Knee Injury[3]


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Knee Injury[3]

  1. 1. Kevin lee March 24 2009 Exercise science
  2. 2. Table of contents  Introduction  The reasons for knee injuries  Common injuries properties  Knee joint  Common knee injuries  Knee Ligament Tears  Osgood-Schlatter Syndrome  Anterior Cruciate Ligament  Treatment on knee injuries  Sport Injuries Around the Knee Outcome  Sports knee Injuries from past
  3. 3. Introduction  No matter how athletic person is we all get injured  All muscles and bones are prone to get damaged or tear if proper method is not taken  Injuries are painful and painful to watch and most of the time technique are followed there will be a higher chance of avoiding injuries
  4. 4. The Reasons for Knee Injuries  not warming up  Not stretching  Improper eating or lack of nutrition  Lacking judgment of your limit  Overdoing, pushing past limits to hard or too long (being stupid)
  5. 5. Could end up like this……
  6. 6. Knee stretch  Calf/Hamstring stretch  Elevate toe  Stay on heel  Bend at hips, not spine  Squeeze quad of front leg to relax hamstring  Quad/Hip- flexor stretch  Elevate foot of back leg  Squeeze but cheeks of back leg to relax hip  Reach hand to sky and twist away from back leg
  7. 7. Common Injuries Properties  Three types of injuries  First degree  Second degree  Third degree  Tendinitis  Dislocation and separation  Cartilage damage  Skin spilt
  8. 8. Knee Joints  Is a modified hinge joint, but today more correctly identified as a modified ellipsoid joint  Articulation of femur and tibra  Distal end of femur is covered in cartilage  Held togather by the medical collateral ligament, and lateral collateral ligament
  9. 9. Common Knee Injuries  Knee ligament tears  Osgood-Schlatter syndrome  Patellofemoral syndrome  ALC
  10. 10. Knee Ligament Tears  Most common knee injuries  This happens when a force is exerted on the side of the knee  Most people is prone to this injuries  This injury can be avoided with proper stretching
  11. 11. Osgood-Schlatter Syndrome  Sometimes referred to as osterochondritis disease  The ossification of the center of bones in children  More common in males  The bones lengthen and if overused they can become inflamed and cause pain
  12. 12. Anterior Cruciate Ligament  Common knee injury  Twisting force applied to bones  Can also be from a direct blow to the knee  this injury can happen in sports such as football or rugby  This type of injury can be serious and must be treated with caution using the RICE principle
  13. 13. Treatment  Use the RICE principle  Rest  Ice  Compression  elevation
  14. 14. Sport Injuries Around the Knee Outcome  Broken legs  Torn muscles  Slowed career  Forced retirement  death
  15. 15. Sports Knee Injuries from Past  NHL  Jeff Halpern C, September 18 2008, injuried reserve ruptured right ACL, right knee surgery  St. Louis Blues Erik Johnson D, September 23 2008 injuried reserve torn right ACL and MCL  NBA  Jermaine O'Neal was a starting line up in the 2004 Olympics and has ruptured right knee ACL preventing him to compete in Olympics and few games in NBA
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