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GoldBloom - Kathryn Sunnucks

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  • Process of digi pak

    2. 2. This album cover is split into quarters, cleverly merging human and animalistic qualities into one. The image merges a human man with a hawk. The green tint creates quite a scientific element to the image, which links with a scientific experiment of merging animalistic and human features into one image. The type of font is american typewriter which again links with the scientific theme. The background image of the cat has no significance with the band at all, which conveys that an album cover can be as random as the band want to make it without the cover having any link to the band. I like the use of a vignette effect surrounding the cat, also with use of a futuristic purple tint. Clever editing of centred font "OO" circling the cats eyes. To exaggerate the futuristic effect they have cleverly edited the cats eyes to look quite scientific with a piercing emerald green colour.I love the sunset theme, which adds connotations of a warm, friendly,welcoming message that the colours create. Clever link between image of risingsun, and text of album cover name "Waiting for the sun". Clever angle of thelow camera facing up towards the band, creating a superior image for the band.Creative use of 60s bubble font to match genre of the band. Nice edit of"DOORS" behind the band. Very minimalist album cover, with colour scheme of a futuristic white background, with band edited in a black and white edit to contrast against the white. Simple image of band rehearsing, or just casually playing amongst themselves. Very similar to casual laid back approach that GoldBloom has pursued. Red font of album name contrasts well with the black and white colouring. Clever use of staging, lead singing slightly more forward than the other members on the right, with the guitarist slightly back on the left, with the second guitarist thirdly positioned, with the drummer far back, as if this would be the positioned on stage.
    3. 3. Vintage themed album cover to match vintage promotional video and music. Simple, relatable scene of a beach, with a group of random people holding an image of a sofa covering their faces. Even though a vintage themed image, has elements of modern aspects of covering faces with another image, which creates a collage effect, image over an image. Nice use of personally styled text "The Wombats" centred above the image of people. Colour scheme of natural sun on beach again has connotation of a warm, friendly message that they cover creates. This album cover displays quite an unusual image of a dead arm, which links to the name of the band "Killers", however the mise en scene of a forest in autumn, shown through a yellow colouring which again has connotations of friendliness and warmth, which contrasts with the theme of death. The yellow colouring links with the album name "Sawdust" as sawdust is a cream/yellow colour. The type of font is quite modern and digital which again contrasts the with vintage themed image. love this album cover, as it has a minimalist theme, almost like a painting in a museum. The colours are also minimalist, mixing creams, yellow and black. Again the mix with the yellow creates a warm, friendly effect. I like the small sophisticated font, slightly off centred near the bottom on the cover. This album cover creates a very postmodern image of four men dressed in extravagant suits sat around a wooden table in the middle of what looks like mars? Very unique album cover, however the strange mise en scene is very intriguing. The black bolded font contrasts well against the vibrant colouring of orange and blue.This album cover cleverly plays with the postmodern effect of Nostalgia. The sepia toned background, andelderly woman creates a vintage theme, however it contrasts with the modern, newspaper cutting font and imageof two young lads standing behind the woman. The casual, laid back approach is created in the mise an scene ofpeople waiting at a bus stop. The black, white and red font stands out well on top of the sepia background. Thiscover has a sense of humour incorporated within the scene of the image.
    4. 4. BEGINNING PROCESS... This section will be the Album Cover LAVINE PARINE The image of the cat has been inspired from TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB" However once edited I want to blur the image of the cat so you can faintly make out what the image is. The reason for blurring the image is to match the name of the band BLOOM. I have not decided whether I want the name of the album to stay where it is or move into the centre of the cover as they eye naturally sees in the centre.This image of the recognisable logo of GoldBloom – the Golden Sun will be on the third section ofthe Digi Pack. I will use the same Golden Sun that I have used on the bands website. This willcreate a nice link for the audience to acknowledge when visiting the website and buying thealbum. I wanted to make the font quite small and in the centre of the picture to stick with thesophisticated theme and I didnt want the font to overrule the bands logo. LESS IS MORE. This image of the band is again using originality, as I liked the picture so much I wanted to use it as the CD image. This image also creates a nice link for fans/ people as this is one of the main images on the slideshow of the band on their homepage of their website. This section will be the second part inside the Digi Pack. This is a copy of the lead singer of GoldBloom, James Worsters hand writing of the name of the songs that are on the album. I decided to add some originality so I asked if I could photo copy the songs and his hand writing. This is showing a personal interaction with their fans. This section will be on the back of the Digi Pack, much like other current Digi Paks.
