All rights reserved——                        How to Play Blu-ray on Mac?Tips: If you are us...
All rights reserved—— 2: Output SettingsGo to Format section to select any H.264 encode...
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How to play blu ray on mac


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How to play blu ray on mac

  1. 1. All rights reserved—— How to Play Blu-ray on Mac?Tips: If you are using Windows OS, the Blu-ray Ripper would be more helpful foryou to rip and play Blu-ray on your computer."Why I cant see the Blu-ray movies on my Mac? Ive tried to watch the Blu-raymovie on my Mac but failed. The QuickTime can not play it. How do I play Blu-rayon my Mac with QuickTime player and will I experience a better quality than thosenormal DVDs?"Blu-ray Ripper for Mac provides an ideal solution for you to rip and convert Blu-raymovies to H.264 encoded formats on Mac OS X so that you can play Blu-ray movieon Mac with your QuickTime player freely. This Mac Blu-ray Ripper features in highvisual quality and less take-up of storage which enables you to get the converted Blu-ray movies with perfect performance. You can easily rip, collect, and play the Blu-raymovies on different portable players since this Mac Blu-ray Ripper supports variousvideo and audio formats.Now follow the guide below to learn how to rip and play Blu-ray on Mac with ease.Guide: How to Play Blu-ray on Mac?Preparation: Download and install the Mac Blu-ray Ripper. Double-clicking tolaunch the program after you installed it. Insert Blu-ray Disc.Step 1: Input FilesOnce the icon of the Blu-ray disc appeared on the Mac, directly drag it into Mac Blu-ray Ripper or click the buttons on the toolbar to input the Blu-ray movies you want toplay on Mac.
  2. 2. All rights reserved—— 2: Output SettingsGo to Format section to select any H.264 encoded formats as output format. Thenclick the "Settings" button to adjust the output parameters. Click the Browse buttonbesides Export To textfield to set an output destination.Step 3: Start ConversionMake sure all the settings above are right, and then hit the "Convert" icon to convertBlu-ray on Mac.Once the conversion is finished, you just need click Open button to check theconverted Blu-ray movies. Then you can play Blu-ray on Mac at will. With thispowerful Mac Blu-ray Ripper, you can not only play Blu-ray on Mac, but also canplay Blu-ray movies on other portable devices like iPod, iPad, PSP, iPhone, etc. for itspowerful functions to rip Blu-ray to different video formats and devices, such asconvert Blu-ray to WMV Mac, rip Blu-ray to PSP Mac, Rip Blu-ray to iPhone Mac,etc.If you are interested in this wonderful software, a free trial version is available for youto experience first.Keys: Play Blu-ray on Mac, Play Blu-ray Movie on Mac, Playing Blu-ray on Mac,Convert Blu-ray on Mac