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Multimedia Project


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Multimedia project The traveling experiences Presented by: WEI XIN XUAN
  • 2. The three destinations I would like to visit
    • CHINA
    • JAPAN
  • 3. The reason I would like to go these destinations
    • NO.1 CHINA
  • 4.
    • China is well known by its really long history it is one of the oldest civilization of the world
    • China also has a great view of beautiful scenery that attracted people a lot
    • Chinese people are very hospitable they welcome tourists all over the world
    • It is a old country with great passion, it mixed the classicality with modern elements
  • 5. NO.2 JAPAN
    • Japan is a country that famous for its clean and tidiness
    • It also has a good view of scenery
    • Japanese food is very famous all over the world
    • Japan is the window of Asian fashion
    • Cavalier culture attract people a lot
    • It is the centre of the EUROPEAN civilization
    • The countries in this area have really good natural and man made beauty
    • It is the Holy Land of the architecture
    • The museums there have a huge amount of collections
  • 7. Things I need to take for the trip
    • Enough money
    • A good GPS
    • A electronic dictionary
    • Camera & phone
    • Some medicine
    • Jell for skin
    • A guide that shows the culture of the country
  • 8. Prepare before traveling
    • Save at least 10000CAD for the trip
    • Ask a 3 months off from work for the vacation
    • Buy the plane tickets and traveling insurance
    • Let my friends take care all my pets and my home
    • Pause all my home service plan
    • Get ready to go
  • 9. go!!!
    • The place I am willing to go is China
    • After set up all my work I am going to go to China. The price of the round trip ticket from Toronto to Beijing is 856CAD.
    • Note:
    • Not to bring to much luggage to China save more space for shopping people can find everything they need in China in a really cheap price
    • China use RMB as there official currency, the currency between CAD and RMB is 1:6
    • The average price of 4 to 5 star hotels in china is 1800RMB
  • 10. CHINA
    • China is located in eastern Asia.
    • It is mostly in the north temperate zone
    • Most of the Chinese people speaks Chinese
    • All Chinese people are called Chinese
    • Mandarin is the official language of Chinese government
  • 11. BEIJING
    • Beijing is the first stop of China this trip.
    • It is a super size city with a really long history.
    • And it is also a really modern city
  • 12. Tiananmen square
    • Tiananmen square is the world’s biggest square. It is also the sign of Beijing
    • Chinese republic was found here
    (it is free)
  • 13. The nest and water cube
    • It is the Olympic game gym of 2008 Beijing Olympic Game
    • And they are both mighty works of architecture
    (total 80RMB)
  • 14.  
  • 15. The Great wall (45RMB+150RMB taxi)
  • 16. sky temple 30RMB
    • It is a typical building of Chinese temple in Qing dynasty
  • 17. San Li Tun Bar Street 300RMB pre person
    • Sanlitun Bar Street--The Most Famous Bar Street in Beijing
  • 18. HUTONG
    • It will cost people 230RMB to have a jinrikisha
    It is the best way to see the old Beijing culture
  • 19. NEXT STOP: Qing Dao
    • Beijing to Qing Dao by train cost 312RMB
  • 20. cherry blossom in Qing Dao
  • 21. The City
    • Qing Dao used to be old German settlement.
    • The old town looks like a European village
  • 22. The sea side
    • Qingdao has the biggest beach of Asia.
    • This city is famous for its sea
    • Olympic water based game took place in this city
  • 23.  
  • 24. Food and drink
    • Chinese most famous beer Tsingtao Beer
    • One of the best place to eat sea food in china
  • 25. NEXT STOP: Hang Zhou
    • To Hangzhou by air approximately 700RMB
    • The typical city of Jiangnan culture
  • 26. West Lake
  • 27. LOUWAILOU restaurant
    • Best Hangzhou food (approximately 2000for 5people)
  • 28. Long Jing Tea manor
    • The most popular tea in china
    • Hangzhou to Shanghai by train costs 50RMB
    • Shanghai is one of biggest and most developed city in Chinese main land.
  • 30. Night Shanghai
    • Shanghai has one of the world best and most famous night piece
  • 31. Nan Xiang dumpling
    • The most famous traditional Shanghai dim sum
  • 32. After Shanghai
    • Wuhan: from shanghai to Wuhan by train costs 416RMB
    • Zhang Jia Jie:Wuhan to zhangjiajie by air costs 480RMB
    • Hainan:Zhangjiajie to Hainan by air costs 1330RMB
    • Hainan to Hong Kong by air costs 660RMB
    • Hong Kong is a very special city of China, it was dominated by British people for 100years. And it was one of the center of the world’s finance.
    • (1HKD=0.8RMB)
  • 34. Hong Kong Disney Land
    • Disney land (world’s smallest Disney Land) 300HKD
  • 35. The night piece of Victoria Bay
    • Another one of the top 3 night piece all over the world
  • 36. Hong Kong ocean park
    • Hong Kong ocean park costs 180HKD
    • HONG KONG is the only city in china that people should not pay for the tax
    • It became the best place for people to buy luxaries.
  • 38. After Hong Kong
    • Hong Kong to Guangzhou by air cost 1660RMB
    • Guangzhou to Guilin by air costs 710RMB
    • Guilin to La Sa by air costs 1960RMB
    • La Sa to Urumqi by air costs 2130RMB
    • Urumqi to Dun Huang by air costs 600RMB
    • Dun Huang to Xian by air costs 1680RMB
    • Xian to inner Mongolia by bus costs 150RMB
    • Inner Mongolia by air to Beijing cost 500RMB
  • 39. Back to Beijing and go home
    • In this trip the transportation of the trip are mostly aero plane, train, and taxi
    • All of these transportation belongs to public transportation; they are more economical and more friendly to the environment than private transportation
  • 40. The Game
    • Now every body are pretending to be tourists to visit China and every one need to find “the nest” (the Olympic game’s gym) and “water cube” by using their body language
    • I am pretending to be a Beijing citizen and you guys should trying to let me understand where you want to go
  • 41. The End
    • Thank you for listening