    5. 5. This album cover has been inspired from TwoMy first creation of creating an album Door Cinema Club album cover. I have usedcover for GoldBloom, the inspiration their theme of a cat, however I wanted tocame from Snow Patrols album cover. create more of a painted effect, so I slightlyThe minimalist, painting effect really moved the camera when taking the picture toinspired me to try out an album cover create a slightly blurred effect. When editingsimilar to it. This image was taken the image on Picnik I edited the colouring ofbehind a trampoline netting, to create the image merging purple, blue and yellow. Likethe painting effect. The lighting in the The TDCC album cover the purple created apicture is naturally created by the futuristic element, however the tinge of yellowsunset that is shown in the centre of sticks to my theme of the colour creatingthe image. I wanted to create a similar connotations of a warm, friendly effect. I havesophisticated typeface, however I used the same typeface as Snow Patrolschanged the colour to a golden yellow album cover as I liked the sophistication. I haveto link back to GoldBlooms logo of a placed the font in the centre of the page as itgolden sun. The golden colour contrast is shown more clearly in that position.well with the blue tint created from the GoldBloom preferred this album cover tonetting. represent them.
    6. 6. I decided to create a deeper understanding of how Digi-packswork and which image goes in which sections...
    7. 7. PACKAGING When it came to deciding on the type of packaging that GoldBloom wanted for their album cover, I decided to try out a few ways for the band to decide from. I found an online free site to create your own cardboard cover. As GoldBloom, the band want their audience to listen to their music instead of liking them for their image, they wanted their packaging to portray the same meaning. By creating a simple, non-fansy album cover was exactly what the band wanted their album to be like.The disadvantage of this type of packaging for a CD case is that thepackaging does not look as sophisticated or as professional as popular plasticCD covers that are sold in current music shops. The band didnt want theiraudience to feel that they wanted to go down the cheap/easy route of thistype of CD cover rather than spending time and money on producing a qualitylooking plastic cover.I decided to try out this style of packaging for the band to see the cover inreal life rather than just as an image...
    8. 8. What are the typical features that an album cover has?- The Artist(s) feature heavily (especially on debuts)- Eye-catching Imagery- Album nameBack Cover?- Track list- Institutional Information (Bar code, Label etc.)How would you categorise the covers? Are there any other ways of distinguishing betweenthem other than generically?Many well-known bands seem to abandon the idea of featuring the artists on the cover and forgo that for amore interesting visual that is perhaps eye-catching or memorable. For example, many people recogniseTwo Door Cinema Club album cover of the futuristic tabby cat which is very well-known so the people areoften exposed to the imagery of the album meaning it sticks in their mind. This is the same with both TheBeatles and The Killers albums which are simple yet memorable. The majority of the covers (aside from thebeatles montage) are from a music movement in the 2000s and the pattern appearing seems to favoursimplicity in album covers.
    9. 9. This is the CD template for the final design. After showing the band this template of what the final album cover would look like,they decided they preferred this style of packaging, as it looks more professional, the cover has more space for more promotingqualities, e.g. images and logo of the band. They felt that this option was more creative compared to the other style, as you haveto work out which image works best in which section and what colours contrast or go well with each other. Even though a websiteis made to create a more personal, interaction between the band and their audience, it doesnt mean that album covers dont havetoo! I feel that this type of cover is more personal, sturdy and will last longer than the cardboard packaging. People/fans will feelthat their money will be worth spent on a plastic cover as its lifes span will last longer than the other type of packaging. Theplastic outerwear will protect the CD and images more than the cardboard packaging, and CDs are used everywhere, e.g. car,different CD players etc... so they are on the move a lot!Audience FeedbackI also handed out questionnaires about GoldBlooms album cover to their focus group. Many people liked the vintage effects e.g.vignette and tints. They liked how the colour scheme is eye-catching and all contrasts well against each other. They liked howband members look laid-back and cool. As for the inner cover of the digipack many people thought it was original and said that bykeeping the colour scheme running throughout it really emphasised the band image.The band had great responses from everyone even from adults who were not fans of the genre saying that the albums greateststrengths was its visual aesthetics. It is clean, colourful and eye-catching which means it will be picked up off the shelves andlooked at. This means even if people do not purchase the album they are still aware of the band.