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  • 1. Film Marketing Plan
    By: Rebecca Lee
  • 2. A little about the movie...
    Title: “Raining Bullets”
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Rating: 18A
    Description: A bloody battle between the world’s most powerful and wealthiest countries, to conquer one another.
  • 3. Target Market?
    The target market for this movie is for teenagers and adults over the age of 18, however accompanied by an adult, ages 14 and over are fine watching the movie due to violence and graphic scenes.
    For actions lovers, this film has a beginning, middle and end but also the action and adventure customers pay for.
  • 4. Advertisement to the public...
    In theatres with other related movies and/or genres.
    Internet, newspapers and by television.
    Word of mouth
    Demand – hold a showing in only certain areas/theatres.
  • 5. As the company...
    As the Megaphone advertising company, we will appeal to the consumers such as exciting trailers, brightly coloured posters and eye-catching ads that will make people turn and stare.
    We will also make it so our advertisements appeal to everyone and anyone who love action and adventure, even to people who are not usually into that genre.
  • 6. Megaphone Advertising Company...
    Our motto is “Get it out there!”
    Meaning we get our advertisements, trailers, etc. about the movie out to the consumers as soon as possible.
    While also trying to create demand from our consumers for the movie we advertise.
  • 7. Paramount Pictures & Warner Bros.
    Joint between Paramount Pictures (4th) and Warner Bros. (2nd) in creating this film.
    Both created epic action/adventure movies such as Transformers 1 & 2, Titanic, Harry Potter Series, Dark Knight, etc.
    With two major companies, there is a bigger budget for the movie, advertisements, etc.
  • 8. Our competitors!
    Buena Vista brought in the most profit from 1995 to 2009 and are number one. They brought movies like Finding Nemoand Pirates of the Caribbean series.
    Sony Pictures ranks 3rd, and they brought in movies such as Men in Black series and Spider-man series.
    Also big box office movies.
  • 9. Goals...
    As a company, we want to do all that we can to promote the movie for whichever company we are advertising for.
    Also, we want to beat the competing companies and promote ourselves in addition.
    To be the number one company; bringing in the most profit then the leading competitors and replacing them.