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Oracle ADF over view and content on-line
Oracle ADF over view and content on-line
Oracle ADF over view and content on-line
Oracle ADF over view and content on-line
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Oracle ADF over view and content on-line


Published on is fabricated by IVEB health and education which is a leader in mci screening test and fmgs test. It has been training 1000 medicos every year for fmgs and mci screening test through … is fabricated by IVEB health and education which is a leader in mci screening test and fmgs test. It has been training 1000 medicos every year for fmgs and mci screening test through
And today IVEB wants to prove its mettle in information technology. With higly experienced trainers and high quality learning tools. Iveb proved its mettle in conducting on-line tests on user demands and it want to share that same experience with the techies which would be help full for there interviews and certification courses.
Courses we offer
Keeping future in our mind we are also being 1st in online section to train on layer7 and B.P.M. in which they are going great guns in i.t. field .
We start from basics we have experts in teaching C,C++ and java,Core java ,J2ee. The best ever you can get a trainer like we have is impossible. He is experienced and talented too.
The trainer who trains for testing tools , manual testing and QTP & QC have excellent experience and he believes in hardwork.
SAP ABAP is trained by 8 years experienced Infosys techie who loves to teach .
Sap fi-co is trained by 7 years experienced polaris employee who gives his best for his trainees.
Sap bi and bo is trained by delloitte employee who has experience of 5 years he has experience of 7 development projects in his 5years span.
Oracle apps will be trained by employee from i.t. convergence whose extensive knowledge in it will amaze you for sure. Btw he has experience of 7 years.
Oracle adf will be trained by young gun who has an experience of 4 years but the knowledge he has in ADF will strike you.
Oracle oaf is trained by wipro employee who has an experience of 6years train with him the best you can get.
Peoplesoft technical will be trained by former teacher now a techie experienced 7 years in peoplesoft. He knows do’s and dont’d of peoplesoft.
Salesforce will be trained by 3years experienced ibm employee . actually he loves salesforce and he will make you fall in love with it.
Data stage trainer works in tcs she actually experienced 4 years .
Cognos will be trained by 6 years experienced Infosys techie.
This trainer is experienced 5 years in informatica he works for t.c.s
Layer 7 and are very new and we have young guys for it who are working on real time projects.
Thank you.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. your online training partner Oracle ADF overview Introduction Oracle ADF – Making Java EE Development Simpler THE ORACLE ADF ARCHITECTURE The Business Services Layer The Controller Layer The View Layer The Model Layer Productivity with Choice Declarative Customization and Personalization Integrated Security ORACLE ADF BENEFITS Visual and Declarative Java EE Development Benefits of Oracle ADF Over Other Frameworks CONCLUSION CONTENT Introduction to Oracle 11g ADF o What is Oracle ADF? o MVC architecture o Benefits of ADF o ADF architecture o ADF Faces o JDeveloper tools Developing ADF applications o Applications and projects o Database connections o Overview of Business components o Steps to create business components o Business Components diagram o Application flow overview Entity Objects o What is an entity object? o Entity object class diagram o Creating entity objects o Customizing attribute properties o Entity associations o Entity object definition file o Database synchronization, moving, and renaming o Entity diagrams View objects o What is a view object? o View object class diagram o Steps to create a view object
  • 2. o Bind variables o Creating view criteria o Adding view object instance to application module o Testing view objects o Read-only master-detail tables o Master-detail-detail o Inline detail tables Application Modules o What is a view object? o View object class diagram o Designing Application Module o Creating Application Module o Application Module Editor o Testing Service Methods Transactions, validation and conversion o Built-in conversion o Custom converters o Entity object validation o Creating validation rules o Error messages o ADF Faces validation
  • 3. Understanding ADF Data bindings o ADF Data Model and Bindings o Exposing Business Components as Data Controls o JSF Expression Language o Binding Components to Data ADF Rich Faces o List of Values o Dependent Drop Down Lists o Radio Buttons and checkboxes ADF Tables o ADF table overview o Table selection and sorting o Result set scrolling and navigation o Table and Column attributes o Editing records o Table bindings o Deleting records Handling forms o Control flow rules o Common input components o Managed beans and scopes o Drop-down menus o Multiple select components o Search concepts o Query-by-example o Search forms and bind variables Transient Attributes and Groovy Expressions Task Flow Concepts o Bounded vs. unbounded task flows o ADF controller activities o managed beans and scoping o state tracking o save points o exception handling Working with Task Flows o Passing values between pages o Using bounded child task flows o Transaction handling o Bounded task flows in dialogs and popups ADF Regions and Bounded Task Flows o Using page fragments o Using ADF regions o Dynamic regions o Passing Parameters o Managing contextual events o Communicating with ADF Regions ADF Navigation o Process train
  • 4. o Partial page navigation o Navigating programmatically Security o Container-managed security o ADF security overview o Enabling security o Creating users, groups, and roles o Page and task flow permissions o Security Expression Language o Securing entity objects o Row-level security o Logging in and out Customizing ADF Programmatically o Custom Java classes - EO and VO o Custom validation methods - EO o Calculated attributes - EO and VO o Finding, creating, removing, and modifying EOs and VOs Web services o What is a web service? o SOAP, WSDL, UDDI o Web service data control o Securing a web service o Consuming a web service - JSP o Web service proxy o Multi Language ADF Troubleshooting o Business Components Browser o Expression language builder o Java logging o Breakpoints o Breakpoint groups o Debugging configuration o The Stack File Upload / Download Internationalize ADF Application ADF Page Life Cycle Deployment o Deployment steps o WebLogic admin basics o Deploying an application with JDeveloper o Testing your application Integration with Oracle E-Business Suite Calling Pl/Sql APIs Conclusion