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  • Tell us what you think present on the LHS at the bootom on page:
  • Server storae and network :^default/|325771f9ead641e184da8fd575cffb7b|gen
  • Tools present in the url:
  • Facing Problems:
  • Customer query form:
  • Have a sales expert contact me:
  • Oracle customer self assement banner: To see the form please visit :
  • Flat world: Strongly Recommended:
  • Request Form:
  • Online best pratices

    1. 1. Best viewed in slide mode
    2. 2. Flow of the Presentation 1. List of Top competitors included         Tata Consultancy 2. Website marketing strategies  Various Special Banners and promotional strategies  Web merchandising, CTA modules and lead capture techniques  Special offers and how they are effectively using it  Ways to keep user engagement interactive in the website  How to make user search and navigation easy  Marketing Campaigns1
    3. 3. Dell Marketing Campaign Lead Banner with Image on LHS and Text on The RHS, Use of Marketing Campaign in their call to action, keep their customer aware about their marketing campaign This a new feature hovering around all the dell .com WebPages,when some one click here c
    4. 4. contd This a new feature hovering around all the dell .com WebPages, when some one click here comment card opens. Note: Look how dell leverages their current customers to acquire new opens/Reference marketing strategy
    5. 5.
    6. 6. Microsoft Marketing Campaign Latest Running Campaign Business Pains Questions
    7. 7. Merchandize present midmarket homepage to reach their midmarket customers Customer query Form
    8. 8. HP Marketing Campaign Newsletters are present on the RHS modules on all the products and services pages
    9. 9. Oracle Marketing Campaign Events Merchandise/ Present in all their product and services page Present in the support page ,Customers and measure their Clear contact IT requirement with oracle details to solve products and services offered customers business pains Can be very effective for Mid market customers
    10. 10. SMM using Twitter Infosys Marketing Campaign, Highlighted in blue Such merchandise coax attention and make visitor to take A dedicated Blog to action quickly promote their campaign/ Merchandised on Present in product and Promotional page services pages
    11. 11. Request a service Registration Form
    12. 12. Wipro Marketing Campaign
    13. 13. Mahindra-Satyam Marketing Campaign SMM using Twitter
    14. 14. Reach , CTA , Registration Form
    15. 15. Tata Consultancy Services. COM TCS, Marketing Campaign Request Form
    16. 16. Learning and Inferences We all say think global act local, only dell implements and leverage that to the maximum second slide) Adding tangibility to the your product and services makes your product and services increase its credibility, whether its market penetration strategy (old product old market), Product penetration strategy (old product new market), Market development strategy (New product old market), Diversification strategy (New product New market), adding tangibility makes product reach better and faster (slide 3) Visitors take action when they see what they want (slide 6) Newsletter are the fastest way to reach perspective as well new customers (slide 8)
    17. 17. Thank You