Sales quota by sani gandhi, Brcm, surat


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Sales quota by sani gandhi, Brcm, surat

  1. 1. Sales Quota -sani gandhi
  2. 2. Meaning of sales Quota • Quotas are quantitative objectives assigned to sales organisation unit- sales personnel. • Quotas specifies the desired level of performance level for sales volume. • Sales management sets Quotas for organisational units such as individual sales districts and sales personnel. • May be for middlemen also. • Time dimensions. • Device for directing and controlling sales operation.
  3. 3. Objective of using sales Quota Quantitative performance standard. Sales and expanse control. Motivate desired performance. Connection with sales contests.
  4. 4. Types of Quotas Sales volume Quota Budget Activity Quota Combination Quota
  5. 5. Sales volume Quota • How much for how much period. • Set for geographical areas, product line, marketing channels, or combination of this. • Smaller is-more effective. • For Example: one product vs whole product line. Types of Sales volume Quota 1. Rupee sales volume quota. 2. Unit sales volume Quota 3. Point sales volume Quota
  6. 6. Rupee sales volume quota For broad product line. Rupee terms rather then Unit values Easy to relate performance data like expanse through percentage. For products having no established price and sales person has discretion of cutting the price . Requires assurance that sales personnel don’t cut prices too deeply to build sales.
  7. 7. Unit sales volume Quota When price of the products are fluctuating. For example, if product ABC Is sold at 80 rs and 50 units are sold and hence total 4000 rs is revenue and if price is not 100 rs then only 40 units will be sold and hence rupee quota will bring down total sales volume. Narrow product line at stable price.
  8. 8. Point sales volume quota For example 100rs= 1 point. For avoiding problem of sales of those products which are easy to sale which are followed by sales person to attain their sales Quota. Performance standard can be set as minimum points in each product or product line.
  9. 9. Procedure of setting sale volume Quota Sales person setting their own Quatas. Sales volume Quota related to compensation plan only. Sales volume Quota based on Executive judgment Sales volume Quota from past sales data Sales volume Quota from total market estimates Sales volume Quota from territorial sales potential
  10. 10. Budget Quota • Set for controlling expenses, gross margin or profit. • Objective of using sales quota is to make clear to sales person that their job consist of something more than obtaining sales volume. • Two types of budget Quota: 1) Expense Quota 2) Gross margin or net profit Quota
  11. 11. Expense Quota • Mainly used in combination with other Quotas mainly with sales volume Quota. • Supplement standards for keeping expense in line with sales volume. • Financial incentives to sales personnel to control their own expanses which is done in two ways: 1) Using directly with compensation plan. 2) Expanse bonus for those expense which are lower than the quata. • They are generally used in percentage to sales term, because in rupee term it leads to increased administrative burden and misunderstandings.
  12. 12. Gross margin or Net profit Quota • The rationale behind this Quota is that sales personnel work more efficiently if they recognize that sales increases, expense reduction or both are important only if Gross margin or net profit are increasing. • Useful when product line has both high and low margin items.
  13. 13. Activity Quota • Used to know and control how sales person allocate their time to various activity. • For example time on total sales calls, number of new accounts or missionary phone calls. • Activity Quotas are appropriate when sales personnel perform important nonselling activity. • For an insurance agent must continuously develop new contacts or customers.
  14. 14. Combination Quota • Combination quota control performance of both selling and nonselling activities. • Problem here is that it is difficult for sales personnel to understand this and appraising their own performance. • Design imperfection leads to more emphasis on mainly one aspect of quota only.
  15. 15. Administrating sales Quota •Accurate, fair and attainable Quotas. •Securing and maintaining sales personnel’s acceptance of Quota. •Participation of sales personnel in setting Quota. •Keeping sales personnel informed. •Need for continues managerial control
  16. 16. Reasons for not using Quota 1. When it is difficult to estimate accurate sales. 2. Emphasis on sales only not on relationship selling.
  17. 17. THANK YOU………….