Mint Salad<br />Oriental Duck with Asian stir fry vegetabgles and udon noodles<br />Beef and Bacon Medallions with herbed topping, scallops and sundried tomatoes with courgettes and carrots, and a mushroom and proschuito potato gratin<br />Rack of Lamb with roasted vegetables and garlic gloves and a basil reduction<br />Surf n’ Turf with Lobster Sauce & Broccoli Caesar Salad<br />BBQ beef with pear salsa and blue cheese dressing with Cucumder and Radish Sald with lemon dressing<br />Fresh Baked Ravioli Filled with Chicken, Basil and Mozzarella with Italian Sautéed Vegetables and Basil Emulsion<br />A wicked or healthy treat. Served with dessert wine, liqueurs or coffee. <br />Wicked Treats<br />Chocolate Truffle Cake with White Chocolate Spear, blueberry coullis and pistachio icecream<br />Baked Lemon Cheesecake with Sugared Lemon Juilennes and marineted orange segments<br />Mini Pavlova with Fresh Cream & Strawberries and Watermelon Sorbet<br />Berry Tiramisu with Fresh Berries and Toffee<br />Caramelised Nut Tart with Brandy Crème<br />Bread and Butter Pudding with Butterscotch Brandy Sauce<br />White Chocolate Tart with fresh raspberries and biscot base<br />Passionfruit Tart with Pineapple Salsa and Rice Paper Crisp<br />Vanilla panna cota with mixed berry compote blueberries, icing sugar rice paper crisp <br />Apple tart tatins with almonds and Crème Anglaise<br />Banana choc almond almond rice paper wraps with kiwi and mago coulis<br />Pistachio crème brulee with raspberry and chocolate biscotti<br />Exotic Baclava<br />more Fruit <br />Vanilla and Chilli Roasted Pineapple with Coconut Ice Cream<br />Brandy Roasted Figs with Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream<br />Vanilla and Saffron Poached Pears with Cream Fraiche<br />Cranberry Tapioca with Spiced Rum, Cream (optional) & Marinated Whole Cranberries<br />Cantelope and honeydew with minted syrup<br />frozen treats <br />Frozen Yoghurt – strawberry and other flavours<br />Assorted Homemade Sorbets (Tangy Roasted Mango, Watermelon, Gin and Tonic Sorbet to name a few)<br />