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How to combine flv files with avs video editor
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How to combine flv files with avs video editor

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  • 1. All rights reserved——http://www.best-video-editor.com How to Combine FLV Files with AVS Video Editor?Would you like to watch the downloaded FLV videos without breaks? This article willshare with you the easiest way to combine FLV files into a single one. What should we do to combine FLV files into a single one?More and more Flash video fans are happy to download the online FLV videos fromonline store like YouTube. And thus they can enjoy them without the annoyingbuffering. One of my friends often downloads FLV soap plays. But the shortcoming isthat she cant watch them at one time without breaks, and there are too many files fora single play. All you need is to download and install the clean free Video Editor,which is the professional FLV File combiner program. Why choose this Video Editor to combine FLV files?With the aid of this Video Editor, you can not only merge several pieces of FLV clipsinto a single one, but also make your own video collection album with music you like.It is a powerful Video Editor program that enables you to trim, cut, split, merge, rotateand mix videos. And you can add various effects to your video as you like.Now we come to learn how to combine FLV files together.Step 1: Download the Latest Version of AVS Video Editor.Step 2: Launch the AVS Video Editor and Add FLV Files.After installed the AVS Video Editor, run it. Then click the "import" button ordirectly drag your FLV files to the library of the program.
  • 2. All rights reserved——http://www.best-video-editor.comStep 3: Start to Combine FLV Files.Click the FLV videos and dont release the mouse, drag the files to the TimeLine area.Then you can trim, crop the video clip, also you can apply various special effects tothe video.
  • 3. All rights reserved——http://www.best-video-editor.comTips: You can set export folder, file name, export type as you like.Step 4: Export the FileWhen the above process is finished, select the "Save movie" in the "Fine" drop-downmenu. You can specify the export type. There are various output profile you canchoose, like MP4, AVI, MPEG, and others.
  • 4. All rights reserved——http://www.best-video-editor.comAfter choosed the export type, and press the "Next" button. Then click the "Create" toexport your video files.Quite easy, right? But the most attractive thing is that all what you are using aretotally free of charge. So, free download AVS Video Editor to combine FLV files andenjoy your FLV movies without any breaks now.Related Solutions: • How to Edit AVI Video with AVS Video Editor? • How to Edit MPEG Video with AVS Video Editor? • How to edit WMV videos with AVS Video Editor? • How to Join Videos with AVS Video Editor? • More Tips >>>